Life hacks 2023, December

25 Everyday Problems That Coca-Cola Can Quickly And Effectively Eliminate

Coca-Cola, it turns out, besides the main function, has one more - the assistant to the housewife. She is able to cope with a host of everyday problems. We suggest not to give up such a wonderful drink, at least on the farm. 1. Toilet bowl cleaner Toilet bowl cleaner Few people like to clean toilets, they want to do everything quickly and cleanly

How To Store Women's Shoes: 10 Design Hacks, 20 Ideas

Let's be honest - even if you can find a convenient way to store your existing shoes, this does not mean that you will stop buying new ones, so the constant search for storage solutions is inevitable. We have found 20 fresh ideas for you Shoe storage is an inexhaustible topic

15 Helpful Tips That Will Come True In The Kitchen

These helpful tips and tricks will save you time and money. 1. Check the freshness of the eggs To make sure the egg is fresh, dip it in a container of water. Fresh eggs go to the bottom, and stale ones float. 2. Prolong the freshness of vegetables Line the bottom of the bottom drawers of the refrigerator with paper towels

These 33 Super Ideas Will Make Cleaning Your Home A Child's Play. No. 12 Is Just A Miracle

With the advent of scientific and technological progress, a person has to work less and less independently. With a little bit of savvy, a new era of cleaning is just around the corner. With these tricks, cleaning is surprisingly easy. You practically do not need to clean and wash anything yourself

You Have Never Seen Such Purity! Snow-white Bath In 5 Minutes

This bath cleaning recipe will turn your head. Just think: you no longer need expensive cleaning products, you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning annoying stains. It is enough just to apply the miracle mixture to the surface of the bath and leave it for half an hour

How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances To Shine

If you have any stainless steel appliance: refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc., you know that they do not so often please with their pleasant shine. I can no longer remember when there were no fingerprints on my dishwasher and it was not decorated with water stains

The Magical Way To Sharpen Scissors - Ideal For Women

Author: Irina Voroshilova. I am often asked which scissors are best for cutting fabric? The short answer is comfortable and sharp. I am not a spoiled person and therefore for me these two important factors are quite enough to reveal the material

17 Incredibly Useful Household Tricks To Make Life Easier

The article contains useful household tricks that are designed to greatly facilitate everyday life. Even if you fail to take them into service, you should keep them with you, because you never know what might come in handy in life. 1

17 Extraordinary Life Hacks That Can Help Out Great In Various Life Situations

Brilliant life hacks that everyone should know about. You never know what awaits you today. Fate now and then throws us big and small trials. If a person must cope with large trials solely on his own, then useful advice will help to solve many small issues, especially of a domestic nature

One Business Wardrobe - Four Weeks Of Unique Looks

Author: Alina Gizatullina Today I will show you how from one small wardrobe you can collect 20 looks for a whole month of work, without ever repeating. The main task of any work wardrobe is not to hang like a dead weight in your closet, but to work for you every day, helping you create the right impression of yourself among colleagues, while at the same time staying within the dress code

15 Tricks To Quickly Refresh And Tidy Up Spring Clothes And Shoes

So spring has come, and with it mud, puddles and something worse. All this can have a negative impact on the shoes and clothes of each of us. In no case should you run dirt in your wardrobe. Fortunately, there is a lot of practical advice on how you can quickly and effectively put things in order and cleanliness

A New Scarf From An Old T-shirt In 15 Minutes (no Sewing)

This is probably one of the simplest jobs that I had to do with my own hands. Not only is it very easy, but it also takes 15 minutes at most. What could be better? Step 1: what you need An old XL T-shirt, preferably without a logo

How To Make Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is one of the most popular toys on the market for children and their parents. He can take any form and at the same time stick only to himself. However, in order to acquire enough sand for the game, you will have to spend a large amount, since it is sold in small quantities and is expensive

Use This Clever Trick To Avoid Falling Prey To Ticks! I Feel Safe In Nature

Warm summer and spring days have only one drawback - nasty insects who are so eager to run over you or bite you. Ticks are especially dangerous. If you like active rest and spend a lot of time outdoors or on weekends you go on a picnic with your family, then there is a chance to return with these reptiles on your body

Big Wash: 15 Unexpected Things You Can Machine Wash

Although most people love water procedures since childhood, washing is hard to attribute to the number of exciting and addictive activities. To minimize the suffering of this obligatory ritual, man invented the washing machine. Did you know that in it you can return a neat look not only to underwear and clothes, but also to some very unexpected items?

Weirder Tips I Have Never Seen But They Work Great

Toothpaste - a product with amazing properties. It dries very quickly, while attracting moisture from the environment. Toothpaste often contains essential oils, mint and eucalyptus extracts, and whitening agents. This makes ordinary toothpaste really useful in different situations - you can use it as you like and always get excellent results

10 Useful Clothes Tricks! Save A Lot Of Time

How often do we throw away clothes because of stubborn stains? Today we bring to your attention 10 amazing tricks that will help you get rid of this problem, as well as return your clothes to their original look and ease your daily chores! Ideas for clothes To prevent the terrible folds from the hanger from appearing on the clothes, it is enough to cut off a small piece of the aquapalk and fix it as shown in the photo

How To Use Coffee Grounds: 10 Smart Ways

If you are like most people, a cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute must. And while we should always consume caffeine in moderation, let's face it: coffee is great! However, if you make this divine drink from ground beans, you end up with coffee grounds every time

How To Extend Battery Life On Your Phone - Simple Tricks And Secrets

Mobile phones have become part of our lives, and the advanced capabilities of smartphones have pushed the main function - making calls - to the background. Playing games, surfing the Internet, watching videos and downloading music use up your battery much faster than sending SMS messages or phone calls

These 10 Useful Tricks Will Help A Woman Out In An Emergency! I Will Try To Remember

Knowing these 10 tricks, any woman will be spared from annoying little things. Inconvenient shoes with heels, a bra with a protruding sharp bone, nasty pellets on clothes … Why put up with all this, if you can use ingenious women's secrets

22 Awesome Examples Of How To Stack Things In A Wardrobe

How to properly organize storage of things in the closet. It seems simple enough, but sometimes, due to improper storage, there is not enough space even in a large closet. So that all things are in perfect order, and the space is not overloaded, it is worth knowing a few simple but effective secrets

This Idea Captivated The Hearts Of Japanese Schoolgirls! Reusing Candy And Cookie Packaging

Japanese girls are creative as always, handicrafts are very popular with them. It's not for nothing that this is the birthplace of origami. However, what we will now talk about has nothing to do with origami. Recently, the reuse of candy and cookie packaging has been gaining popularity in this environment

12 Tricks With Absorbent Wipes To Save Money On Household Cleaning Supplies

These absorbent wipes are now available in almost every hardware store. They can be either individually wrapped or rolled on a roll with perforation. Housewives use napkins for cleaning, but sometimes they don't even realize that their scope is much wider

10 Tips For Choosing A Ripe Watermelon

At all times, Uzbekistan has been the leader in the production of the tastiest and sweetest watermelons. The Astrakhan and Volgograd regions are also famous for this berry. They are tirelessly followed by China, from where the supply of melons and gourds to many countries is carried out

How To Get Rid Of Stains And Unpleasant Odors On Your Mattress

The mattress occupies an important place in the house, it is necessary for a good rest. Keeping it clean and in good condition is very important. This will help avoid allergies and provide the conditions necessary for good sleep. If the mattress is poorly maintained, dirt, dust, mites and microorganisms will accumulate in it, which can cause various diseases, especially in people with hypersensitivity

What Can You Do With Your Own Hands From Trash

I bring to your attention a small selection of crafts from all over the world. These crafts are made only from rubbish, old things and other unnecessary junk. Who did it and why, I do not know. Most of the crafts are for an amateur, but there are ones that everyone can quickly do, and which are not only cool, but also useful

Do This And Your Washing Machine Will Never Break Down

The washing machine is one of the household appliances that is rarely paid attention to in the household. However, the washing machine must be cleaned regularly to avoid mold, odor and limescale build-up. That is why we decided to share with you an easy recipe for a household detergent that is as effective as expensive household appliances

13 Totally Ridiculous And Ridiculous Ways People Tried To Keep Their Belongings

Nowadays, in order to keep things safe, many different ways have been invented. However, many people do not realize that some of these methods may not always be used, and that they are simply not suitable for preserving some things. But the funny heroes of our article wanted to spit on it, and they firmly believe that there is no better remedy for stealing pizza than a bicycle lock in nature

How To Iron Correctly

Having finished with a large wash, they usually think about an equally tedious process - ironing. In order not to waste time or make unnecessary movements, put all the things that need to be ironed on the table next to the ironing board. Put the ironed linen on the shelves and hang it in the closet only after it has completely cooled down, otherwise you will be in danger of re-ironing, since hot fabrics wrinkle very easily even from light touches

Giving Flowers Is Trite! 11 Amazing Gift Ideas

It is pleasant to receive tokens of attention expressed by an armful of delicate daisies or luxurious roses. But, when you are presented with an equally beautiful and at the same time edible bouquet, believe me, it takes your breath away! Agree that giving gifts is no less enjoyable than receiving them, so we are in a hurry to share an original solution that can surprise and please your loved one

Jeans - An Endless Source Of Creativity

It seems to me that jeans are a great invention of mankind, and it is difficult to live without them. Especially for mothers of babies. ? Especially in the rush of the city, when there is "nothing to wear" or "too lazy to think

It Is Very Easy To Embroider On Knitwear

Embroidery is not only a decoration of clothes, but it is another of the fascinating types of needlework. Embroidery has long been very popular and every girl must have been able to sew and embroider. Nowadays, ready-made embroidery kits are sold, and on the Internet you can easily learn to embroider in various master classes

Non-standard Use Of Zig-zag Tape

The oversized braid gives the garment an elegant look. This method can be used, for example, to trim the edges of a jacket, decorate the collar and cuffs on a blouse, and on trousers to accentuate the side seams. Before sewing on the braid, place it by holding the iron some distance away

14 Shoe Life Hacks That REALLY WORK

Footwear - this is a thing that cannot be saved on. Naturally, having spent a decent amount on shoes, you want them to last longer. There is nothing wrong with that, and it is better to wear one good pair of shoes for several years than to change every season, buying cheaper, but lower quality shoes or boots

Do You Know How You Can Propagate Bamboo?

This tropical plant has long won the hearts of many flora lovers. Refined and fragile in appearance, but very strong spiral-shaped stem bamboo is an excellent complement to a green corner in a modern apartment interior, in which elements of a bamboo tree and more can be present

How To Properly Grow A Date Palm From A Stone

For successful cultivation from the stone of the date palm, there are two completely equal methods. The first way . Dry the date stone for several days in the open air. Then fill it with hot water and let it stand for about 24 hours so that the bone swells

So That The Flowers In The House Bloom Magnificently And For A Long Time

How long has your favorite flower bloomed like in a flower shop, do not remember? So I almost forgot. It seems that I feed him, but he still does not please with lush flowering. But recently I went to visit a friend, and her flowers are just a feast for the eyes, everything is blooming, as if on a selection

Cardboard And Fork Instead Of A Loom. The Idea Is Great

Skillfully crafted handmade carpets have always been appreciated. They give the home a special charm. A beautiful rug will decorate the bedroom and living room, but you can make it by giving free rein to your own imagination. To do this, you need to master some skills

Bonfire Underground Or Native American Tricks

Such a fire is also called the Dakota hearth in honor of the American Indians of the Dakota tribe, who, apparently, invented it, not knowing the laws of aerodynamics, but simply relying on practical experience. The Dakota hearth has many advantages: the flame is more intense due to good traction; less fuel is used; such a fire will burn well even in strong winds and give uniform heating, since the flame will not be carried away; an underground fire will not give

15 Best Life Hacks For Parents

Question for parents: do you need help with children? It is unlikely that someone does not need it Well, you're in luck, because in this post you'll find some simple yet effective ways to make your life a little easier. How do you prevent kids from fighting in the back of a car?