Pets 2023, December

18 Dogs Who Didn't Expect You To Come Home So Early

What do pets that are locked at home do when their owners go on business? Many naively believe that they are curled up in a ball on the bed, looking sadly out the window in anticipation. No matter how it is. They lead their secret lives. The only way to be sure of this is to install CCTV cameras or … come home early))) I just wanted to check that there is enough beer … Warm water. You

20 Examples Of How Cats Make Great Use Of Everything You Gave Them

Cats are not only very intelligent but also very independent. This means that if you give them a gift, they will show their utmost indifference to it. From these examples, you will learn two things: first, that it is not worth spending a lot of money on a gift for your cat or cat, and that they can be happy just in an ordinary cardboard box: I gave my cat a present and see what I got Not only does she act like an idiot, but I think she's laughing too

10+ Little Chameleons To Make You Love Lizards

Did you know that chameleons have the ability to rotate their eyes individually and each can rotate 180 degrees in an arc? This gives them a full 360 degree view. We think you guessed it. But there is something that you probably did not know

How To Make A Cat House Out Of An Old T-shirt And Hangers

I often saw pictures of houses and tents for cats on the Internet, but none of these houses had detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make them! I decided to make a tent house for my cat named Luna and write this instruction with photos so that you can do the same or better

Husky Was Left Alone For Three Hours, And This Is What He Did To The House

Who said that interior design is not a dog's business? One Husky decided to prove to the doubters that this was not the case, as soon as his owners went to the cinema. In just 3 hours, an aspiring artist turned the entire apartment into one large canvas

28 Photos Proving Cats Are Devilish Creatures

Cats worship only themselves. So we thought before we saw these photos, proving that every cute cat somewhere inside is a potential evil in its purest form! If you are not afraid that after watching this post you will be afraid of your Murzik, then you need to see this

Cats Who Wanted To Spit On Your Personal Space

Cats have trouble respecting our privacy, and when they want attention, they will do whatever it takes to get it. Even if you are "absent" on important matters or working at the computer, they are able to sneak into the toilet or even literally sit on your head

40 Adorable Animals Of Incredible Color! I Have Never Met Such A Thing In My Life

We present to your attention real photographs depicting animals in their natural coloring. Usually, nature paints animals in bright yellow or dark shades, but not these individuals. The unusual coloring once again confirms the diversity of the color palette in nature

17 Photos That Became Masterpieces Thanks To Cats

Cats are the most gentle and cute creatures that require special attention. It's hard to find a cuter and funnier pet than these mustachioed charms. If you don't have a cat or cat, you can see WHAT you are missing. These are incredibly nice and funny animals that you will never get bored with

Just Like Mom: 14 Kittens That Are Identical To Their Parents

Sometimes we notice amazing similarities between children and their parents. There are disputes over whom the child looks more like, like mom or dad. The same is true in the animal kingdom. Especially cute when it comes to adorable pussies

20 Puppies On Their First Day Of Work That Will Make Your Day

Don't be fooled by the cute appearance of the puppies in the photo, these dogs have an important mission. Basically, service dogs are in demand in the police, in the army, in fire departments, as guide dogs, and to help doctors, including for pre-therapy

40+ Photos Of Ridiculous Moments From The Life Of Dogs

If you have a dog, then you probably know that these devoted animals sometimes behave funny and even silly. They can get stuck in fence boards, fall out in the mud, or even climb a tree in some way. They never cease to amaze us, do they? Today we want to show you a selection of funny dogs made by loving owners

10 Unusual Looking Cats That Conquered The Internet

Cats are amazing animals. Even the ugliest of them are touching enough to win our love. Recently, more and more cats with an unusual appearance have conquered the world wide web of the Internet thanks to funny photos that their resourceful owners post on Facebook and Instagram

20+ Cats, Whose Color Will Surprise You

Most of us prefer to have cats at home, because they are so cute and affectionate. At the moment, a huge variety of cat breeds are known, on which the color of the cat depends. However, there is such a color that one cannot even believe in the existence of such a pet

Unique Pink Dolphin Caught In The Lens Of Louisiana Residents

The local Louisiana celebrity is again on the pages of magazines, newspapers and news sites. And this time it's not an actor or a singer. Pinky is a dolphin that gets its nickname because of its unusual skin color. And it's pink! The animal was first spotted in 2007 when he was still very young and swam alongside his mother

Animals That Amazed Us With Their Hairstyles

We spend a lot of time and money on our hair. Good hair is the finishing touch to any look. We color, cut, curl and style. Sometimes we turn to the hairdresser for help and spend hours in front of the mirror. But the animals in the photo did not have to spend a dime on their image, and yet they are great

Bob The Cat Saved His Owner's Life And Helped Him Buy A House

Once upon a time, the life of Bob the cat was, as they say, a dog's life. An unloved, unwanted stray cat slept at the entrance doors, licking his wounded paw. But now Bob's life has changed dramatically. He became a movie star and flies first class

Cats That Do Everything To Distract The Owner From Work

Cats should always be the center of attention. And if not all, then at least his master. And most of all they need us exactly when we are very busy with work or other important matters. Nothing is more important than those fluffy paws and pink noses

Photos Of Animals That Could Be Captured In The Most Unexpected Moments

It is believed that only humans have a sense of humor. But, looking at these photos, you will seriously begin to doubt this. Animals that photographers were able to capture in the most unexpected moments surprise and touch. If a person cannot scratch himself in a certain place, he asks loved ones or uses special devices

For A Free Trip, The Girl Turned A Small Van Into A Cozy Bedroom

A young girl Marina decided to go on a trip on her own. It was important for her not to limit herself to a specific route, and to take her beloved dog with her. Unfortunately, most budget hotels and hostels do not provide this option. Therefore, the traveler decided to convert her Renault Kango car into a motor home

15 Cutest Animals That Don't Believe You Won't Take Them With You

For those who do not have pets, it is quite difficult to imagine what it would be like to pack your bags in the presence of a pet. No, no, yes, and you catch a glance full of inhuman melancholy on yourself. How can these pets still not want to part with you, even for a short while

25 Warmest Pets Photos

We all love warmth so much! In winter, we drink tea to keep warm, when we are sad - we want to hear words that warm our souls. And all, as one, rejoice at the first spring sun. But sometimes, in the stream of endless affairs and bustle, we forget to enjoy the moments that inspire us and make us happy

When Asked So - It Is Impossible To Resist

Here it is, that gentle and gentle look, full of love and devotion. Sincere, unconstrained, disarming, devoid of guile, it belongs to them - our smaller brothers. Here's someone you need to learn to ask so as not to get a refusal. Look, adopt, train, and the "bun" is guaranteed to you

The 25 Best Photo Proofs That Animals Look Eerily Like Humans

The phrase "animals are our smaller brothers" has much more meaning than it seems at first glance. Sometimes cats and dogs make such amazing faces that you just want to call them "grumpy grandmother", "cunning colleague", "typical blonde" and many other playful names

24 Funny Photos In Which Pets Are Very Similar To Their Owners

Magically, animals that have lived with the same owners for a long time become like them. And this manifests itself in everything: in voice, gait, character, even in facial expressions! You've probably noticed the same in your pets or loved ones

This Is How Cats React When They First See Snow: 19 Hilarious Photos

The first acquaintance of a child with snow is a mixture of joy and delight. Something white, light and very cold falls from the sky, but the baby does not yet know what it is. Pets also react in their own way to something new, in particular, to new weather

If The Cat Is Disguised, You Find It, Try It

Denying the fact that cats are masters of disguise is pointless. New photos of cleverly hidden purrs appeared in games with enviable consistency. Their names and conditions changed, only the essence remained unchanged - it was necessary to find the next representative of the feline family on the proposed picture

This Dog Hairdresser Turns Puppies Into Fluffy Balls - One Look At Them Makes People Happier

It's not every day that you come across a dog that looks like a lamb. But for groomer (dog hairdresser) Yoriko Hamachiyo, this is not unusual. Hamachio owns a dog grooming salon called Yorikokoro in Japan. The haircuts that are done in this salon are amazing

Travel In Comfort: Walking Backpacks For Four-legged Friends

Until recently, it was possible to walk your beloved purr only in the immediate vicinity of the house. The cats had to be transported over considerable distances in cages or boxes with specially made holes. Representatives of the New York company U-Pet managed to radically change the situation

Dedicated To Cat Owners: Unique Tools That Can Make Life Easier

To love cats and not make any sacrifices at the same time - isn't that what the owners of purring pets dream about? Sometimes the stay of a four-legged friend in an apartment threatens with disorder, the need to update furniture or wallpaper

Why Do Cats Go To Bed With Their Owners?

Anyone who has a pet cat knows very well that it is very likely that the cat will try to get onto the bed at night. In most cases, the owners are only happy with such a neighborhood, a warm, purring, fluffy heating pad is a very pleasant companion on winter nights

Alpha, Beta Or Gamma? Wonderful "space" Beds For Cats

There are so many fancy models of sun beds and pet beds that modern designers do not come up with! Today, happy cat owners can purchase models in the form of fruit pies, small tents, and many other versions of a simple lounger. Myzoo Studio offers a new version - these are wonderful and funny "space" beds for cats, in which a pet can watch what is happening from a "bird's eye view"

Maine Coon Named Lotus Became A Real Instagram Star And A Favorite Of Subscribers

Maine Coons are known as "affectionate and fluffy giants" for obvious reasons. Males and cats of this breed are quite large, have long fluffy fur, almost a real lion's mane and a stunning, expressive and unique character. One of the representatives of Maine Coons, a cat named Lotus, has become a real Instagram star and a favorite of subscribers

Incredible, Eye-catching Wild Squirrels

Squirrels are very curious and quick-witted creatures. Photographer Geert Weggen noticed this a long time ago and decided to show it to other people. Gert is very fond of nature and everything that is connected with it, and tries to capture as many unusual and interesting moments from the world of the wild as possible

Together Forever: 8 Animals And Birds That Can Be Called Monogamous

On land, in the air and even under water, we can find animals that have a tendency to monogamy, that is, to live with one partner. If you still do not believe in true and only love in life, look at these animals that promise to be together forever

17 Cats You Probably Didn't Know Existed

The cat family has 37 species, and not all are widely known to the public. And although no one is surprised today with a lynx, a puma and a panther, there are 17 little-known, but very interesting and beautiful cats that everyone should see

Cozy Little Animal Slippers That Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Pet

Cuddle Clones, founded in 2009 by Jennifer Williams and Adam Green, specializes in creating stuffed animals tailored from your favorite pet's photo. If you have to leave for some time, and you can't take your pet with you, then a soft toy in the form of a fluffy faithful friend will warm you and remind you of home

8 Dog Breeds That Will Calm Even The Most Emotional Person

For people who perceive everything that happens around them very emotionally, having a dog in a family can be a difficult decision. However, pets, especially dogs, reduce stress and make your home more comfortable. Sometimes it is enough just to look into the eyes of a person

Feelings In The Animal Kingdom: Cute Reasons To Smile

Representatives of the animal world are not alien to displays of sympathy. Moreover, they express their affection sincerely and openly. They love and make friends just like that without asking for anything in return. They are not able to betray, change, be friends with someone against someone

Scientists Have Found That Cats Are A Reflection Of The Owner's Personality

Your furry friends may have more in common with you than meets the eye. At least that's what scientists say, who published the results of their recent study in the journal PLOS ONE. It turned out that lovers of fish and laser pointers imitate their owners