Needlework 2023, March

Vases Of  Pine Needles? Just Unbelieveble

Did you know that you can make absolutely amazing vases from pine needles? We didn't know. And they were pleasantly surprised to see on the Internet such a wonderful master class from the author, Head of the circle. If you often go out into nature, into the forest, you can collect needles and create an incredible decoration for the interior

20 Of The Easiest Crafts For One And All

It is not necessary to have a special gift to create something beautiful and unusual. If you know some tricks, then it is quite possible to make a beautiful decoration for a home or a gift, with a minimum of effort and using very few materials

Mandala, Doll, Chandelier And 9 More Decorative Things From Ordinary Threads

A large number of beautiful and useful crafts can be made from ordinary threads. Such works can be used to decorate a house or work place, as well as give to someone or use as an addition to a gift. Here are some interesting ideas on how else you can use threads and what interesting work you can make from them: DIY wall decoration You will need: a thread, a small book or notebook, scissors, a wooden dowel or straight branch

Delightful Quilling Of A Woman Who Quit Her Job For Art

Turkish artist Sena Runa was an HR specialist a year ago, but she left a high-paying job for her favorite occupation - quilling. Now the woman devotes all her time to one of the most filigree types of paper art, creating a new decorative work every day

The Famous Fashion Model Creates A Stunning Volumetric Embroidery On The Hoop

If you think about embroidery, then, probably, the first thing that you imagine is an elderly lady who is embroidering flowers with a cross. But SheenLiam will change the way you think about this handicraft artist. During the day, she is an international fashion model with shows in Los Angeles, Paris, London, and at night she devotes to her hobby, which may surprise you: embroidery … Yes! B

Jacobin Embroidery, Crochet, Artistic Surface: Dotting The "i"

The beauty of Jacobin embroidery: outlandish fruits, bright flowers, fantasy birds - is mesmerizing. Let's figure out how it all came about. So, as a rule, the following definition is given: Jacobin embroidery is a type of wool embroidery or crewel embroidery (crewel, crewelwork)

How To Create A Pisces - Water Dwellers Patchwork Blanket

This blanket is based on the Ohio Star block. But it is assembled in such a way that the block drawing is not visible. This gives the impression of refractive, volatile water. And, of course, it's up to you to decide what your blanket will be

We Embroider Lilacs With Ribbons  Amazingly Beautiful

Author: Marina Krylova VL In this master class, I will show you how to embroider lilacs. To do this, I need 4 and 6 mm satin ribbons for buds, 1 cm ribbon for flowers, 2.5 cm ribbon for leaves and stems, a hoop, threads, scissors, a lighter and a print

You Can Make An Original Rug From Old Jeans

Very often we throw away old worn clothes. And very much in vain! For example, you can make an original rug out of old jeans, and even those who are barely familiar with crocheting can make it. You will need - jeans - 12 pairs; - hook number 10; - scissors

Do You Love Jute Twine As I Love It? The Amazing Works Of Vera Pushina

What is jute twine? Rope, you say, and you will be right. It is used in agriculture, banks, for binding postal parcels and food products. Of course, many craftsmen use twine to decorate their products, especially in eco-style, but the work of Vera Pushina was a real shock for me

Roses From Fabric: Master Class With Step By Step Photos

DIY fabric flowers have become a popular decor. They are used to decorate clothes, bags, hair ties, and also to create beautiful flower arrangements. 1. Master class for beginners Even a beginner can cope with such work, we need: ribbons one and a half centimeters wide and a meter long made of fabric, beads, felt, glue, scissors, as well as a sewing machine

Create A Delicate Branch Of Lilac From Bottle Plastic

Author: Galina Vesennyaya Before starting to create the lilac, I studied the "live specimen". The structure of the twig is very interesting. I give the approximate arrangement of flowers in the diagram. Let's start by creating flowers

Wide Bracelet Made Of Beads And Beads

Today I want to show you how in 1 hour, having the elementary skills of working with an ordinary needle, you can make such a simple, but at the same time, beautiful and fashionable bracelet. The bracelet is romantic and a little pompous and can easily decorate and complete the simplest romantic look

DIY Denim Handbags! Ideas For Inspiration (Part 2)

Every person's wardrobe has at least one pair of denim pants. However, one day a favorite thing becomes small or torn, and there is no desire to part with it. What then? Here advice comes to the rescue - to sew a denim bag . We've already shared inspiring ideas in the first part

Roomy Chest Of Drawers For Needlework. Master Class

Author: Julia Zhdanova Today there will be a story about how they took me to "Weak"! It turns out that my husband doubts my abilities and, passing by, threw the following phrase: “- Is it too weak to make a chest of drawers?”. Of

A Sack And A Little Gaultier

Author: MamaMarusia I want to share with you my dress rework. These I call "bags" for their convenience and simplicity. The decor is also simple to perform, except that it takes time. In general, the details are below. I bought a size 58 denim dress in a second-hand shop (you can't tell from the photo), it seems that it is even for pregnant women

How To Quickly Sew A Sheet With An Elastic Band

Very often, if not always, in a bedding set, the sheets are a rectangle of fabric. And if we sleep restlessly, then the sheet is anywhere, just not under us. Another thing is the sheets with an elastic band. So where is the way out? And the way out is not to be lazy and from this rectangle to make a sheet with an elastic band

How To Change The Upholstery Of A Sofa With Your Own Hands

Author: by_tatika I suggest you meet my monster sofa. This is a very common model, in my opinion, it is comfortable, but there is a nuance - the upholstery. We wanted light skin, but by chance we chose fashionable eco-leather, but in fact dermantin … Everything was fine for about a year and a half, and then cracks started, these cracks grew into small holes, and then … Alas and oh. So

Stunning Beadwork By Sarah Jane Connor

“It really takes my breath away from the beauty of beads, bugles and other ornamental materials. I create everything with them. Pug, similar to Gustav Klimt)). Painting with pearls, "- this is said in an interview with an Englishwoman with a familiar name from childhood, Sarah Connor. U

Feminine Kanzashi Jewelry From Japanese Craftswoman Sakae

Kanzashi as a technique is known to many. Sakae is a Japanese craftswoman who makes incredible hair jewelry and more. She uses the Kanzashi technique. The main motives for Sakae's works are large flowers and miniature bouquets, lush leaves and flowering trees

How To Expand Clothes: Options And Ideas For Implementation

When there is a need to expand your favorite thing, everyone decides for himself (the thing is "addicted" after washing, then we grow). But a fact: sometimes you need not lengthen, but expand a thing! Or increase it in all respects

How To Make HOLES On Jeans. Step-by-step Instructions For Creating A Fashion Trend

If you look closely at those around you, you can conclude that jeans with holes are gaining more and more popularity, and at high revs. Not so long ago, such an element of the wardrobe caused, if not condemnation, then certainly bewilderment about what good can be in obviously old clothes that are no longer even possible to sew

Fashionable Idea: Pattern Of The Bodice Of A Dress With A "tie" Drapery

The shelf is decorated with a one-piece detail that resembles a man's tie. The originality lies in the fact that the tie itself begins (or ends?) Directly from the detail of the shelf on the chest and folds up to the neckline, so deftly that an uninformed person will be surprised and interested - how is it all arranged there?

Mom Turns Husband's Old Shirts Into Gorgeous Designer Outfits For Daughter

Stephanie Miller suffered from postpartum depression and from the fact that she could not draw. This was especially burdensome for her, because she is an art teacher, but in a cramped apartment where two adults and the same number of kids live, fumes from paints are undesirable

We Sew Dresses From Scarves In One Evening! 5 Great Options

This bright sundress looks very impressive, and you can sew such a sundress without a pattern in just an hour! The whole secret is that the sundress is sewn from two silk scarves with a print, so a sundress pattern is not required. Buy 2 silk scarves

The Meaning Of Stitches On Sewing Machines

Each of the sewing devices is a mini-studio at home - the functions they represent are so varied. And not the least role in such possibilities is played by the types of stitches performed on the sewing machine. It will be interesting to know which ones are really needed

25 Of The Most Unusual Yarn Storage Containers

Probably, every needlewoman has a favorite place for knitting: a sofa, an armchair, a desk. There is special lighting there. There is also a place to store stocks of yarn and everything else. But the question often arises, where to put a skein of yarn during knitting and how to make sure that they do not get mixed up with each other?

Super Fabric Made Of Plastic Bags. Master Class

Author: Glebova Elena Good day! Is this something we have not done with you yet, or has someone already tried it? From unnecessary plastic bags, a very practical and quite suitable for sewing fabric is obtained - I have already tried it, it works

We Fledge! Master Class On Creating Textile Feathers

Author: Maria Makaus The idea of textile feathers dawned on me just the other day. Fulfilling an interesting idea for the customer to make one "frightening look" arachnid, I set out to make him a small accessory (well, I could not sit still while the toning was drying, I confess). Flo

Francois Lesage Embroidery School

Author: Embroidery workshop EVa One of the most famous embroidery schools in Paris is the François Lesage Embroidery School or Ecole Lesage. This school trains in various techniques and types of embroidery using a variety of tools and materials

Charming Satin Stitch: Types Of Stitches And Highlights

Author: Vdokhnoveniy Each person has their own hobby. An activity that can relax, distract from everyday affairs, from various thoughts and just give yourself some rest. Today I would like to draw your attention to the beautiful look of needlework, like satin stitch embroidery for a novice needlewoman

Three Sewing Secrets: Hem, Fold, Dye

1. Convenient way to hem How to achieve an even hem of products? Very simple! You can make the blanks yourself, or you can use the sample for straight hem! You just have to print and use in sewing! How to make uniform and even patch pockets using stencils With their help, it is not a problem to open a flat pocket

Here's A Gimmick: Amazing Embroidery By Humayrah Poppins

Author: Alevtina Levkina The world of insects is full of inspiration: colorful butterflies, transparent wings of dragonflies, lacquered belly of beetles - as it turned out, all this is perfectly transferred to the world of art. In particular, the proof can be found in the works of the English craftswoman Humayrah Poppins, where the combination of tumbling and gimp, cotton and silk threads, beads and metallized leather take the form of amazing inhabitants of the insectarium

We Sew Coffee Dogs - A Symbol Of

Author: ViktoriyGoldFish And again another master class on the theme of the coming year - the Year of the Dog. This time these are coffee dogs - a simple yard guy Tobik and a charming dachshund Button. So, what we need: a piece of white coarse calico about 50x50cm; filler; instant coffee; PVA glue; acrylic paints - white, black and brown; brushes, threads, a needle

Sewing Accessories: An Endless Variety Of Interesting Ideas

Author: Angela Chenina I present to my colleagues the next interesting finds :) Fabric jewelry for me has always been associated primarily with silk flowers, and I was surprised that fabric can be used in a completely different way in creating jewelry

"Painting With Wool" Or How An Artist Creates Portraits Of Animals Using A Needle And Wool

Dani Ives is an American self-taught artist whose inspiration comes from her love of nature and animals. Dani has developed her own special style of needlework, which she calls "painting with wool." In this style, instead of paint and brush, she uses wool fibers and a felting needle to create texture and depth in portraits

The Idea Of organizing A Needlewoman's Office In An Apartment

Author: Vetic (Markova Svetlana) For quite a long time I did not have a stationary work area where I could arrange all my handicraft supplies. For creativity, I had to use a folding table. Depending on the availability of free space in the apartment, we often moved from room to room with a table

The Evolution Of Thread Design: Isothread In Modern Design And Interiors

Isothread (thread design) is a technique that originated in 17th century England and was a creative find of weavers. They drove nails into a wooden plank and tied them with threads in a certain sequence so that a pattern was formed. After 4 centuries, the technology has been improved and now needlewomen use not boards, but thick paper and cardboard

Wonders In One Box: Bruce Seeds Textile Kaleidoscopes

Author: Alevtina Levkina In my mind, patchwork is akin to magic: after all, it is what patience and imagination you need to have to create all these incredible things! But the American master Bruce Seeds proves by his own example that it is not only the magical powers of creativity, but also the exact mathematical calculation

Delightful Volumetric Embroidery By Svetlana Yuzhalina

The volumetric surface is a painstaking occupation that requires special patience and skills from the embroiderer. The needlewoman Svetlana Yuzhalina has these skills, because she has been engaged in arts and crafts for more than 13 years. Svetlana assures that volumetric embroidery brings incredible pleasure, as it makes it possible to create plants and insects the way nature itself creates them