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Adorable Chicken Coops For Your Summer Cottage That You Can Build Yourself

It's nice to look into a small chicken coop on your own summer cottage on a summer day to collect fresh eggs from your own cackling layers in a basket. It is even more pleasant if the chicken coop is neat in appearance and even resembles a dollhouse, being a real decoration in your yard

Stove "Rocket". A Simple Camping Stove In Half An Hour

Do you want to remember your youth with hiking and dinner on fire? Make an unusual stove that will bring back pleasant memories! What is required square tube (2 sizes) roulette square Bulgarian heat resistant paint Instructions The stove base consists of only 3 parts

An Easy And Cheap Way To Make A Pond On The Site

The process of creating a small reservoir on the site is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is not at all necessary to invite specialists or buy expensive materials. The first thing to do is to decide on the size and location of the pond on the site

Stove Made Of Scrap Materials: Practical And Reliable

Even in the presence of imported gas or electric stove in nature, you want to pamper yourself with food cooked on wood. But this is far from the only reason to build a comfortable wood-burning stove. A well-thought-out home-made design will become a real lifesaver for those who do not want to spend exclusively in the summer months in the country

Brazier And Gazebo - Did It Myself For The First Time In My Life

Author: Riaha111 I decided to then grill the grill in the gazebo, on winter evenings I scooped up any information that could help me with the construction. And now spring has come and work has begun to boil! I did everything myself for the first time in my life I cut the brick, set it on the corner Future countertop I fill it with concrete Well … with God

The Easiest Way To Patch A Roof. Everyone Can

Previously, slate was used for covering everywhere. Today there are more modern materials, but slate roofs are still preserved on the old houses. And changing their business is not cheap. Unfortunately, over time, the resistance of slate to damage decreases

The Best Antiquated Impregnation For Wood

Impregnation for wood is an important element, without which the preservation of this material is almost impossible, especially if it is used for outdoor work. Stores offer a lot of options, but do not rush to buy everything from the shelves

From Unsightly Cinder Blocks, Useful And Practical Pieces Of Furniture And Decor

You don't have to spend a lot of money to design your home and garden in style. Unusual, stylish and functional decor items can be made from the most unexpected things, for example, from unsightly cinder blocks at first glance. Landscape designers suggest using cinder blocks instead of boring flower pots

Unusual Design Of Toilets At Their Summer Cottage

For many, the construction of a summer house and the arrangement of a suburban area begins with a toilet. It is he who first appears on the desert site, proudly towering over all the bumps and bushes. However, over time, it loses its greatness, yielding to the house, gazebo, greenhouses and sheds

Great Creative Idea: An Unusual Way To Masonry

Many are accustomed to the fact that the brickwork should be solid. This is true when it comes to building a house. When the goal is to decorate the site, you can do otherwise. See how unusual the diamond masonry looks. It is perfect for creating various partitions

Interesting And Beautiful Ways To Update Your Terrace

The terrace is the place of the country house that is always in sight. That is why special attention is paid to its improvement. It is here that they try to create a recreation area and make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. In season, tubs of flowers are displayed here, pots are hung out, artificial hedges are created that can provide shade

Outdoor Garden Oven: 20 Amazing Ideas For Home And Garden

An outdoor oven is an excellent purchase and a very practical design. In addition to gatherings with barbecue in the warm season, you can smoke meat and fish in the garden oven, dry berries, fruits and mushrooms, and canning vegetables. She decorates the estate and turns the evening gatherings in the gazebo with relatives or friends into a cozy and warm pastime

A Country House Can Be Like This: Good Ideas For Using Containers

Shipping containers are a great alternative to conventional building materials. With a creative approach, along with the cars, they can be docked, cut, combined. Decommissioned, they are able to find a second life and become a full-fledged replacement for a country house

Raised Beds: Convenient, Practical, Efficient

Raised beds are becoming more and more popular. This is thanks to them, you can get the harvest earlier and not spend colossal efforts in caring for the planted crops. Having made the box just once, the results of labor can be used constantly

A Chic Alternative To Stone Houses - Garden And Country Houses Made Of Wood And Timber

Inexpensive garden houses made of timber and wood are an excellent construction option for a summer cottage and a garden. In such a building, the owners or guests who have come to relax at the dacha can comfortably accommodate. The advantages of houses made of timber and timber cannot be underestimated: simple and reliable construction, fast construction, the ability to build a house of any shape and size

Don't Rush To Buy A Tandoor! Make It Yourself From Simple Materials

Tandoor is a special brazier oven that accumulates heat in thick walls. The food cooked in the tandoor turns out to be incredibly tasty and juicy. In the tandoor, you can cook a huge variety of dishes, ranging from vegetables and bread to baked large pieces of meat

Flower Towers: A Spectacular Decoration Of The Site At No Special Cost

Original cascading and vertical flower beds can be a highlight when decorating a site. Such designs do not take up much space, this allows you to use a similar decor also when arranging the walls of loggias and balconies. The flower towers will also look advantageous as part of the entrance group, next to arches or at the patio

The Beauty Of Mosaic Paths: Versatile Ideas For Every Budget

Mosaic elements are a great way to ennoble your garden plot. This use of it allows you to create marvelous patterns on garden paths, add novelty to the atmosphere and make it unique. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive material

Kitchen On The Street: Interesting And Practical Ideas Worthy Of Attention

If you live in a private house or move to a dacha with the onset of warmth, then you must not miss the opportunity to eat in the fresh air. Moreover, if you equip your open kitchen well, you can even cook for the whole family on the street. There are more than enough examples worthy of implementation

Turn Cheap Plastic Into A Noble Stone! Beautiful Garden Figurines And Pots

Stylish stone figurines and flowerpots will add zest to any, even the smallest garden. They will look great on the balcony and even on the windowsill! Getting real antique stone garden decorations is not easy and not cheap! However, ingenuity and the simplest materials can turn ordinary plastic into noble granite or sandstone

Beautiful Mushrooms For The Garden From A Plastic Bottle And Cement

Mushrooms of incredible beauty can be made with your own hands using available and available materials. Such decorative mushrooms can be wonderful to decorate the garden. It is not difficult to make them, moreover, you can make the decor exactly the way you want it to be

An Amazing Way To Use Old Plot Doors

Old doors left after renovation have no place in a landfill. There are several unusual ways to use old doors for other purposes, one of them is to create an unusual fence that will become a real decoration of the site. By installing several doors in a row and painting them in bright colors, you can easily make a unique fence that will definitely not be overlooked

Blooming Flower Bed From Scratch In Just A Couple Of Days. Feel Like A Wizard

Taking a look at this gorgeous flower bed, the uninitiated into the secret of its creation will think that it could not have done without a specialist in landscape design. Meanwhile, you can break such a flower bed on your site in just a couple of days

A Beautiful Idea For The Facade, Based On Only Plaster And Stones

Such decorative plaster with small stones was very popular in Soviet times, and now it is back in fashion again. More and more often you can see this way of decorating facades. It is not only very beautiful, but also practical and durable. In addition, the material protects well against temperature extremes and atmospheric precipitation

Useful Way To Use A Washing Machine Drum

A brazier is an integral attribute of a suburban area. However, it is not necessary to buy an expensive brazier, because a very convenient and functional brazier can be made from the drum of a broken washing machine, which will be in no way inferior to a purchased brazier

Rebirth Of An Ordinary Tree Stump: A Creative Approach To Creating Garden Decor

Before getting rid of a tree stump in the garden or puzzling over how to dispose of a cut tree, you should think carefully about whether to do this. If you approach a solution creatively, then an apparent problem can easily be turned from a disadvantage into a virtue

Remains Of Cinder Blocks + A Little Creativity: A Non-standard Approach To The Arrangement Of The Site

If at the end of construction you have a few extra cinder blocks left, you should seriously think about where to use them. Much here depends on the amount of material. Believe me, it is easy to make a solid, functional and well-thought-out decor even from some 20-30 blocks

Interesting And Practical Backyard Hammock Ideas

With the onset of warmth, dreams of country recreation and landscaping come to the fore. Both those who decide to spend the whole season away from the bustle of the city, and summer residents who allow themselves a good rest only on weekends, think about creating the most comfortable environment

An Unexpected Way To Use A Rusty Bucket

If your dacha does not yet have a barbecue area, then the idea of adapting an old iron bucket for a wood stove will appeal to you. Still: the costs for the implementation of the project are negligible, and the result can be used for several years. An

A Budget Kiln With Only 4 Cinder Blocks. An Unexpectedly Simple And Practical Solution

With only 4 cinder blocks in your arsenal, you can quickly build a convenient outdoor oven. For all its primitiveness, the design has a lot of advantages. Such a hearth can easily be moved from one place to another, the fire in it is protected from gusts of wind and precipitation, and firewood, if necessary, can be added without removing the dish from the fire

Portable Cement Flower Bed Fence

Cement mortar is good both for its price and plasticity, and the fact that a variety of useful crafts can be made from it. How do you like this idea of a portable fence for a flower bed with decorative leaves? Agree, it looks more than worthy! Not

The Cutest Bottle Hedgehog Will Surprise Your Guests

A very beautiful, realistic and cute hedgehog made of cement and a plastic bottle can decorate your site! You can do it yourself, having only simple materials and, of course, a burning desire to create. Throw laziness aside and make some cute hedgehogs to decorate your garden

Beautiful Ideas For Neat Beds For A Dream Site

Beautifully and neatly fenced beds look an order of magnitude better than usual. In addition to the aesthetic component, such beds are ergonomic - they save square meters and at the same time the labor of summer residents to permanently remove weeds, etc

A Beautiful And Practical Cement Flowerpot Will Decorate Any Garden

Stone flower pots look amazing and really decorate the interior and landscape. However, their cost is exorbitant! The simple method using cement and sand will allow you to get any number of great garden pots, and paint will give them any texture you like

A Great Option For Rest And Relaxation: A Barrel Sauna On The Site

Many owners of suburban areas dream of their own bath. The main problem is that log and panel structures are quite expensive. However, you shouldn't give up on your dream. The best option for suburban areas is a barrel bath, which, if desired, can be built with your own hands from wooden blanks and metal components

Vinegar On The Site: Uses That Can Become A Lifesaver

Are you still sure that vinegar is used exclusively in the kitchen? Believe me, it’s not true! This natural product is indispensable in the garden and can literally work miracles. The range of uses for vinegar is amazing. Having learned about its merits, you will definitely want to continue to have a couple of bottles of vinegar in reserve on the site

The Best Rest Is, Of Course, In The Country! 25 Cozy Corners On The Site

People buy a dacha for various reasons, but the main ones are, of course, the opportunity to have a garden and their own corner for outdoor recreation. Comfortable zones specially designed for this will help you to reconnect with nature and feel truly relaxed

An Original Waterfall On Your Own At Your Site

Many of those who dream of having a small waterfall at their dacha do not even know how budgetary the implementation of the idea may be. The original decoration of the site will be an imitation of a brick wall with rainwater constantly flowing into the tub

Garden Partitions: Zoning Element And Protection From Prying Eyes

Even hiding in the country from the bustle of the city, it is sometimes extremely difficult to hide from the curious glances of neighbors. A kind of protective screens will help to cope with this task, allowing you not to limit yourself in being in the fresh air and at the same time feel protected from uninvited guests

Unusual And Creative Barbecues On The Site

We are all looking forward to when the warm days will come, and we can go to family picnics in a country house or just get out for the weekend at the dacha. It is difficult to imagine such events without frying everyone's favorite kebabs. For convenience, barbecues are used in the preparation of meat