Gardening 2023, December

Super Way To Grow Green Onions In A Bag Without Land

Green onions grown on their own windowsill will be an excellent addition to salads not only in summer, but also in winter. However, some housewives give up the pleasure of eating greens grown at home, as they do not want to tinker with the land

We Grow Inimitably Spectacular And "tasty" Lavender Right On The Windowsill

By right, lavender is considered one of the most spectacular and fragrant plants. Its bright green foliage in combination with delicate lilac flowers cannot leave indifferent any gardener! It is noteworthy that wonderful lavender can be grown even at home, right on the windowsill - for this, special indoor varieties have been bred that adapt to the conditions of a city apartment and perfectly decorate it

Turn An Ordinary Ficus Tree Into A Real Work Of Art

Ficuses are houseplants familiar to many. They are distinguished by simplicity, not only in terms of care, but also in appearance. If you want to make the ficus a little more interesting, weave it into a pigtail. This plant is great for weaving, and the result will pleasantly surprise you

Winter-hardy Shrubs That Can Turn A Garden Into A Fairy Tale

A plot drowning in bloom that does not require special care and any effort associated with transplanting or planting plants is the dream of many owners of summer cottages. Using flowering perennial shrubs for landscaping makes it easy to turn this dream into reality

A Unique Way Of Sowing Petunias: Fast Germination Plus Hardening

Many gardeners buy petunias in pots in spring and simply plant them in a flower bed. Meanwhile, it is not difficult to grow it from seeds at home. True, the seeds are too small, and from the moment of germination to planting in open ground, at least 3 months should pass, otherwise everything is simple

Super Method Of Growing Tomatoes. Seedlings Grow 2 Times Faster

Every gardener dreams of getting good and strong tomato seedlings without spending a lot of time and effort. An excellent choice in this case is a non-punctured method of growing tomato seedlings on wick irrigation. Tomatoes should be transplanted for wick irrigation when the seedlings are ready for picking: that is, the tomatoes have a pair of real leaves

Climbing Roses - An Aristocratic Beauty In Your Garden

Climbing roses, captivating with an abundance of bright flowers and graceful leaves, can be a wonderful decoration for the garden and home. These plants are used for vertical gardening: they decorate arches, walls of houses and gazebos. With proper care of climbing roses, you can get a fabulously beautiful carpet of fragrant flowers that will transform the space around you

Cat Litter In The Beds Will Significantly Improve The Yield

Every gardener and gardener is undoubtedly interested in the harvest that awaits him at the end of the season. The harvest directly depends on the quality of care for him and the soil in which he was settled. Plants feel best in loose soil, since water and air penetrate well into it

Super-method Of Growing Potatoes For An Over-harvest

Everyone who grows vegetables on their site wants to get a rich harvest. We would like to share with you the method of growing potatoes with grass and without hilling, with which you can get several more buckets of potatoes than when growing in the usual way

Useful And Stylish Things From Simple Rake

Do you think that the old rake has already occupied half of the house, shed or garage, and have been planning to get rid of them for a long time? If you haven’t done it yet, do not rush, because the old rake can be turned into stylish and functional things for home and garden

The Chinese Way Of Growing Tomato Seedlings. Unexpected But Effective

For those who first hear about the Chinese way of growing tomato seedlings, it may seem shocking and even blasphemous. Do not be surprised, but in order to get a good harvest of tomatoes, you just need to root the seedlings. This is not at all scary, as a result, the stressed plants will not only survive, but also mobilize the internal reserve and become more resilient

Raised Bed With A Greenhouse: A Rational Solution For An Early Harvest

The raised bed, supplemented with a full-fledged dome, is an excellent solution for getting an early harvest. It can be used both for hardening seedlings and for planting early varieties of vegetables and herbs. The greenhouse effect will ensure proper temperatures at night and on frost days, and the ability to open the dome will keep the plants from overheating during the day and provide fresh air

An Unusual Way Of Sowing Petunias In The Snow! Seed Germination Will Certainly Please

Sowing small seeds is always a problem for summer residents and gardeners. Petunia is one of the favorite crops of gardeners, but sowing it and achieving good shoots is not so easy. However, there is a time-tested method of sowing petunias, which will certainly please with excellent seed germination - this is a method of sowing on snow

A Simple, Reliable And Effective Way To Germinate Seeds For Planting Without Picking

Every day, winter is leaving us farther and farther, and it is time for gardeners and gardeners to think about future plantings. Even if spring has not yet arrived, then it is high time to start preparing for it, and you need to prepare not only your moral and physical strength, he and seedlings

An Unusual Way Of Planting Tomatoes That Deserves Attention

This method of sowing seedlings allows you to get strong seedlings, provide them with feeding and create a microclimate. You just need to buy eggs in plastic packaging. The eggs themselves can be used anywhere, but the shell and tray are useful for growing tomatoes

Do Not Plant These Plants In Your Area! They're Worse Than Weeds

Probably, almost everyone is familiar: what is beautiful is often dangerous or turns out to be completely different from what it seemed at first glance. For example, not only insects and animals, but even people fall into the traps of various flowers and plants

An Ingenious Beehive Solution: Comb Honey In Jars

To collect honey, beekeepers usually use inconvenient hives, which complicate the process of obtaining this product. You can make a very convenient and original beehive using the simplest materials. For work, you will need the following materials and tools: wooden slats; plywood; hive mesh; cans with screw caps; scissors; glue for various surfaces; screws and drill; paints and brushes

The Second Life Of A Cut Rose: Re-blooming Is A Reality

Having received a bouquet of gorgeous roses as a gift, you can always give them a second chance. Do not be surprised, there is a secret that can ensure their re-flowering in a month. By the way, roses planted in a flower pot will have a much longer life

Unusual Arrangement Of An Ordinary Greenhouse

Maintenance-friendly beds plus the proximity of two different crops in the same greenhouse - all this became possible thanks to a constructive approach to the issue of arrangement and the desire to make optimal use of the usable area. Cucumbers in this greenhouse get along well with peppers, since both crops love abundant watering and high humidity

Simple Fertilization, After Which The Cabbage Will Begin To Grow Like Mad

If, while growing cabbage, you are faced with the problem of a poor harvest, and no fertilizers help the cabbage grow well, most likely, there is an increased acidity of the soil in the garden, which gardeners sometimes simply do not pay attention to

Planting Potatoes Without Hilling Waddled. Rich Harvest And Economy Of Energy

There is a saying: "planting potatoes is a heavy cross, but who among us does not eat it." However, over time, there are more and more of those who continue to eat potatoes, but they stop planting them. Yet despite all the abundance of store shelves, many still continue to plant potatoes on their plots

Just Cut And Root! An Unusual But Effective Way To Get Cuttings

The desire to propagate shrubs or fruit trees is feasible. This is easy to do with layering. The branch you like will have a powerful root in a month. Then all that remains is to plant a young plant in the ground and provide them with proper care

Cozy Ideas: Turn A Balcony Into A Blooming Garden

Using a balcony as a warehouse for unnecessary things is an impermissible luxury. Even the smallest balcony can be easily transformed into a blooming garden and become the perfect place to relax and unwind. Just look at these balconies filled with colorful flowers and ornamental plants

Beautiful And Dangerous: The Worst Plants For Allergy Sufferers

The flowers in the garden are undoubtedly very beautiful, but in some cases they can become dangerous for people suffering from allergies. If you have a similar health problem, do not rush to leave a cross in a beautiful blooming garden. To get started, check out our list of the 10 worst colors for people with allergies

Planting Carrots: Quick Shoots Plus Feeding

Not everyone succeeds in waiting for carrot shoots instead of sowing and then thinning out. This is because the seeds of the umbrella family, rich in essential oils, do not germinate immediately. You can still speed up the process. To do this, you need to know one little secret

A Vertical Bed Made Of PVC Pipes Is A Great Way To Save Space And Increase Yields

Homemade vertical bed of PVC pipes is a real find. A simple device not only makes it easier to care for plants and allows you to significantly save space, but also becomes an object of admiration. This growing format is perfect for strawberries and strawberries

An Effective Way To Plant Petunias: It Will Rise Instantly

This method will not only help petunias to ascend with a 100% guarantee, but also disinfect the soil at the same time. It is noteworthy that no special devices or specific materials will need to be used - only improvised means. Be sure to try planting petunia this spring this way

An Easy Way To Make Wonderful, Odorless And Flyless Kitchen Waste Compost

DIY organic and nutritious compost is easy if you know the nuances. The main problem with compost is that if you make it in an apartment, there is an unpleasant smell and flies start. However, there is a simple trick, how you can easily and simply avoid all these troubles, while maintaining the nutritional value and benefits of compost

A Simple And Effective Way To Grow Porcini Mushrooms On The Site

Porcini mushrooms are always out of competition. You don't often see them on store shelves. And the price for them cannot be called small. Meanwhile, having a summer cottage or a personal plot, it is not at all difficult to breed porcini mushrooms

Simple And Effective Onion Fly Control

Many of those who have their own garden will probably agree that the onion fly is a real scourge of gardeners. Indeed, because of her, a promising green bed can turn yellow and completely wither in just a couple of days. So much work is wasted, because you will no longer get a crop from such a garden

The Best Companion Herbs For Your Windowsill

Herbs grown on your windowsill are a great addition to fresh vegetable salads. Growing herbs is a fairly simple and interesting process, the main thing is to know a few rules that will ensure a good harvest. The first thing you need to pay attention to when planting herbs is the possibility of growing them next to a friend, because some plants may simply not take root in one place due to different requirements for watering, soil composition, and illumination

Benefits Of Diapers For Your Plants

Is there something in common between baby diapers and growing plants? It may sound strange, but the answer is yes! Youtube | The king of random The fact is that the basis of children's hygiene products is a hydrogel capable of absorbing a large amount of liquid

Garlic: A Healthy Food For Large Heads

No matter what culture we are talking about, every gardener certainly seeks to get a harvest, which is more than enough for the winter. And it is also desirable that this harvest was not only tasty, but also large. Undoubtedly, this statement is also true for garlic

Non-trivial Vertical Flower Bed That Will Not Go Unnoticed

Flowers in ordinary flowerpots and hanging pots are undoubtedly the decoration of the site. However, if you are looking for a more interesting design idea and want to make the most of the available space, a vertical wall-mounted flower bed is ideal

A Lot Of Fresh Salad: The Simplest Way In Packages

Delicious, juicy, green salad can be grown on your own, and you don't even need pots or flowerpots - you can plant weekly salad sprouts in simple plastic bags! They will not take up much space, and the salad does not need special care. In just a month, you will have a huge amount of delicious fresh salad

Never Go Out Of Style: 17 Enchanting Roses In The Garden

The noble beauty of roses will never go out of fashion, simply because there have always been, are and will be passionate admirers of this amazing flower. The rose is called the queen of gardens, muse, inspiration. It is almost impossible to find a person who would not like her scent and appearance

Natural Aloe Vera Fertilizer: Your Plants Will Thank You

The benefits of aloe vera are difficult to overestimate: the plant is known for its healing and moisturizing properties. The leaves are used in traditional and folk medicine, cosmetology and even cooking. However, there is another, not yet very well-known, way of using the flower: plant breeders claim that an excellent completely organic fertilizer is obtained from the infusion of aloe vera leaves

Good And Practical Ideas For Improving Your Site

Amazing alterations are obtained from the simplest materials: branches, broken containers or plastic baskets, cinder blocks, pallets, cement, and finally, alteration of unnecessary furniture into something new and useful. Such successful ideas can be found in the selection just below: these are funky flower pots, planters and outdoor flowerpots that were made by hand and surpass boring store-bought pots

There Is A Flower Bed! Diverse Ideas To Drive Action

The beauty and appeal of handmade flower beds is undeniable. Big and small, with or without fences, they are all beautiful and attractive in their own way. Vertical, horizontal, multi-tiered flower beds can be safely compared to works of art

Natural Miracle Dressing For Cucumber Seedlings, Guaranteeing An Early And Bountiful Harvest

If you decide to grow cucumber seedlings on your own, it is not at all necessary to go to the store for special dressings and fertilizers. Everything you need can be provided for seedlings using simple tools at hand. Natural dressings are effective, they will not only provide the seedlings with everything they need, but will also cost a mere penny, or even turn out to be free of charge