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How To Make A Paper Tube House

I made such a village house - the idea came when I saw in my son's textbook on fine arts, paper house and decided to make a detailed master class We twist the paper into tubes First on the sides - then in the center - and then the whole tube You need a lot of such sticks - how many did not count, just made them as needed We take cardboard as a basis and glue the sticks like this - two are long as they did - the other two are shorte

Amazing Mini-dolls From Elena Kirilenko - A Drop Of Joy In The Sea Of everyday Life

When you look at the dolls created by the talented Pskov artist Elena Kirilenko, it is simply impossible not to smile . “In the world” she is a teacher and mother of three little sons, but at the same time finds time for creativity. For

Crafts From Plastic Bottles That Timur Kizyakov Himself Would Envy

Surely many people remember the funny and interesting program "While everyone is at home", as well as its equally interesting heading "Crazy Hands". The presenters of this column were very fond of making something incredible from improvised means, and very often plastic bottles acted as these means

Artist Transforms Shadows From Ordinary Objects Into Funny Illustrations (10+ Pictures)

Vincent Bal (Vincent Bal) is an art man who works with shadows, but as you can see in his playful scribbles, there is nothing "Dark" . The Belgian filmmaker has always loved drawing, but found his own unique style last year. “When I was working on a new script last April, I noticed the artistic shadow of my cup on a piece of paper. &

A Tripod Made Of Ordinary Rope

The simplest tripod is made from rope and bolt. Please note that the bolt is needed with an inch thread (we have a metric thread), it is not everywhere, but if you wish, you can find it, some even make it for 50 rubles to order. I think every photographer should have such a device in their bag

Bird Made Of Paper

I hope you enjoy this simple paper bird making guide that can decorate your desk or home decor. The instruction is so simple that even a child can make a bird with his own hands, my son really liked this work. At the end of the article, you can download and print a sketch for making a paper bird completely free of charge

The City House Is So Detailed That You Need A Magnifying Glass

You will need to take a good look to see the sheer amount of detail that JoshuSmith uses to create miniature worlds. The Australian artist has a penchant for everything microscopic and his latest project is exciting. Central to his recent work, Temple Street, is a model of a real-life residential building in Kowloon City, Hong Kong

10 Ways To Attach A Nameplate In Scrap Work

Author: Natalia Dubinina The nameplate is a small piece of thick colored cardboard with an inscription. It is irreplaceable in postcards, gift envelopes and packaging. It is convenient - ready-made inscriptions for all occasions. See the different ways to attach it

Endless Wool Inspiration From Linda Brike

Today I want to share one of my many sources of inspiration - the works of the Latvian artist Linda Brik. On the Internet pages of her social networks, she says that her passion for felting (or felting) began 10 years ago. Now she lives in Riga with her family and creates amazing, such real birds and animals made of wool, incredible jewelry … Perhaps, I can't even single out one thing, my favorite, in her work

How To Age Wood: 2 Ways

I present to your attention a small photo master class for lovers of the effect of strong aging? 1 technique - Staining a wooden surface that does not have a pronounced texture (I show with the example of a linden tree), followed by toning

A Doll's Tale From Papier-mache By Natalia Lopusova-Tomskaya

She is a mystery herself. How to buy her doll for a mere mortal is not known for certain. They say that you need to sign up months in advance … And this despite the fact that she regularly conducts master classes, and her book is partly widely available on the Internet

Making A Bas-relief "Spring Landscape"

In this workshop I will show you one exercise. It must be done by everyone who is engaged in bas-relief and has at least minimal experience. And beginners can take note, come in handy. This exercise is a quick work with relief. Artists call it ala prima, one-touch

Making A Fun Rug From Old Knitted T-shirts

I want to share with you an idea embodied in an empirical way. Perhaps it will seem interesting to some. I think that in every house of the craftswoman there are many different things from the category of "what if it will come in handy

Primroses In Artists' Watercolors

Spring is my favorite season. After a long winter, you want something light and delicate, and you can't find a better theme than the first flowers. Moreover, nature for work is now available almost all year round in pots: crocuses, daffodils, tulips, primroses, muscari, hyacinths and more

The Process Of Making A Brooch From Epoxy Resin And Dried Flowers

Jewelry made of epoxy resin and dried flowers always evoke thoughts of warm days, hot summer or gentle spring. Here we have just the last case, and in order to make such a cute bunny brooch, we need a little inspiration and a few necessary tools

Teaspoon A Day: Wooden Creations By Giles Newman

Briton Giles Newman - an artist inspired by nature, modernity and Celtic culture - once realized that he wanted his drawings to be passed on by people from generation to generation, and decided to embody them in wood with an ax and a knife. In my opinion, he does it just fine

How To Make Paper Giant Dahlias + Printable Template

As you can see in the photo, the flowers turn out to be very beautiful if you use paper of different shades. Such decoration will suit any holiday, and children will squeak with delight if you show them how easy it is. Credit: www.mamasgonecrafty

We Sew Keychain "Marsupial Moose"

Author: Lena Nemtseva I decided to make a small present and share with you a pattern and recommendations for sewing a marsupial deer or elk (as you like). So, for a deer we need: artificial fur (terry cloth, microfiber), cotton for legs-handles-heart and cotton for the horns and the front of the muzzle (flesh-colored, as an option, tint with a solution of coffee + cinnamon - a pleasant smell is guaranteed), non-woven fabric , pattern , base for keychai

We Make A Roomy Chest Of Drawers From Cardboard With Pull-out Drawers For Needlework

Today there will be a story about how they took me to the "weak". The background is as follows. My dear husband, watching from the sidelines how I was making organizers for my future workshop, once said in passing: "Is it too weak to make a chest of drawers myself?

Zentangle And Dudling. Step By Step Drawing

You will need paper, a simple pencil and an eraser, capillary pens of different colors, and … a desire to draw, of course. Initially, there is no special concept in my drawings. I begin to draw abstract lines, shapes, and then, in the process of drawing, a general picture emerges

Felting Bright Slippers In The Form Of Cheese

For felting slippers in the form of cheese, we need: merino wool (Australian), about 200 gr.; wool carding for mice, about 100 gr .; material (mesh); yarn for tying; hook; backing template; bamboo mat; massage roller; gloves; soapy water; spray bottle for water; PVC film; towel; beads for eyes

15 Interesting Ideas For Transforming Ordinary Bottles Into Something Beautiful

Transforming something ordinary, everyday into something beautiful and amazing is a wonderful ability. And this can sometimes be done with the help of completely familiar and everyday objects. Alteration of bottles can help in this. Inspiration can be found here in a variety of materials: paints, buttons, polymer clay and even … seed peels. B

Swan Feather Paintings By Ian Davie

British artist Ian Davie paints very beautiful paintings depicting birds and butterflies, fish and animals, flowers and trees … Only he does it not on paper, fabric or glass, but on snow-white swan feathers, which he collects every year during the molt of these graceful, majestic birds

Bags From Plastic Bottles + Video M / C

The inventiveness of our compatriots simply has no boundaries. They can sew a dress from a scarf, alter jeans into a skirt, make an exclusive hat from the most unexpected materials at hand. But the pinnacle of this creativity was a bag made of plastic bottles

Stunning Crazy Quilt Bags By Tatyana Shestakova

Today we want to introduce you to the stunning bags of Tatiana Shestakova. The handbags are made using the crazy quilt technique. They look just incredible! We invite you to evaluate the work of Tatiana

Flower Paradise: Bright Embroidery Walker Boyes

I love embroidery, especially when it is harmoniously combined with other types of creativity. American Walker Boyes (also known by the nickname TrueFort) proves once again that a talented person is talented in everything: among his works, satin stitch and beadwork, photography and fashion design

Great Ideas For A Prom: 4 Leather Goods - 4 Patterns

Author: Sechkina Julia This summer does not spoil us at all. From this, even more dreams of the hot sun and warm sea. My dreams inspired me to create a set of leather accessories and I suggest you sew with me: Leather fish bag. Case for sunglasses

How To Keep A Flower Intact? Experiments On Creating A Volumetric Herbarium

Author: Landscaper Everyone probably wanted to keep their favorite flower in its original form. And each had a series of unsuccessful attempts. Water does not flow under the lying stone, so let's start experimenting to make our dreams come true?

Just Space: Unusual Jewelry Martina Gutfreund

Artist from Canada MartinGutfreund creates very beautiful pendants from natural materials and polymer clay. She calls her creations gifts for the spirits of the forest. Martina uses seashells, large crystals and small cabochons. She is not afraid of bold color combinations and creates unusual things for the brave people

Brazilian Embroidery Technique (Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery): Features Of Seams And Stitches

Carnivals, coffee, football, since the end of the twentieth century also serials - these are the objects and phenomena that we usually associate with Brazil … But it turns out that a very interesting kind of handicraft was born in Brazil, which is called Brazilian embroidery

Mosaic Countertops From Old Boards: Just Look What A Miracle It Turned Out

A girl named madebywoodhand after graduating from the Pratt Institute decided to start her own business. She became interested in the idea of building tree houses, but there was no money for materials, so she just started collecting old boards all over New York. The

Charismatic Author's Dolls Of The Creative Duet "AnyaManya"

"AnyaManya" is a creative duet of twin sisters Anna Grigorieva and Maria Kolegova (Grigorieva) from Kazan. The girls graduated from the fake department of the Kazan Theater School. 2003 to 2006 worked in a group of props-decorators, participated in the design of city holidays, cafes, made life-size puppets, decorations and props

Sew These Cute Fabric Owls Following This Easy Tutorial

If you have leftover tissue that can only be thrown away - do not rush to do it! Take a closer look at this master class, in which even different-quality pieces of fabric can be put together and get cute birds - these small and absolutely adorable owls

TOP 5 Mistakes That Needlewomen Make When They Cut Fabric

Many novice needlewomen, infected with the excitement of sewing and knitting, buy sewing machines, fabrics and yarn in large quantities. However, a month or two passes, maybe half a year, and the excitement disappears imperceptibly. Disappointment from hard work, punctured fingers and unsuccessful handicrafts sits comfortably in his place

From Burlap And A Piece Of Fabric, You Will Have A Stylish Accessory

The Dior fashion house once introduced the world to a handbag decorated with burlap. It is curious that such a stylish accessory can be repeated by absolutely any woman, while spending practically nothing on it. The photo below in the upper right corner shows a photo of a handbag from "Dior", and in the center - what you get if you follow the master class below

Going To The Sea? Don't Forget To Sew This Lightweight Beach Bag

Should you buy a beach bag in the store if you can easily make it yourself? It takes quite a bit of fabric, patience and a bit of time to make a beach bag. A striped beach bag looks very themed, however, you can sew your own from whatever fabric you find

Amazing Bag-bedding: For The Sea, For A Hike, And For A Picnic

This cool bedding bag will be a real salvation on a hike, at sea or just at a picnic. When you don't want to separately fold the bulky bedding, you can once sew yourself a bag that is pleasant to carry in your hands, and you can use it repeatedly

Sewing Together Pieces Of Denim, You Can Get A Pretty Little Thing

Following the example of brigidacanovas, you can take different jeans and sew them together to create an original accessory - a naive denim bag. Of course, her work only serves as a guideline from which to build. Just look at how many things you can think of from seemingly unnecessary or old denim items: you can put together details such as pockets and loops, you can sew pieces of denim of different colors together, you can insert an original applique, and more

Toys That Conquer At First Sight From Ordinary Socks

A handmade toy is always calm and confident that the baby is playing with a safe toy. In addition, such a huge scope for creativity opens up that you simply cannot help but get fired up with the thought of creating your own, unique and very beautiful animal

Indeed, The Original Way To Use Old Jeans For Good

If you have unwanted jeans in your closet that you haven't worn for a long time, you might want to consider reworking them. Denim is versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of purposes. An original way to recycle old jeans can be such a wonderful suitcase-bag