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But We Eat Them

Save the Eggs! People think about what we are doing? Just look at what they have to do! Resentment I made a tattoo Massacre Each of us is unique Death of Mr. Egger Sobbing Fun in the fridge Suffering Horror Panic You have nothing to see here … hysterics Under protection Guys, can we make friends?

How To Inflate Flying Balloons Without Helium At Home: Decorate The Room For The Holiday

Are you dreaming of decorating your house for a festive party with flying balloons? "With your own hands" does not offer to buy expensive helium balloon … We'll go the other way! How to inflate a flying ball It will be especially interesting for children to participate in this business, so feel free to involve them in the process! D

In This Seemingly Ordinary Hangar There Is Another World. Looking Inside, You Will Be Speechless

It is simply incredible what heights technological progress has been able to achieve. We are already quite calm about various know-how and the next miracle inventions. But there are still things in the world that make us gasp with delight! Surprisingly, tropical islands are located practically in the very center of Germany, in Brandenburg

18 Photos That Show That Everything Is Not What It Seems

There are tons of wonderful photos on the Internet, but when you review them, have you ever thought about how these masterpieces were created? No, no, we're not talking about the legendary Photoshop now. And about the work of professionals who, for the sake of perfect shot capable of anything: both fire and water

6 Important Things To Do Before The End Of December. Start The New Year From Scratch

December is exactly that small period of time when every person has a desire to sum up the past year, to cope with all the affairs and lightly enter the new year … This is perhaps the most suitable period for those who are planning start living from scratch

30+ Cool Photo Illusions That Will Delight You

We present to your attention cool illusion photos. Some shots turned out quite by accident, others are staged … but in any case, we got decent shots that will delight many 🙂 There is no end to the track Say "Meow" What a disproportionate hand the little one has "My fish, I am your eye" Water for tea Random selection of non-random colors Never Stop Playing Cars One whole Strong breath

The Couple Adopted An Orphaned Bear 23 Years Ago And They Still Live Together

Meet Stepan, a domesticated bear who lives with Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko in the Moscow region. He fell into the Panteleev family when he became an orphan at the age of only 3 months. He was found by hunters in the forest all alone and in a very bad condition, so Svetlana and Yuri decided to give him shelter

Decorating The House With Christmas Snowflakes: 58 Crochet Options

The most magical holiday is not far off - New Year! And you should start the pleasant chores of preparation now! Crocheting small lace snowflakes is a very simple and at the same time quite multifunctional idea. They can be either white or multi-colored, it all depends on your taste and how you use them

New Year - How To Meet, What To Wear And What To Cook

The most anticipated holiday is the New Year, because it brings with it not only a joyful mood, many gifts, pleasant communication and a delicious festive table, but also the main thing in the life of any person - hope. Without it, it is impossible to look into the future, which means that everything should be done to ensure that success accompanies you throughout the coming year, so that all your dreams and expectations come true

New Year Beard Decorations - A New Fashion Trend

In order to create a New Year's mood, there are many excellent ways, for example, you can decorate your home with garlands and tinsel, you can listen to New Year's songs and watch good films that create a feeling of a holiday, or you can decorate your bushy beard (applies only to men :)) Christmas decorations, candies and artificial icicles

30 Of The Most Original Statues And Sculptures From Around The World

Our cities are full of monuments associated with historical figures and events, they are static and majestic. But there are those who amaze with their uniqueness, boldness, eccentricity or humor, and 30 of them are in our review today. 1

12 World-class Museums You Can "visit" On The Internet

There is no doubt that any historical artifact or work of art is best seen with one's own eyes. But not always and not everyone has the opportunity to travel a lot around the world. Fortunately, today, in the modern digital age, it is possible to visit some of the most famous museums in the world without leaving your own home

10 DIY Chic Winter Decor Ideas

Good day, dear needlewomen. Winter crafts have one feature - they almost always remind of the New Year and Christmas. We decided to support the New Year's mood and show you 10 ideas for chic winter decor with our own hands. With the help of fir branches, cones, Christmas tree decorations and many other materials, you can create extraordinary works that will inspire you and charge you with great mood

How To Create A Christmas Mood At Home: 8 Bright Decor Ideas

To make the main holiday of the year truly memorable, you don't have to go on a trip or book a table at an expensive restaurant. New Year's Eve can become special at home if you show your imagination and think in advance how to create a festive mood

How To Make 6 Ultimate Paper Snowflakes

This step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to make SIX-pointed paper snowflakes. Most people do (or most master classes teach how to do) 4- or 8-point options. In nature, snowflakes always have 6 peaks (in extreme cases, three). I decided to be closer to nature, and chose the option with 6 ends

10 Original Paper Snowflake Decorations

The process of decorating the house for the holidays is in full swing! One of the favorite New Year's Eve activities for the whole family is cutting snowflakes! Unique designs, different shapes, sizes and materials - the process itself is very exciting

Decorating A House For The New Year: 20 Cool Budget Ideas

The New Year is very soon, which means it's time to create an appropriate mood at home: romantic, joyful and magical. Moreover, this can be done almost free of charge. Bright candlesticks, festive garlands and original Christmas tree decorations - we will tell you how to find use for improvised and seemingly unnecessary things and make decor items out of them

DIY Christmas Decor: 8 Original Ideas

There is not much time left before the New Year! But this is not a reason to panic - especially for you, we have selected the best New Year's decorations that you can easily make with your own hands. Get inspired and start creating! Idea # 1: Christmas candles To make New Year's Eve really special, dim the lights and place candles around the house

New Year's Decor Of Premises - Beautiful Ideas

In this article you will find beautiful ideas for a festive room decor - catch inspiration !!! We hope you liked this material and inspired you to new creative achievements

DIY Crafts For The New Year

The most long-awaited and beloved holiday - the New Year - will come very soon. The most far-sighted people purchase gifts for family and friends in advance, and the most creative people make them with their own hands. Various crafts, and New Year's toys, and various decorations, and postcards can act as cute New Year's gifts - whatever your heart desires

The New Trend In Wedding Dresses Will Make The Big Day Even Brighter! (10+ Photos)

Tired of traditional white wedding dresses? We have something to offer you! To add more color to your wedding outfit, grab a spray bottle and paint a fun gradient on the skirt of the dress. No, we're not kidding? Such gradient dresses, ombre dresses, or, as this style is also called, have become incredibly popular now

New Year's Salad "Rooster" Is An Obligatory Element Of The Festive Table In 2017

On the eve of the holidays, each hostess will think three times about how she will look New Year's table … To remember not only the divine taste of food, but also its interesting presentation, you should approach the cooking process creatively. T

DIY Christmas Toys For

New Year is getting closer, and for those who know how to do DIY Christmas toys , the time for fruitful work comes. Making toys is a tradition that arose at a time when the mass production of decorations for the Christmas tree had not yet been established

Bridal Veil

After visiting bridal salons and boutiques, I came to the conclusion that I was not ready to buy a second veil especially for a bachelorette party. It seemed to me that 2000 rubles. (no, I'm not kidding) too much for a bachelorette party veil

Signs For Guests On The Table

Since childhood, I have experienced an unhealthy craving for luminous objects. Probably, this is the fault of the garlands that in childhood we collected with Father for the New Year. So when my Bride and I started planning the wedding, I knew that I wanted to make something glowing, it had to be unique and look amazing

5 Fruit Sushi And Rolls That You Will Definitely Surprise Your Guests With

So let's have some fun and make some very original sushi and fruit rolls! This dish is good for dessert, vegetarians and will amaze your guests. The recipe is very simple and does not take long to prepare. Stage 1: Ingredients banana grapefruit orange mango radish or jicama honey kiwi melon sesame or chia seeds lemon or lemon juice You will also need some kind of plastic cylinder to cut the core

Box From A Sheet Of A4 Paper

A simple paper box version. This is my first instruction here and I tried to make it as clear and understandable as possible. It was difficult for me to explain some of the steps so that it was clear, but I think that everything will be clear from the photographs

Tablets From Wine Corks On The Table For Guests

This is an instruction on how original and simple it is possible to make plates for guests on the table for any event: anniversary, wedding, corporate party, graduation, etc. Their main advantages are a pleasant appearance, an unusual idea, and most importantly - minimal financial costs

23 Cool New Year Cards You Can Make In Half An Hour

On these pre-holiday days, there is a wide selection of greeting cards everywhere. "Happy New Year!" , you can even buy handmade postcards, but we suggest you make it much cooler. Put some warmth into a postcard made With your own hands … Moreover, it will not take much time

5 Unusual Lace Christmas Trees

The vintage lace herringbone is very cute and easy to make. So, how did our grandmothers do it? For an unusual Christmas tree made of lace, we need: wide lace; narrow decorative ribbon with voluminous flowers; rhinestones or snowflakes to decorate the background; Christmas tree garland, if the panel is backlit; a sheet of cardboard covered with fabric; glue and sharp scissors

How To Make Christmas Toys For The New

Interesting, colorful Christmas toys can be made from a variety of materials. This article will provide detailed instructions, thanks to which needlewomen will be able to figure out how to make New Year's toys with their own hands - paper, fabric, plastic

Ideas "winter" Manicure

The image of a beautiful woman is made up of little things, and it is impossible to imagine without well-groomed nails and stylish manicure. Regardless of whether you choose an unusual design or prefer a classic jacket or other “calm” options, the main thing is that your nails should be “in order”. We

33 Hilarious Examples Of Snowmen To Inspire You

New Year's holidays are ahead and you probably already imagined how you will spend your time. You might get the idea to make a snowman, especially if you have children. Let's hope that the New Year holidays will be snowy and all your plans will come true


Sometimes, traditional attributes are not enough to make a holiday special. Yes, without a Christmas tree and the capital's salad in the new year - nowhere, but it's time to bring fresh ideas to the traditional celebration. Do-it-yourself New Year's crafts for the new 2017 Year of the Rooster will help us with the implementation of this idea


Cones are ideal material for creativity, including with children. With the help of decorative products from them, wreaths, garlands, you can decorate the house for the New Year and Christmas. And also from cones you can create Christmas tree decorations: birds, gnomes, Santa Clauses

10 Ways To Decorate Your New Year's Table

The closer to us the most magical and kindest holiday of the year, the more pleasant it will be about preparation. In addition to gifts, home and Christmas tree decorations, and a festive menu, it would be nice to pay attention to table decoration as well

Create With Children: Colored Toffee

Your child will love this viscous mixture from the very first seconds. Moreover, you can do it with your children, because this is an unusual and very interesting version of children's crafts. Believe me, kids will be delighted with such work

New Year's Things

New Year's, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive New Year's toys and decorations. There are many things in each apartment that will help to decorate the house in a stylish and original way. With his own hands, he offers several interesting and inexpensive ideas for a creative New Year

12 Interesting Facts About The New Year

Why in Europe the Christmas tree was hung upside down, where Santa Claus puts gifts in France and how glass Christmas balls appeared in Russia - we have collected the most interesting facts about the main holiday of the planet Every December we habitually decorate the Christmas tree, give each other gifts and light sparklers

Have You Ever Wondered Where The Tradition Of Giving Tangerines And Oranges For The New Year Came From?

Most people cannot imagine New Years and Christmas without these fragrant fruits. But where did this tradition come from? We offer you two options for choosing why we stock up on tangerines and oranges for the New Year holidays. Version 1