Stories 2023, December

The Wife Brought Her Husband To Tears By Originally Reporting The Pregnancy

When the 24 year old Brianne Dave learned that she was pregnant, she was in no hurry to tell her husband this wonderful news. Instead, she arranged a shoot with her wedding photographer and invited her unsuspecting husband for a walk in the park, telling him that they won a photo shoot in a competition

Women's Logic

I decided to make a simple salad, to please the family. Chicken salad. Moreover, there is just a little boiled chicken left, anyway, no one eats anymore. This salad needs pineapples. I used fruit from the jar, but the juice remained. Drink up?


The 72-hour rule was first described by German writer and business coach Bodo Schaefer. Do you have any dream. Or there may even be several - large and not very large. Now think - did your dreams come true earlier and how much did it depend on the complexity of the dream?

How Do You Become A Good Conversationalist? Triangle Rule

Being a good conversationalist is a real art. We've chosen a few rules to help you become a good listener, and that's half the battle! Having eye contact is essential for a good conversation. But remembering people who begin to stare in your eyes without blinking or taking their eyes off, you get the impression that you are in a horror movie

The Guy Saved A Little Fox By Buying It At A Fur Factory

Do you want to buy a fur coat, hat and other fur products? Do you consider these things to be the subject of wealth and some kind of "quality mark" in society? Read this post and maybe your desire will disappear forever. We believe and hope in this

22 Proofs That We Are Living In The Future. And Before That It Seemed Fantastic

The world is developing rapidly. Technological progress reaches unprecedented heights every day. What happened yesterday is becoming history today. This rapid development of technology requires mobility of the modern person, the ability to learn quickly and adapt to daily changes

19 Satirical Cartoons About Evolution

Evolution is a word that everyone understands. In short, it is development, a process of gradual continuous quantitative change in someone or something that prepares qualitative changes. However, judging by the modern world, sometimes you can come to the conclusion that evolution has left society sideways

18 Photos Showing Nature Defeated Civilization

As a rule, it is a person who implants something of his own where nature is rampant. But sometimes nature takes over the transient creations of human hands. 1. A tree sprouted through an old piano, California. 2. Greenery is developing a new territory among the housing estates of Hong Kong

Husband Drew 24 Illustrations To Show His Wife What Love Is

“All you need is love,” sang the incomparable Beatles. But what is love? South Korean artist Andrew Howe has been trying to express this feeling for his wife through drawings for almost six years. It all started with little pictures that he sent to his beloved via SMS. He

Russian Artist Creates Stunningly Realistic Dolls That Give Goosebumps

Sometimes, handcrafted art can be so realistic that words fail. When puppet masters create lifelike dolls that look like real life, it's even a little creepy. Mikhail Zaikov is one of such talented young masters. The faces of his creations look so natural and natural that when you see their heads in the hands of the master, you feel goosebumps running down your spine

Artist Turns Concrete Mixer Into Giant Disco Ball (Video)

Ever wanted to dance when you look at a concrete mixer moving down the street? I’m sure not. But the French artist Benedetto Bufalino was able to turn this "gloomy" truck into an amazing art object. He turned a concrete mixer into a giant Disco ball or Disco truck

Dream Vacancy: Leisure Director

Online travel service OneTwoTrip is looking for a vacation director who will show by example how to relax, share travel experiences, life hacks and tips. Photo: Pixabay According to Marina Malashenko, head of HR at OneTwoTrip, the company needs an expert who can show how to relax and travel "with quality and taste

This Husband Played Silent With His Wife For 20 Years

Although most couples have had long and uncomfortable periods of silence after an argument more than once, they are all far from husband and wife who have not spoken for two decades - while continuing to live together. Otou Katayama from the Japanese city of Nara for 20 years did not say a word to his long-suffering wife Yumi, while talking normally with his three children

Scientists Have Figured Out If Opposites Really Attract

The team of geneticists concluded that the attraction of opposites thesis is completely true. In any case, if we talk about our smaller brothers - chimpanzees. Scientists have long been interested in the thesis that people try to choose partners for themselves that are extremely distant from them in genetic terms

10 Answers To Weird Questions That Sometimes Pop Into Our Heads

Each of us sometimes has strange questions that we don't even want to voice. But I don’t want to, because we know that no one will answer them. And then we think: "I wonder, is it just me that could have come to mind?" But no. Almost everyone asks strange questions every day. B

"Hedgehog" - A Story About Vain Vanity

Dad was forty years old, Slavik was ten, hedgehog was even less. Slavik brought a hedgehog in a hat, ran to the sofa, on which Dad was lying with an open newspaper, and, choking with happiness, shouted: - Dad, look! Dad put down the newspaper and examined the hedgehog

Childhood Stories

Some stories are remembered for a lifetime. Dozens of years pass, but we remember and tell them as if they happened only yesterday. We collect such stories - funny, touching and instructive - to smile or think again: A fairy tale about a dacha I'm 7 years old

Pictures Glowing In The Dark That Come To Life As Soon As You Turn Off The Light

An Italian artist named Cristoforo Scorpiniti, better known on the Internet as Crisco Art, creates amazing paintings that are significantly transformed, as soon as the lights are turned off. This effect is mainly achieved through the use of luminescent paints that glow in the dark

Antique Craft Tools - Incredible Works Of Art

At all times, ladies of even the highest position loved to do needlework, and of course, tools for this important occupation were often made by master jewelers from precious metals, and were decorated in every possible way. So scissors, thimbles, handicraft tables and pincases became art objects in their own right

It Happens That Children's Fairy Tales Are Filled With Much More Meaning Than It Seems

Clive Lewis wrote: "Someday you will grow up to the day when you start reading fairy tales again." And every adult will understand this when he picks up a children's book. Because it happens that children's fairy tales are filled with much more meaning than it seems

This Guy Turns Dirty Cars Into Works Of Art

Dirty cars and vans in Moscow turn into amazing works of art, but not quite in the way you might expect. Russian illustrator Nikita Golubev (aka @proboynick) perceives the world around him as a canvas, showing that what is dirt for one person is paint for another

Indian Artist Cuts The Finest Masterpieces From Paper

Part Kotekar from Ahmedabad, India is a master of paper cutting. His light, almost weightless paper creations, which at first were his hobbies, eventually became his profession - he was convinced of the need for this by his friends. Among his works can be an image of almost any subject of everyday life

Rise Above The Hustle And Bustle! Watercolors By Olga Ivleva

The artist is a romantic by nature. In her work, she rises above the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Her works are imbued with cheerfulness and sincere optimism. Olga Ivleva was born in 1969 in Kurgan. From 1985 to 1989 she studied at the Sverdlovsk Art School named after V

The Guy And His Beloved Dog Are Very Similar To Each Other. Charming Portraits Of Two Friends

The inextricable bond between an animal and a person who have been around for a long time becomes so strong that they may even begin to look the same. When Topher Brophy met an adorable dog named Rosenberg, they quickly became friends. As Brophy himself says, “Rosenberg has a special temperament unlike any other dog I've ever met. T

Embroidered Flowers - A 1930s Advertising Gimmick And Design Ideas

What tricks manufacturers do not go to in order to increase the sales of their goods. Some methods are distinguished by a special grace. Meet the flower collection from the British cigarette manufacturer Kenzitas in the 1930s. Three sizes of Kensitas silk flowers were released - one small flower in a pack of 10 cigarettes, one medium size in a pack of 20 cigarettes, one postcard size flower in a box of 50 cigarettes, and two postcards in a box of 100 cigarettes

So Much For "Buratino"

They rarely wore orders and medals, rarely talked about the war, and it is almost impossible to imagine these idols from the screen in the trenches, in the medical battalions, on the front line, at the helm of a fighter, behind the trigger of a machine gun

It Took Her 4 Years And 10,000+ Candy Wrappers To Sew This Dress And Get Married

Looks like Emily Salehamer is a very persistent and determined girl. “I have diligently collected candy wrappers (helped by friends and family) for 4 years to create this dress. After enough candy wrappers had accumulated, I arranged them by color, smoothed and folded chains out of them. &

Eight Sins Of The Vacationer

Author: Lera Shvets Diving into the river with crocodiles, informing everyone around about your good mood, leaving memorable inscriptions - what else should tourists not do? Every summer, quiet European cities are swept away by a happy wave of selfie-stick tourists

Incredible Animal And Insect Balloon Sculptures By Masayoshi Matsumoto

If you thought that the animal balloon was just child's entertainment for the holiday, then you simply did not see the work of the Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto. He elevated it into real art. Perhaps the most impressive thing is that Matsumoto only uses balloons, no ribbons or additional materials (is it like a house without a single nail?

Inventions That Killed Their Creators

Author: Lera Shvets Learn from mistakes. But with these people - physicists, engineers and even tailors - fate played a cruel joke . In early 2010, British entrepreneur Jimi Heselden bought Segway, a manufacturer of gyro scooters

A New Way To Cheat Shoppers In A Store

Today my wife and I went to a grocery store of a well-known red chain. We go there often because the prices are reasonable, and the store itself is clean. We collected all sorts of things. The wife grabbed a piece of carbonate for the preparation of the salad

Wild Animals May Be Harmed When The Tractor Is Cutting The Grass. This Man Couldn’t Come To Terms With It And Had A Brilliant Idea

Anyone who has watched the Disney cartoon "Bambi" is very worried when a hunter's bullet hit his mother and he lost her. Maybe it was this story that inspired professional 25 year old hunter Rupprecht Walch rescue wild animals from certain death every day

This Coffee Table Looks Ordinary, But It Turns Into A Super Cool Thing When The Lights Come On

During school work on labor (now in Russia it is called "Technology"), from time to time you have the opportunity to surprise your parents with homemade gifts for the New Year or another holiday. But instead of postcards or other clay or wood crafts, this teenager from the United States has crafted an impressive coffee table

The Photographer Has Proven That Hairstyle And Proper Makeup Can Turn Any Woman Into A Beauty

Each woman is beautiful in her own way, just sometimes in the hustle and bustle of business she forgets about herself and gives all her time and energy to those she loves. Photographer Emily London is a real sorceress who turns ordinary women into real fashion models

She Made The Brightest Apartment On The Planet

The unicorn fashion continues to sweep the planet. And Amina Mucciolo, an interior designer, couldn't resist the trend. She turned her own apartment into a haven for fabulous animals … Her apartment is so filled with bright colors, color and light that it seems that a fairy can fly out from around the corner every second, and an elf will jump out from behind the refrigerator

A Talented Father Blew Up Instagram, "revitalizing" The Drawings Of His 6-year-old Son

What would the characters in children's drawings look like in real life? Fabulous, a little weird, but fun! A creative dad, masterful of Photoshop, brings his little son's drawings to reality. See what came of it. The audience of the creative family's Instagram account recently reached 90 thousand subscribers

If You Have These Euro Coins, You Can Get Rich

Maybe you have 2 euro coins that are worth much more than their face value. They were released in limited edition and dedicated to some events. Or perhaps an error occurred during the minting process. Over the years, their value has been increasing, all collectors in the world are hunting for them

The Couple, Who Have Been Married For 29 Years, Have Built Their Dream Home Of 83 Sq. Meters

Ron and Sue from Millersburg, Ohio live in one of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen - and they built it all by hand! In their 29 years of marriage, Ron and Sue have referred to the largest home as the 83-square-meter "home" - and they hope to share their decades of "little life experience

Countries Where You Are Paid Just To Live There

Would you like to live in another country, and even for money? Not many people know that there are countries that need permanent residents and are ready to do a lot for them. If you have long dreamed of leaving for another country, then this post is for you

Guy Got 2nd Degree Burns In Just 7 Hours Of Gardening

The gardener underestimated the weather and decided that he could be outdoors all day without sunscreen. It was only on Sunday evening that he realized how strong the sun's rays were. Credit: His body temperature jumped sharply, blisters began to blister on the shoulders and back, and the skin around him became a bright red