Home furniture 2023, December

Built-in Wardrobe: Useful Tips

The work on planning the internal space of a built-in closet is often compared to ordering a kitchen set. Yes, the measurer will help you with the engineering solution and suggest design options. But he will not be able to decide for you whether it is more convenient for you to have two hangers and shelves, or to prefer them one bar and basket

Almost Everyone Can Do It. He Made For His Princess Not A Bed, But A Real "Castle"

Many little girls dream of becoming princesses. For Henry Hooker's daughter, this dream has come true. Her father built a princess bed in real life! To make his daughter's dream come true, he carefully approached the issue, working through every detail

How Martin And I Changed The Wardrobe

Well, to be honest, when I remodeled the closet two years ago, we didn't have Martin yet. He participated only in the final stage. But for the generality of my topics, the name will be like this))) * My previous topic "How Martin and I Reimagined the Kitchen" When I bought an apartment, I got such a closet in the corridor, the former owners decided not to take it (it is troublesome to disassemble and transport it)

Tips To Help You Clean Your Sofa For Almost Free. Away All The Stains

It is not always possible to get rid of stains on upholstered furniture. However, dry cleaning specialists still somehow cope with them. Is it possible to independently remove complex stains without streaks, restoring the original appearance of the upholstery?

Multifunctional Bed, Which Is Difficult To Get Up From

We found the perfect bed that not only looks cool but is packed with ingenious design features so you never want to leave. This modular bed has endless amenities. This multifunctional piece of furniture is equipped with both power outlets and USB ports

Stylish Plywood Sofa (which You Can Make In 1 Day)

No kidding: you really master to make such a sofa with your own hands! The most fashionable design, any size, works as a sofa, a baby cot or an adult sleeping place. And the most important thing: a new piece of furniture will be in your house in the evening

Practical Ideas For Organizing Your Closet

The closet should look good not only from the outside, but also from the inside. At any time, you may want to get some thing in the presence of guests, and it is advisable that at the same time all the clothes do not fall out on the floor. Today there are many solutions for storing things in closets

10 Ideas For Arranging A Bunk Bed For Kids

For families with several children, a bunk bed may be the only solution. Some of these designs are quite cumbersome. But in the nursery you want to create an atmosphere of lightness and comfort. Here are some beds for two or more toddlers that will perfectly complement any decor

New Life For An Old Suitcase: Practical Interior Decor

Over time, any apartment is overgrown with a mass of things, with an enviable constancy migrating from one place to another. Throwing them out also does not raise the hand. An excellent place to store "small things" will be a good old suitcase, sent for its former merits not to a landfill, but to one of the mezzanines

Decorating Modern Bedrooms. Bedroom Design Ideas For A Couple

A bedroom is a place where two people can retire and relax. Even if a couple lives with their parents or rents an apartment with friends, it is very important to set up their own corner. In a separate apartment, the bedroom becomes a private place, which is not customary to let guests in, even during the day

Finding A Place For A Closet Is Not Easy. Ideas For A Well-made Decision

No one will argue with the fact that things should be kept in a closet. Unfortunately, not every room is suitable for placing such a massive piece of furniture in it. In cases where a standard cabinet does not fit into the layout, but you need to organize storage, you can go for tricks or design tricks

Carpentry In Japan: Looks Like Magic

At a time when metal nails and fasteners were too costly to manufacture, joiners and carpenters invented delightfully complex joints to fit wood pieces. Modern technologies have helped to solve the puzzles left to us by ancient architects and to observe the process of joining and rallying wooden elements

Build This Practical Shelf And Solve Your Persistent Inventory Storage Problem

There are many reasons why people buy more groceries than they need in a week. You can run into a sale with very nice prices, or a large hypermarket is located very far from home. Unfortunately, supplies often create clutter in the kitchen and make it difficult to place utensils and cooking utensils

Cabinet Ideas That Will Free Up Space In The Room And Make It Seem Larger

First of all, a wardrobe is needed in order not to hang things on the backs of a chair. But, as it turned out, it also has another useful function. Laconic panels will hide household appliances that do not fit into the design of the room, and sometimes even separate areas of your apartment

A Standard IKEA Table To The Kitchen Island In Less Than An Hour

Many consider a detached island in the kitchen to be the privilege of very wealthy people. Although the only thing that is needed to organize this convenient element is a sufficient area of the room in which it will be placed. You can build an island from budget components, for example, those that can be purchased at the IKEA store

8 Interesting Ideas For Decorating A Practical And Cozy Nursery

Families with many children have many worries, and the housing issue is often not in the last place. Placing multiple beds in one room can be tricky. But there are original ideas that allow three or more babies to sleep without sacrificing their comfort and personal space

The Master Carved An Unusual Table From Plywood, From Which All Household Members Were Delighted

A modular table is always an original piece of furniture. When combined, it forms a single and stable structure, and individually can serve as chairs or just small tables, for example, for children to play. We invite you to get acquainted with the interesting idea of a modular puzzle table, which, if desired, can be pasted over with a card - then the table will become an interesting and useful piece of furniture, especially if there are children at home

Ergonomic Furniture: Practical, Comfortable And Tasteful

With well thought out, somewhat unusual, but such comfortable ergonomic furniture, the concepts of “convenience” and “comfort” cease to be meaningless phrases. With such furniture, it is easy to rationally use the space without sacrificing anything. Compact

Transforming An Old French Chest Of Drawers Into A Wonderful Interior Element

Wonderful old furniture should never be thrown away, especially if it is generally in good condition, just some roughness and abrasions are visible here and there. This 1980 French chest of drawers was covered with scratches, parts were missing in some areas, but the chest of drawers itself is whole, strong, beautiful, made of good wood

Workplace Of A Craftswoman: Compact Tables For A Sewing Machine

Every craftswoman who is fond of sewing and needlework knows how much space is occupied by everything that is necessary for work. Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to organize a full-fledged workshop in a standard apartment. Help out compact tables and cabinets for a sewing machine

Bookshelf Ideas For Limited Space

It is difficult to imagine an apartment in which there would not be a single book. Educational and fiction literature, versatile printed publications take up a lot of space. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to set aside bulky cabinets for their storage

Do-it-yourself Sofa Banner: Modern Furniture At No Extra Cost

Having an old sofa at home, the appearance of which leaves much to be desired, it is not at all necessary to get rid of it. Try to pull solid furniture with a well-oiled folding mechanism, giving it a modern look. If you have the usual set of tools available in the arsenal of a zealous owner, this is not difficult to do

Needlewomen Will Appreciate: A Compact Corner For Sewing From The Closet

Every needlewoman dreams of her own corner, in which her things for sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc. would be neatly folded. To allocate a whole room for this event, or at least a corner, is also problematic. One needlewoman found a way out - together with her husband she made a charming and compact corner for needlework from the closet

A Rational Approach To The Use Of Space. Homemade Storage System Worthy Of Attention

Do not rush to completely get rid of old furniture. Perhaps it will still serve you faithfully. Just look how much more rational the converted mini-dressing room looks, which can accommodate much more things in comparison with the original version

An Amazing Story Of Transformation. Old Wardrobe Changes Profession

Craftsmen with skillful hands are able to repair an old thing and make it even better than the previous one. However, one young couple decided on a slightly different action - they completely "changed their profession" to the closet, which they found at a flea market for a penny

A Crazy And Ingenious Invention - A Bed That Will Definitely Wake You Up

Colin Furze is an insane and brilliant engineer, he developed an equally insane and ingenious invention - a bed that pushes you out by itself after the alarm clock rings. Obviously, Colin created this bed for real owls and all those who find it very difficult and almost impossible to get out of bed on time and right on time

Unexpected Rework: Coffee Table From An Old Bench

There are many ways to apply a printed design to wood. The author of this alteration has opened another one. It is suitable for freshly polished furniture. For the project you will need: Jigsaw or sandpaper; drawing printed on waxed paper; tablespoon; varnish; wooden table; varnish for coating For this project, the table was made from an old bench

New Furniture From Old Trash

Do not rush to throw away old furniture or send boxes that have become unnecessary to the firebox. All of this can still come in handy. If you wish, you can create new functional furniture from almost nothing. Just look how unexpected rework options can be

The Craftswoman Made A Beautiful Ottoman From Waste Material

Looking at this ottoman, it is difficult to guess what it was made of. At first glance, it seems that this is an ordinary full-fledged furniture bought in a store. However, the craftswoman made it with her own hands, moreover, from waste material

Non-trivial Alteration Of Old Furniture: Ideas And Their Implementation

Sooner or later, everyone is faced with the question of buying new expensive furniture, but sometimes it is worth saving money and not throwing out old interior items. Find inspiration for repainting an old dresser or wardrobe and how to transform it into a piece of art that will become the center of everyone's attention with this selection of rework furniture found in a junkyard

A Bed In A Niche: Reasonable Space Saving In A Small Size

Unfortunately, the number of square meters in the apartment is limited. This is especially felt by the owners of one-room apartments with a small area. In some cases, the task of arrangement is further complicated by the fact that the room has an irregular shape

Hanging Shelves With A Secret: A Stylish And Functional Addition To The Interior

Open shelves without visible attachment always look spectacular in the interior. As if twisted in the clouds, they are able to hold diverse decorative elements, become a place for storing gadgets or perform the function of an ordinary rack. Large and small, wide and narrow, they are appropriate in any part of the house

Build A Complete, Soft, Durable And Beautiful Pouf With Simple Materials

Who would have thought that a full-fledged, soft, durable and beautiful pouf can be built from a cardboard box and plastic bottles? The master came up with such a design and brought it to life! It turned out to be a very practical and cool thing, appreciate: Not so many materials were needed to work: 2 identical cardboard boxes; about 30 plastic bottles; foam rubber; synthetic winterizer; upholstery fabric; buttons for decoration (optional); glue gun

Organization Of Space In The Bedroom: Ideas Worthy Of Implementation

The bedroom is the place in the house where coziness and comfort are valued above all else. Here you want not only to fully relax, but also to have everything you need close at hand. In the conditions of modern apartments, it is not always possible to allocate sufficient space for a place to sleep

Shoe Storage Ideas For Every Budget: Good Examples Of Organizing Space

The question of where to put shoes out of season or where to place several pairs of shoes, sandals, and in addition to them sneakers and slippers for guests, often comes to the fore. The more household members, the more relevant it is. Limiting yourself to one or two pairs per season is not an option

Just Imagine, 20 Minutes And You Have New Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a great solution. However, over time, various damages appear on it, especially if there are children or animals in the family. However, it is not necessary to buy new furniture, you can return it to its original appearance, it is enough to stock up on time and some funds

Smart Furniture. Ideas For Your Comfort

In an environment where the number of square meters is limited, space saving comes to the fore. You always want to equip a house or apartment so that your stay is as comfortable as possible. You should not deny yourself a thousand little things that are so necessary in everyday life

Interesting Renovation Projects: Simple Decor Ideas Worth Considering

It so happens that durable and practical furniture becomes obsolete morally, without having time to wear out. Ugly in appearance, it remains comfortable and functional. In such cases, you should not immediately go for expensive new items. To begin with, you can risk changing the design of existing furnishings

Original And Comfortable Furniture Made Of Plastic Boxes

A plastic transport box can be a great creative material. Here are some great examples of how they can be made into comfortable and functional furniture. The easiest option is to use the storage boxes as they are. The walls can be decorated with fabric, and a hinged cover can be built on the uppermost tier

Lightweight And Comfortable Ottoman That Will Fit Into Any Interior. Detailed Sewing Instructions

A soft and comfortable ottoman will find a place in any room. You can comfortably sit on it with a book or use it as a footrest. If the need is no longer needed, just move the pouf to another place or hide it in the closet. You will need: Thick fabric (ideally upholstery); edging for edge finishing; stuffing material; strong threads; sewing machine; cutting paper (you can take a Whatman paper); scissors, compasses; sewing pins First, decid