Sewing 2023, December

We Master Embroidery On A Simple Sewing Machine

You can embroider with any lockstitch sewing machine that can adjust the tension of the upper and lower threads . The most comfortable are foot center-bobbin sewing machines, which free up both hands of the embroiderer for work. You can use old cars that you inherited from your grandmothers and great-grandmothers

Trendy Thing Of The Season In 30 Minutes: Looks Unique

Snood scarf continues to grace the wardrobe of women of fashion of all ages. It successfully complements classic coats and sports jackets, adds charm to dresses and zest to casual jackets … Our editorial team wants to share ideas for creating original scarves under the motto: "Minimum actions - maximum beauty!&q

The Combination Of The "crazy Quilt" Technique And Embroidery In The Stunning Works Of The Masters

We would like to present to your attention one more type of creativity in patchwork sewing - this is a crazy quilt. Crazy is, of course, insanity, which means chaos and disorder, at least in my understanding … But … This is not only beautiful, but also useful: EVERYTHING AND ALL of our hamster bins are used. Thi

Quilted Panel "Apple Tree"

Today we will tell you how to make a small quilted panel with simple shapes and spectacular finishes. From the patchwork part of the work, we will have to do a little: draw a sketch, cut out the round crown of the tree, the sky and the lawn

What She Made From 4 Pillowcases Will Be Useful To Everyone

You don't have to spend money to acquire useful and original things. Often the most interesting and unusual items can be made by hand. And this handmade lesson will convince you of the validity of such a statement. Step 1: Buy or sew 4 pillowcases

10 Stylish And Easy Ideas For Remodeling Blouses And Sweaters

Sometimes it happens that your favorite blouse or jacket breaks down. What to do in this case? We offer you 10 stylish and simple ideas for altering blouses and sweatshirts. Sometimes a couple of cuts are enough to transform your favorite thing beyond recognition

Textile Fridge Magnets: We Sew A Couple Of Lovebird Dolls

I propose to sew a couple of little lovebird dolls for yourself or as a gift. Since the toys are quite simple, I will only show the main steps. My kids turned out to be about 15 cm tall, taking into account the legs. For creativity we need: Facial tissue - 2 pieces 15 x 10 cm

15 Creative Collars: A Selection Of Photos For Inspiration

The collar is perhaps the most noticeable detail of the dress, it is closest to the face. A trend has emerged for a non-trivial collar design, it is no longer adorned with rhinestones and pearls, but witty ideas, many brands have picked up this trend and turned a strict and even prim collar into a bright eye-catching accent

Embroidery With Ribbons On Napkins, Towels, Tablecloths

Ribbon embroidery is the art of creating all kinds of floral motifs using materials that have different structures, widths and colors. Pictures made in this technique amaze the imagination with their beauty and originality. The embroidery turns out to be voluminous, and the flowers are as real

Modeling: Dresses, Skirts, Blouses

And we have for you - the modeling schemes have been collected. And some interesting details about famous patterns. For example, about long skirts. And then there's a real ball gown. Here is a dress with a wrap - my summer dream is a necessity, because it is very comfortable

How To Sew A Stunning Decorative Owl Pillow

Today we will share the cutest master class that will inspire every hostess to create stunning decorative pillows. Such a product will not only decorate the interior, but also become a favorite children's toy. You will need: paper (it is better to use special - millimeter) scraps of fabric synthetic winterizer or cotton wool 2 buttons (large beads will also work) needle threads fabric glue PROGRESS According to the parameters indicated in the photo

Sleeve Modeling: 8 Types With Patterns

We often see clothes in fashion magazines that are tailored in the most original ways. And today you have the opportunity to join this direction of original design thought - you will learn about sleeve modeling, namely about their 8 types with patterns

12 Stylish DIY Dresses For Any Occasion With Templates

New beautiful dresses in wardrobe are always a hot topic. So why not make them yourself? 12 stylish DIY dresses for any occasion with templates will help you decide on the desired style. There will be both office-type dresses and light flying silhouettes

12 Types Of Elegant Trousers For Every Taste With Patterns

Trousers are undoubtedly a very beautiful element of women's wardrobe, which is in vain underestimated by some of the fair sex. Now there is a considerable variety of them - you can choose absolutely any kind of pretty bottom of women's clothing, which will decorate any type of figure

50 Models Of Skirts For Any Figure That Can Be Sewn In A Couple Of Hours

It is not so difficult to look stunning, especially if you have dozens of options for beautiful and versatile clothes at hand that will suit many girls and women. We are talking, of course, about skirts! This truly versatile piece of women's clothing will adorn any female, making her feel the most attractive

We Sew Beautiful Blouses: 16 Patterns For Every Taste

It's March in the yard … We won't have time to look back, already summer will come … It's time to think about summer dresses. With our sewing patterns you can sew very cute summer blouses. Go for it

Master Class: Creating A Patchwork Mosaic Using The NUNOVOILOK Technique

Today we will tell you how to create one of the variants of a mosaic (or patchwork) pattern in felt. For work we need the following materials: Decorated surface. Contrasting polyethylene sewing threads. Pieces of fabrics for decoration

The Craftswoman Sewed 2 Pieces Of Fabric

The French headscarf is a favorite wardrobe item of all business women. Such an elegant accessory not only diversifies the outfit, but also protects the neck from the autumn wind. Today our editorial staff will share with our beloved readers the secret of making an unusual French headscarf

A Trend That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Embroidery on clothes is incredibly beautiful. It's amazing how they could have forgotten about her for so long. For many years, embroidery did not appear in the collections of fashion designers, except for beads on handmade clothes. This spring, she will be on the wave of popularity again

Summer Dress

Sew a dress with your own hands! A real challenge, right? Especially for those women who know only one thing: to sew on buttons that have come off. Now I'm talking about myself, unfortunately … The idea you are about to learn is as seductive as a clear spring day. T

We Sew Simple Dresses - Patterns, Memos

Have you decided to sew a dress, but don't know where to start? Let's try to help. We will not argue that this is a very simple matter, but not so difficult! Our tips are sure to help you cope with it. After all, it is not the Gods who burn the pots

Bead Embroidery As A Remedy For Depression

In the olden days beads was worth its weight in gold. They embroidered things only for noble gentlemen, because only they could afford to buy such an expensive material. Famous couturiers, inspired by the enchanting radiance of glass drops, create stunning beauty products

Magic Installations From Threads By Agnes Herzled

Craftswoman Agnes Herzled (Herczeg Ágne) was born in a small Hungarian town, not far from the great Danube. She creates her installations from threads using a unique technique, which the craftswoman herself calls “photographs from lace”

Bohemian Style: 25 Exquisite Pieces To Inspire

This direction is so rich in creative self-expression that everyone brings something of their own to this style. For some, these are fluffy skirts with frills made of linen or cotton, pantaloons with flounces, the so-called eco-boho. To be honest, I don’t have any particular love for this kind of dress

Workshop On Converting An Old T-shirt Into A Beautiful Blouse

The question of what to do with old things remains relevant for everyone and everyone, especially if it was once a favorite thing. We offer you a master class on converting an old T-shirt into a beautiful blouse. It’s hard to believe that anything could be done out of such a shapeless thing. B

How To Convert Sleeves: Decor Or Restoration Ideas

Recently, a friend approached me with a request to fix the burnt sleeve on my favorite textile jacket. The owner categorically refused to remake the thing into a vest, so I turned to the world mind to search for inspiration. Some of the options seemed interesting to me, and I wanted to share with you some ideas that you can use to fix, lengthen, or just decorate your favorite things

We Sew Elegant Slippers In 30 Minutes

In order to sew them, you can take a special pattern for printing on thermal transfer under the cut. Its use greatly simplifies and speeds up the process and reduces to almost zero all possible difficulties and errors in cutting parts. In addition to the pattern, you will need a light felt for transferring the transfer, any suitable (I only had white today) felt for the insole and, my main inspiration this week is a cork sheet

Elegant Dress For The Evening And For The Office With Patterns

Sometimes I want to create an interesting outfit that would be useful not only for the holidays, but also in everyday life. Thanks to its cut, the elegant evening and office dress presented in this article is suitable for both. This dress can be made with or without sleeves, but the sleeves are best made from a different material

Bags In The Technique Of Irish Lace By Nadezhda Lewandovskaya

For fans of Irish lace, I would like to offer you a wonderful magazine with crochet patterns for bags and accessories. Using the diagrams of the magazine, you can knit a choker, necklace, bracelet, earrings, decorative rings and hairpins, lace collars and handbags


For making, you need 2 large scarves. Their colors should be the same. It is advisable to choose a similar pattern, combine large patterns on each side. Initially, the top of the dress is sewn. It is worth leaving a hole for the head

How To Sew An Original Detachable Stand-up Collar: MASTER CLASS

Sewing such an unusual accessory - a detachable stand-up collar - is very, very simple with your own hands. Even beginners can handle this project. YOU WILL NEED: Small scraps of tissue holding the shape; Tailor's scissors; Tailor's pins; Tailor's chalk; Thread and sewing needle; Beautiful buttons STEP 1 Cut from the fabric two strips 65-75 cm long and 15-20 cm wide

A Princess Lives In Every Girl: Delicate Embroideries And Drawings By Tamar Nahir Yanai

“I love to look for beauty in the simplicity of what is happening around,” writes Tamar Nahir Yanai, a wonderful illustrator and a wonderful craftswoman from Israel, with whose work we want to introduce you. Tamar can find a plot for her work in absolutely everything: in the meeting of two children, in how happy they are with each other and immediately start the game; in the way the girl takes shelter from the rain under her cloak; in how the toddler awkwardly cares for th

Decorative Pillows To Create Coziness

Decorative pillows in a children's room are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Just a few pillows can add novelty to the interior of the room and make it cozier. The choice of pillows is now huge: both in shape, and in size, and in style, and in the manner of execution

Tatiana Palnitskaya And Her Incredible Boho

The boho style is more and more confidently entering our life. Authors of clothes in this style create amazing things. While wandering around the Internet in search of inspiration, I met a wonderful master. I think that the amazing works of Tatyana Palnitskaya will not leave you indifferent, because they are created with a great desire to give every woman the opportunity to look unique

Fashionable Handbags From Designer Mary Frances Shaffer

What gives our image sophistication and elegance, perfect femininity? Of course, a handbag. It should also be a unique masterpiece of its own kind, a work of design art: smart, original and interesting. So says designer Mary Francis, who once proclaimed: "Life is too short to dress boring

Artistic Embroidery Corinne Sleight

Like many women around the world, Briton Corinne Slate loves to embroider. Corinne is one of the mothers who work from home. For over 20 years she has helped her husband run a small graphics business in a small village located in the Sussex South Downs in the south of England

10 Simple Yet Eye-catching Patterned Tunics That Can Be Sewn In A Couple Of Hours

A tunic is an interesting piece of clothing that will help you out in any situation, cover up flaws and at the same time will look very stylish. We offer you 10 simple but effective tunics with patterns that can be sewn in a couple of hours

How To Sew Vietnamese Curtains

The Vietnamese curtain is a straight fabric consisting of two fabrics. It was originally made from bamboo. Key feature of the curtain: it rolls up and tied with strings made of the same material as the curtain itself. It looks like a Roman one, but a special curtain rod is not required for this curtain

Embroidered Lids For Cans With Blanks: Many, Many Patterns

Many housewives make preparations: jam, pickles, marinades. The most common glass jars are perfect for this. And to make the jars neat and elegant, you can decorate the lids with not complicated embroidery at all. Agree that jars of jam and pickles, covered with embroidered napkins and tied with lace ribbons, are a real symbol of comfort and warmth of the hearth

We Sew From Denim A Comfortable Backpack For A Picnic By The Sea

Author: Ira Rusa On a sunny day, you often want to dine in the fresh air, surrounded by lush green grass, cheerful singing of birds and the gentle touches of the rays of the warm sun! A picnic for this is a wonderful opportunity! It can be arranged by the sea or river after swimming, just when the appetite wakes up