Furniture 2023, March

Bookshelf Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Reading is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable pastimes. But, unfortunately, today paper books are starting to fade into the background, because modern electronic devices containing huge amounts of data have replaced paper sources of information for us

A Table With A Secret: The Tandem Of The Owner With The Cat Is Provided

With such a table, the law of the cat's hopelessness ceases to operate, and all because the purr no longer needs to climb to the owner's lap when he is busy with work. The unique development belongs to the company Ruan Hao, whose employees not only designed the table, but also endowed it with a sonorous name - CATable

There Is An Idea - There Is IKEA: A Great Option For Small Apartments

This construction turns the perception of furniture upside down. There is a sleeping place, a corner for warm communication, and an office where you can retire with a book or a laptop among spectacular and cozy pillows. Such a mega bed is suitable for both a teenager and a married couple

Stunning DIY Armchair: For Lovers Of Reading

Those who like to relax, turning over the pages of printed publications, will definitely like the armchair, complemented by shelves for books. Convenient and practical, it can replace a small bookcase or become a stylish addition to it. Much in this case depends on the love of reading and unwillingness to part with the books already read

The Highlight Of Your Interior: A Chic Table, Assembled By Planks

One glance at a chic yet solid handmade designer table is enough to conclude that it is impressively valuable. Meanwhile, this opinion is wrong. The lacquered handsome man, able to become an accent and add solidity to the setting, is made from ordinary pallets

Luxurious Platform Bed: Inexpensive And Fast With Your Own Hands

Sometimes an interesting thing haunts! This is what happened to the author of this project. Seeing the platform bed, Benjamin Wade decided to repeat its design by all means using the available wood. The result is a simpler model, but it fits perfectly into the interior of the room

Practical And Non-trivial Ideas For Remodeling Old Boxes

Old furniture boxes are a good material for creating versatile furniture. Large and small, they are obviously divided into sections. With a creative approach, this will allow you to create interesting storage systems, both open and closed. If you have boxes, you can implement the most daring ideas

Modern Weaving: Stylish Ideas For Upholstering Furniture

Danish cord, sisal and rope can all be used to create or update chairs, couches, armchairs, whatnots and other furniture. Not devoid of elegance, modern woven furniture fits perfectly into the interior of different styles. The shape and version of the pattern can be different

Do-it-yourself Coffee Table Is A Self-sufficient Addition To The Decor

A well-chosen coffee table is a special decoration for the interior. It is not at all a useless piece of furniture. In addition to its direct purpose, such a table may have additional functionality. If desired, it can be supplemented with open or closed shelves, pull-out elements and even an aquarium

Easy-to-make Vegetable Storage Box

At the time of the autumn harvest, the question arises of how to preserve vegetables better and longer. The first condition is good ventilation, the second is easy access. It is important that storage costs do not leave a hole in the family budget

The Miraculous Transformation Of A Flawed Board Into A Glowing Table

Do not rush to write off boards with cracks or those that are spoiled by a bark beetle into firewood. If desired, it is easy to make a stylish table from them that will glow in the dark. The result is so impressive that some people even decide to specially buy flawed boards in order to get a luminous table

A Young Man Made Himself A Stunning Bed Of Steel Pipes

Many children dream of sleeping on the second floor of a bunk bed. Sometimes this dream remains with adults. Louis Iijima from Berlin decided to fulfill his childhood dream. Moreover, he was not going to go to the store for the bed that he needed

And Again I Am In The Ranks Of The Hands. How I Washed The Bed

For a long time I have not shown anything from mine, but here just a couple of photos have gathered and why not share. There will be 10-11 photos and a bit of text. Well, and standard: do not blame me for the quality of the photos - I photographed it on a circular

Podium In The Nursery: Practical And The Child Is Happy

Today we want to show you how to make a comfortable and multifunctional podium in the nursery. Such a podium is convenient in that it itself can become a repository of all sorts of necessary things for a child. You will see the process of creating such a podium in this post

DIY Kitchen Furniture From Sergei Mikhailov

Hello, my name is Sergey Mikhailov, I am 38 years old, I live in the city of Novokuznetsk. Until that time, he had nothing to do with furniture, and even more so with production. However, first things first. After a complete renovation of the kitchen, the question arose about furniture, i

Spectacular Wooden Lamp With Original Design With Your Own Hands

A spectacular wooden column, capable of diffusing light and filling the space with warmth and comfort, looks self-sufficient and adds presentability to the atmosphere. At the same time, making such a lamp on your own will not be difficult. The cost of the project will directly depend on the selected timber

Dressing Table In A Small Bedroom: Great Ideas For Implementation

Special attention is paid to the organization of the place for cosmetics. This is the corner where glamor is considered the norm rather than the exception. Makeup brushes, versatile jars of creams, elegant perfume bottles, and other attributes of the fashion industry - there should be enough space for everything

A New Look At The Sleeping Bed: Unusual Ideas For Inspiration

If you think it's time to transform the interior, perhaps replace the bed or add a new storage system to the room, then the ideas below will appeal to you. This is a new take on the sleeping bed, unusual, fresh and truly inspiring. One can argue: none of your acquaintances has such a sleeping place

Old Furniture - A Field For Creativity: Fresh Ideas For Renovation

Old furniture, especially of good quality, deserves a second life, but in a new, fresh and improved form. And you can do it yourself, by updating the color with paint or self-adhesive film, adding new details and decor, or completely transforming the furniture and making something new and functional out of it

Turn Leftover Wood Into A Versatile Piece Of Furniture

A coffee table is the right piece of furniture for a living room. You can put cups and a coffee pot on it, when guests come, a vase of flowers, put various little things that should be constantly at hand. If you have accumulated wood scraps, you can easily make it yourself and you will not have to spend money in the store

A Simple Upgrade Of An Old Chest Of Drawers. Fast, Stylish And Tasteful

If desired, old furniture can be transformed beyond recognition. Sturdy, well thought out, it can not only last for many years, but also become a highlight of the situation. Take a look at what the old chest of drawers has become, and there will be no doubts about the advisability of home "restoration"

Chic Dresser With Your Own Hands From Scrap Materials

Furniture is essential in every home. If you can't find the item you're looking for, or if it's too expensive, don't be discouraged. You can make furniture out of cardboard and no one can tell it from wood. Cut out 2-8-8 parts from very dense cardboard according to the measurements indicated in the photo above

Vintage Update Of A Vintage Bedside Table. An Idea Worth Repeating

An extremely exciting and inspiring activity is furniture renovation and DIY restoration. With simple materials such as paint, stain and protective varnish, you can renew the look of old furniture and give it a new, dignified life. Check out a small workshop on updating an antique bedside table in a vintage style - it turned out very beautiful

Mirror Cabinet For Cosmetics In 2 Hours

It's great when the house has a corner where you can comfortably "bring beauty". For example, a cabinet where tubes with cosmetics, perfumes, combs, hair dryer and all sorts of accessories are arranged in a convenient order. And of course, you can't do without a mirror

Great Sofa Made Of Material That Most Of The People Send To The Landfill

Tired of an old sofa, but the store has nothing suitable, or want to save money? Don't be discouraged, make your own furniture from regular pallets. Youtube | We build for ourselves The easiest option can be done without even taking up the tools

We Are Updating The Old Soviet Table  With Wallpaper. It Turned Out Very Well

Old Soviet furniture is not in vain appreciated highly to this day, because it was made of high quality materials, made "for centuries." Therefore, even after years, for example, the Soviet table will be strong, stable and reliable, despite the worn surface

Former Boat Builder Creates Stunning Wooden Bathtubs

What could be more pleasant than taking a bath after a hard day at work. And when the bathroom itself is, let's not be afraid of this word, a work of art, then the pleasure becomes even greater. We're all used to crisp white ceramic or metal bathtubs, but former Seattle, Washington boat builder Nati Katoff creates something truly unique: natural wood bathtubs

3 Designer Pieces Of Furniture Made From Simple Materials

Not all of us can afford to furnish our home with expensive designer pieces of furniture. And the furniture that is sold in regular stores looks unfashionable and completely uninteresting. Is there a way out of this situation? Of course have

15 Smart Ideas For Organizing Storage Systems In An Apartment

Attempts to place everything in a small apartment at once, unfortunately, are unsuccessful. You cannot do without creativity and creative approach, otherwise piles and congestion cannot be avoided. A table can be a great place for additional storage

Noteworthy Storage Ideas Are More Than Your Average Cabinet

Whether the house is in order and comfort depends on how well the storage system is organized. Even in a small apartment, you need to find a place for everyday and outdoor clothing, shoes, bedding and accessories. The task becomes much more complicated if there are several residents

Dad Created A Fairy Tale For The Children From Simple Logs. You Can Do The Same

This wonderful dad decided to bring forest romance to the children's bedroom. The kids just asked him to make them a bunk bed. And he remembered how in childhood he played with the houses in the trees … Here's what he did: Together with the children, he went to the forest for material … The guys helped to cut the logs and choose the right pieces

Father And Son Transform Five Wood Panels Into Elegant Vintage Shelves. You Want It Too

It is so pleasant, passing by an open cabinet with shelves, to glance at the souvenirs, gifts and frames with photographs standing in it and remember when and under what circumstances these dear things appeared in your home. Or what better way than walking up to the bookshelf and grabbing a read volume of your favorite author, and then enjoying the book

New And Stylish Furniture Decoupage Ideas

Using decoupage technique is a great way to renovate furniture on a budget. The financial costs here are close to zero, but you will have to devote a little time to the magic rework. Consumables can be different: from colored napkins and fabric appliqués with a suitable design to home photographs

Spectacular Dresser Decor: Implementation Of An Idea At A Minimum Cost

If desired, the dream of the presence of mirrored furniture in the interior can be easily turned into reality. A budget chest of drawers or a bedside table from IKEA can be improved independently by adding a mirrored surface. Such furniture will look like a million, and the costs will not be so great

15 Creative PVC Pipe Furniture Ideas

PVC pipes are a unique material, strong, durable, not losing their appearance throughout the entire service life, they can be used not only for their intended purpose. Such pipes are perfect for the manufacture of various types of furniture

For 5 Days, The Girl Made Repairs In The Room: It's Hard To Believe That This Is The Same Place

Today, on the Internet, you can find a huge number of inspiring ideas for the repair and transformation of interior design. The main problem is that the implementation of most of these ideas requires special skills and a lot of money. But every rule has an exception

10 Cool Ways To Optimize Storage With Corner Cabinets

Angles are often mistaken for blind spots. Meanwhile, for placement in such places, there are many well-thought-out compact and at the same time roomy furniture. Corner wardrobes and cabinets will come in handy in rooms with different functionality

Creative Shelves And Racks In The Interior: Simple, Effective And Tasteful

Deciding to make the atmosphere modern, many prefer the loft style. Diverse racks and open shelves are an integral part of the interior. Reasonableness, clarity of lines, lack of pretentiousness and sophistication are surprisingly combined with brick walls or ordinary whitewash

Improving The Design Of A Small Bedroom: Unusual Tips To Save Space

When arranging a bedroom or allocating a recreation area in a room with mixed functionality, thoughtful storage systems are an important element. Thanks to the versatile designs with retractable mechanisms, in a limited area you can accommodate a lot of necessary things: from bedding to shoes and children's toys

Do-it-yourself Beautiful, Stylish And Functional Table

Want to use an unnecessary tree by turning it into something useful? How about a clean desktop? List of materials wood 2x4 cm wood 2x2 cm plywood drill saw screws wood glue How to make The following parts will need to be cut from wood: legs 80 cm 6 parts (2x4) internal spacers 48 cm 9 parts (2x4) spacers long 110