For Home and Garden 2023, April

How To Preserve Flowers With Glycerin

If you want to keep the presented bouquet for a long time or make an eternal bouquet as a gift, you can preserve the flowers with glycerin. Glycerin allows you to keep the flower almost in its original form, the plants even remain flexible and only slightly change color

After All, The Internet Can Work Much Faster! Find Out Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi

In the age of information technology, it is difficult to imagine life without gadgets. Every apartment, house or even room has a computer, tablet or smartphone. Most gadgets are connected to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, very often the internet connection does not work properly

This House Has An Area Of only 30 Sq. M. But I Was Delighted To See What Was Inside

A dream house doesn't always have to look like a castle so that you can feel comfortable in it. This work of art shows that you can live very comfortably even on 30 square meters. You won't believe, but it has everything you need for a happy life … Inside this magical building, you feel like in a fairy tale

How To Remodel Old Furniture: Turn Old Furniture Into A Real Work Of Art

Probably every person has furniture , which is already sickening to look at, but for some reason it is a pity to throw it away, or there is simply not enough financial ability to buy a new one. Not everything is lost! Even the scariest dresser can be made very stylish with a little effort

Homemade Lamps - 40 Interesting And Tempting Ideas

When planning finances during renovations, we often neglect the details that decorate the interior. As a result, we risk not getting what was planned at the beginning or what our imagination drew. However, you can make a big difference if you use one of these homemade lamps in your interior

An Original Clock Made Of Wooden Sticks

If suddenly you are a fan of popsicle on a stick, then do not rush to throw out the last one. Having accumulated such sticks, you can create amazingly beautiful things. For example, as in today's project - the original watch. Such time chronometers will perfectly fit into your handmade designer interior

8 Vegetables You Can Buy Once And Always Grow Later

Everyone loves salads with fresh herbs. This is especially true in cold seasons, when there is no longer access to summer cottages. What to do if you really want something fresh, but you don't really want to buy greens stuffed with various chemicals in the supermarket?

Arched House - Affordable Housing Starting At $ 1000

Very often, looking at real estate catalogs, we involuntarily sigh, realizing that we are not able to afford it. An alternative to expensive housing is offered by a firm specializing in the construction of arched houses. Such housing is being built very quickly, and, at the same time, its price range ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000

Pergola Or Gazebo In The Yard: Great Design Ideas That Inspire

Spring is coming, which means we need new inspiration and cool ideas for decorating the yard around the house. And a gazebo (pergola) can be just an excellent option for these purposes. But before proceeding with the construction of the structure, it is worth considering various design options that can give an idea of what you would like to arrange

An Ingenious Way To Heat Almost Any Room

This ingenious method allows you to heat almost any room in a short time, and without the cost of electricity. For a homemade air heater you will need: two clay flower pots one long bolt two nuts three washers three bricks a pair of candles an ordinary plate

While Everyone Is Preserving The Jam, We’ll Preserve The Moss. It Turns Out, Although Inedible, But Quite Cute And Entertaining

Recently, on the Internet, you can see more and more beautiful photographs of terrariums with plants. Many of them are almost works of art - with a plot, figures of characters and tiny copies of objects. Such a thing may seem very difficult to perform and whimsical to care for, but it is not, if you follow a few tips

Do Not Try To Throw Away Wine Corks! You Will Be Delighted With What You Can Make Of Them

Are you a wine lover? So you always have some bottle caps. Do not throw them away, because they can be used to make very original and useful things for your home. Cork stoppers - an almost universal thing that can be easily used in your home

14 Interesting, Beautiful And Useful Things You Can Do In The Country

If it seems to you that in the village or at the dacha there is "absolutely nothing to do", then this is not true. There you can arrange such entertainment that you never dreamed of! Every summer, the inhabitants of our cities huddle in flocks and leave their nests in an organized manner

How To Extend The Life Of Flowers: 13 Tips

Have you ever noticed that in almost all interior shootings there are fresh flowers in the pictures? And all because an armful of flowers will always decorate the interior and bring into it the necessary liveliness and a sense of celebration

This Wise Woman Has Crocheted An LED Cord. The Result Is Fabulous

I am very sorry that I never learned to crochet … But my grandmother can do it skillfully! When I offered her a magical idea - to knit a rug that would glow in the dark, she immediately got down to business. After 2 days, the rug was ready and my admiration was at its highest

17 Simple Ideas To Help You Put Things In Order And Keep Things In Order

Each of us knows how difficult it is to maintain order in our own things. Relax a little and in just a few days your home or workplace will plunge into real chaos. To prevent this, and to fight it if the worst has already happened, a new small review, the author of which has collected useful tips for maintaining order, will help

How To Plan 10 Acres: Garden, Vegetable Garden, Resting Place, Parking For A Car

If you have purchased a house with a plot of 10 acres, then the issue of landscape organization of the space is almost twice as difficult as on 6 acres. This is because there are opportunities and options. And it's always difficult to choose

How To Grow Lemon In A Cup: A Guide For Everyone. Suitable Even For Novice Gardeners

From a small lemon seeds you can grow a whole tree! Of course, this is a gradual process. Young lemon trees simply bloom for several years, and only then they begin to bear fruit. But in order to get your own lemon, you just need to plant a seed in a cup

7 Most Popular Exotic Indoor Plants

Do you love indoor plants, but do not know which flower to get to start with? Or maybe you already have your own collection of indoor plants and are dreaming of adding something exotic to it? The selection of exotic indoor plants for today is very large

20 Creative Ideas For Your Summer Cottage Or Country House

In the minds of many of us, a dacha or a country house is some kind of barely standing ruin outside the city with a heap of rubbish, where they go to plow and from time to time make barbecue. But just a few details can make this a piece of paradise to go to every weekend

12 Worst Examples Of Electrical Wiring In The World

“Don't drink the water” is a frequent tip for tourists traveling the world, but perhaps the “Don't turn on the lights” recommendation should also be included in some travel guides . Members of the UK's Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and 138,000 readers of its E&T magazine voted for the worst wiring designs around the world - finding some truly shocking examples. More

Do-it-yourself Compartment Doors For A Dressing Room

This niche used to have a built-in wardrobe with doors that looked very cheap. There was always a desire to establish something more decent. Researching the prices of ready-made coupe doors upset me, they were too expensive. I decided to make such doors myself

How To Build A Tree House

Step 1: Installing beams The tree house is a great place for your child to play, he will be just happy if it comes as a surprise or he himself takes part in its construction. This will become the envy of all his friends. Using plumbing bolts 10x160 DIN 571 and corresponding washers, we fix two logs (20 mm boards) parallel to each other

Do-it-yourself Dog Booth

After we had a baby, my wife insisted that the dog live on the street, or at least stay there for a while. There is nothing to be done, during the vacation, which I took in connection with paternity, I decided to make a kennel for the dog with my own hands

Children's Table For Giving

This is an easy-to-assemble children's table, which I made in the country with my own hands. It is sized to fit a 6 year old or so. But it is quite scalable for adults, which is what I plan to do. Stage 1: Drawings Materials and tools Board 20x95x2000 mm, 8 pcs Self-tapping screws 35x3

Pallet Table

I will show you an easy way to make a pallet table and legs from IKE or any other furniture store. The pallet allows you to get an additional surface at the table (shelf), which increases the space for storing various papers and items. Stage 1: Materials You will need: 1 pallet (or 2 if you want to make the top surface also from pallet boards) a sheet of plywood 5 mm thick to make the bottom surface (shelf) parquet board or also a sheet of plywood o

DIY Shoe Rack

Since we had free space in the corridor and we had nowhere to put our high boots, it was decided to get a shelf for shoes. The requirements for it were as follows: aesthetic appearance natural materials seat (it should be possible to sit down while shoeing) it should fit boots There was a desire to work with my own hands, so they did not even consider buying such a shelf

How To Paint A Picture On A Wall In Pop Art Style With Your Own Hands

Does your apartment or house have a large wall that can be used for pop art? How about painting this wall with your own hands? Even without the skills of an artist, following this simple instruction, you can do it. Stage 1: Prepare materials and tools To paint such a picture as in the photo, you need the following: The projector that will project onto the wall, the selected image in the required size computer or laptop to select and edit an image

Do-it-yourself Cold Smoked Smokehouse

I love cold smoked fish and meat and have long dreamed of buying or making myself a smokehouse for these purposes. I hatched these plans for about a year. Smokehouses mostly came across "universal", for hot and cold smoking, and the price turned out to be simply cosmic

DIY Illuminated Mirror

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a DIY Backlit Mirror. For a while I was looking for a ready-made large size mirror, but the prices were biting, so I decided to make one myself. There are not photos for every stage (I did not plan to write an article), but I tried to describe everything in detail and make sketches

Do You Want To Make A Brazier With Your Own Hands? 25 Photos + Drawings

A brazier in the country is a distinctive feature of a pleasant stay outside the city with a barbecue in good company. Perhaps that is why most summer residents are happy to install a barbecue or grill in their summer cottage. Yes, you can just buy a ready-made brazier for the country house, but there is something attractive in the plans to build such a brazier with your own hands

Do-it-yourself Wooden Benches: Photos, Drawings Of A Circular Bench

If you want to make interesting additions to your garden design, nothing beats wood benches with stylish circular designs. Circular wood benches are great - a meticulously handcrafted bench around a tree, designed to suit your space, can make any courtyard cozy while giving it a modern style and personality

How To Make An Unusual Flower Bed From Scrap Materials

I would like to make original flower beds on my site, but do not know where to get ideas? In our article, you will find great examples for gardening. With these flower beds, your garden will be transformed instantly. Some flowers winter in the apartment and only in the summer they "move" to the country

Getting Ready For Summer: Original Ideas For Arranging Balconies And Summer Cottages

Spring has suddenly begun, soon it will be possible to start dismantling balconies or making the first trips to summer cottages, which means that we need to accumulate inspiration in order to somehow arrange the space in a special way. Many country-balcony ideas for you:

8 Things You Can Give A Second Life In The Country

Old things that are traditionally taken to the country should be used, and not left for eternal storage in the barn. We have collected 8 practical ideas on how to use unnecessary things. Read and make your summer cottage life better! 1 Old barrel Barrel, canister, tank … In general, any container in the country is needed to collect water. I

A New Method Of Growing An Endless Supply Of Potatoes Right At Your Home

Growing potatoes is actually not that easy. We offer you a way in your garden with the help of several means. Potatoes are one of the easiest foods to grow on your own. It doesn't require much attention, and with this handy trick, you can grow a lot of potatoes at once

8 Ideas For A Terrace Attached To Your Home

At all times, people from different countries had to hide from weather surprises. The heat of the afternoon or sudden rain could ruin the mood or force the celebration to be carried back to the house. The terrace made it possible to decorate the house with living plants and not depend on the weather

15 Unusual Charming Flower Beds That You Want To Make

Even in the smallest summer cottage there is always a place for flowers. The easiest way is to make flower beds in the form of beds or plant flowers in beds with vegetables. And if you are planning something cool, then we recommend that you make unusual original flower beds in the country

18 Ways To Create Curtains For Gazebos And Verandas

Romantics have always had a good time at the dacha. And now, when there are so many opportunities to create atmospheric spaces, and even more so. Cozy verandas, romantic country candles, unusual lighting, comfortable garden paths, an ergonomic shed for storing garden tools - all this makes life more beautiful, more convenient and “tastier”

How To Make Cucumber Every Year

When digging, we add compost (4–5 kg per 1 sq. M), carefully embed it in the soil so that the sprout fly and cucumber mosquito cannot lay off the larvae, which are very difficult to get rid of later. In some years, we do without compost, sow mustard, mow it before flowering in the fall and close it up when digging into the top layer of the garden bed