Fashion 2023, December

Most Famous Shoes: 6 Iconic Brands

If you collect all the anecdotes and humorous aphorisms about the adherence of the fair sex to shoes with all the consequences that follow from this love, you can get a rather weighty volume. Moreover, it is mainly men who are ironic on this topic, most often skeptical about the very idea that “some kind of shoes” can cost tens of thousands. At

9 Tricks For The Perfect Hairstyle. Turn Into A Well-groomed Beauty In A Couple Of Minutes

Hair is the main decoration of a woman. And their length is not at all important. The main thing is correct and suitable hairstyle and her grooming. We invite you to learn 9 simple tricks to create the perfect hairstyle. These little things are very simple, but every woman should know them

Stylish And Fashionable! Original Ideas On How To Skillfully Tie A Scarf Or Shawl

And why do so many underestimate the value of ordinary accessories? For example, not everyone knows how to tie a scarf or a scarf beautifully and, moreover, they don't even want to learn … It's time to take a different look at this seemingly inconspicuous detail! &

New Trend - Smart Nylon Tights

Any stylist will tell you that sandals and open-toed shoes should be worn exclusively on well-groomed feet. Of course - with a neat pedicure and nails tinted according to the general style on the toes. But what to do if there is absolutely no time for this - and you need to look good wearing open shoes “here and now”? A

Fashionable Hairstyle For Long Hair: Voluminous Fishtail Braid

International stylist Sam Vill presented a master class on creating hairstyles for long hair - a voluminous fishtail braid. A trendy hairstyle like this is a great solution for a party or a special occasion! 1 . Using a hair straightener with corrugated textured attachments, treat washed and dry hair along the entire length, first dividing it into small strands

5 Dresses A Stylish Girl Should Have In Her Wardrobe

It is known that a dress is indispensable for a woman's wardrobe. After all, any woman wants to look charming and attractive, and on top of that, catch admiring male glances on herself. In the photo we can see Olivia Palermo-Chion Turini - an actress and model who has been a style icon for many years in a row

How To Achieve Amazing Volume In Fine Hair: 30 Best Haircuts & Shades

Thin and dull hair spoils not only the appearance, but also the mood. What women of fashion do not do in order to achieve the opposite effect - they make long-term curls, apply tons of styling products, comb their hair. All this only makes the situation worse

Chic Color Marsala: 6 Ideas For Creating A Stylish Outfit

Sicilian fortified wine Marsala "gave" the name to a luxurious color - reddish-brown, even visually - tart and sweet. Deep and noble, a true autumn color, Marsala is not the first year at the peak of popularity. The outfit in Marsala color is the same for the face of both young ladies and ladies of elegant age

Haven't Been To The Hairdresser For A Long Time? Then 16 Photos Will Make You Do It

There is such an opinion among the people: if a woman is not doing well in life, she goes to the hairdresser. We hope that everything is in order in your life and you only need a trip to the hairdresser to make yourself a fantastically beautiful hairstyle

Unrivaled Classics: 9 Best Examples Of A Truly Stylish Coat

The coat was and remains an unshakable classic for the fall season. The real trend of the 2016-2017 season is coats in pastel colors. Fortunately, designers offer us many pastel shades: here we have natural beige, gray-blue, warm milky, and ivory

The Most Comfortable Running Shoe. And No Laces

Japanese masters never cease to amaze us! This time, talented designer Masaya Hishimoto decided to create shoes that would fit everyone perfectly. And he succeeded! This pair of sneakers follows all the curves of the leg with precision and is fixed with Velcro

How Beautiful To Wear A Scarf: 8 Fashion Ideas For Your Wardrobe

Autumn is an amazing time of the year when you want to plunge into warm clothes, pleasant conversations and unforgettable adventures. Today we will share with you simple secrets that will add variety to your autumn wardrobe. How beautiful to wear a balloon For many fashionistas, a scarf-necklace is no longer a novelty

Braid On The Head - Original Idea

These techniques were used not only by women, but also by men. For example, young people in Africa still sport a shock of small, tightly braided braids called rastas. In the Slavic subculture, wearing braids was inherent only to women. Naturally lush hair, braided in a braid, was considered one of the main adornments of the girl

6 Wardrobe Items That Will Make You Look Younger

Stylists say: "It is easy to look younger with clothes, it is enough to dilute the fashionable things in the wardrobe with the right classic ones." We will talk about them today. 1. Ankle boots “Any stylish ankle boots will always make you look younger,” says acclaimed American stylist Cher Coulter. Nev

How To Glue Rhinestones On Your Hair

Rhinestones in the hair can turn even a simple hairstyle into a romantic and festive one. Often rhinestones are used to decorate luxurious evening or wedding hairstyles, adding charm and mystery to the image. With rhinestones in her hair twinkling like small stars, the girl looks like a fairy princess or a fairy from a fairy land

Super Idea For Young Ladies With Imagination: A Couple Of Cuts On An Old Sweater - A Unique Outfit Is Ready

Every woman has a couple of things in her closet that you can't put on or throw away. We present the idea of a fashionable rework just for such a case and offers cross sweater with blouse … The fact that this will turn out to be an extraordinary, stylish thing, see for yourself! H

Couture Dresses Ashi Studio

Mohammed Ashi from Saudi Arabia founded Ashi Studio in 2007. The designer is looking for inspiration in the era of couture (1940-1950s), a time of brilliance and elegance. Ashi describes her style as “sensual aristocracy”. The rich decoration of the dresses fades into the background, and the shapes and silhouettes are mesmerizing. Lus

Captures The Spirit! The Most Stylish Wedding Dresses Of

On such a solemn day for herself, every bride dreams of wearing flawless dress … Today, our editorial staff will share with their favorite readers photographs of dresses by eminent designers who will shape the trends of wedding fashion in 2017. W

African Fashion: Headwear From The African Mainland

The ethnic diversity of the African continent is manifested in everything: in architecture, clothing, customs and traditions. Headdresses of African women amaze with the inconceivability of shapes and sizes, brightness and variegation of colors

Bright And Original Boho Shoes: 20 Interesting Models

To be honest, I really love shoes. Even just looking at her, I like it, I like looking at people and looking in combination with the image. Shoes are a very telling detail and can tell a lot about their owner. About his taste, character, lifestyle

Filipino Designer Mak Tumang's Incredible Dresses

Dresses from Mak Tumang (Mak Tumang) have seen more than once in the vastness of the network. Amazing and unusual outfits were pleasing to the eye, I just wanted to consider them, but when I wanted to know a little more about the designer, unfortunately, except for a photo, I found practically nothing

Imperial Style: Marchesa Pre-Fall Collection

The British fashion house Marches, led by friends GeorginChapman and Keren Craig, never ceases to amaze: the inspiration for the new collection of evening dresses fall-winter 2017/2018 was a series of jewelry eggs by Carl Faberge. This symbol of the splendor and wealth of the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire is reflected in the details: voluminous floral ornaments, sophisticated embroidery with gold and silver threads, pearls and black crystals

The Most Beautiful Braids: 40 Ideas For Inspiration

When it comes to beautiful hairstyles, in most cases, braided hairstyles are the most chic, versatile and gorgeous. Whether you are looking for a weave style for a walk or for a more festive occasion, you will surely find plenty of ideas to choose from here

Stylish Manicure For Spring 2017: 48 Cool Ideas

Fashion in manicure, perhaps, is more conservative than in clothes, and offers not so many absolute novelties every season, nevertheless, world-famous stylists try to come up with new ideas for our nails every time. So today, fashionable manicure spring 2017 is not limited to the red color of varnish and a jacket

50s Style Dresses - Surprisingly Feminine Models

Everyone knows that in the 50s, dresses were very feminine - a narrow waist, a wide skirt, beautiful finishing details. Even in our time, many famous designers are inspired by the models of that time and create wonderful collections that we can still enjoy today

Beadwork As A Remedy For Depression: 20 Works From Which It Is Impossible To Take Your Eyes Off

In the old days, beads were worth their weight in gold. They embroidered things only for noble gentlemen, because only they could afford to buy such an expensive material. Famous couturiers, inspired by the enchanting radiance of glass drops, create stunning beauty products

New Nail Designs (spring 2017)

Spring is coming. I want a change and something new. We have selected several options for manicure that will help fill the spring look. For those who prefer short nails. Feel free to experiment with colors that are vibrant to you

Succulent Wedding: An Interesting Touch To Wedding Decor

One of the trends in wedding fashion now is weddings with succulents. These drought tolerant plants come in many sizes and shapes and add an interesting touch to any wedding decor. Succulents look good in any decor, including bouquets, boutonnieres, wreaths, compositions and even arches

The History Of The Legendary Christian Louboutin Shoes

Louboutin shoes with red branded soles are some of the most sought after in the world. They can be considered the legacy of the gallant gentlemen of the past, who wore leather shoes with bright red soles. Louis XIV was the undisputed trendsetter in the entire royal history of France

Riviera, Princesses, Martine: We Understand The Types Of Jewelry

Today I would like to talk about neck jewelry. Rather, about their types (types) and the basic rules of wearing. Although, for sure there is someone who will say that you can wear it as you like. And he will be right. But… I still want to talk about the initial types and rules, and the application is everyone's personal business. T

Natural Fabrics, Loose Fit, Unique Accessories: Boho Style Has No Equal

Ethnic, layered, textured, varied and free - the boho style is gaining more and more hearts. Now this trend in the fashion industry is experiencing a second youth. Still would! After all, such a variety of textures, natural fabrics and absolute freedom of combinations cannot but attract

Fashionable Pedicure Design - New Items And Trends

The main guide in the design of a pedicure 2017 will remain the idea of simplicity and naturalness. Dark colors (gray, black, red, blue, metallic, etc.) will dominate, as in manicure, along with pastel shades. Bright green manicure evokes memories of spring and the first grass Lift your mood with extraordinary beauty with nail art Dark colors will dominate this year alongside pastels Note to fashionistas: rules for applying gel polish Before applyi

Russian Footwear That Everyone Considers Imported: 11 Popular Brands

Author: Evgeny Bogomolov Frankly, almost half of the brands surprised us, because we sincerely believed that they were European brands! We didn't even have questions about quality and design … There are more than 250 footwear manufacturers in Russia, but the overwhelming majority of domestic manufacturers have not gone far from Soviet design - they are still focused on the production of rubber boots, galoshes, felt boots and army boots. H

Hair Tattoos: The Most Unusual Trend Of This Summer

Shaved whiskey, rainbow blush, plush nails - these are far from all the crazy trends that were born thanks to the development of the social network Instagram. More recently, photos have appeared on the networks where girls have unusual designs on their hair that look like tattoos

Age Says Nothing!: Style For Grandmother

Remember how annoying Bridget Jones was with her outstanding mom in every possible way? And yet, this lady deserves admiration. "Age says nothing!" - under this motto the elderly live and stylists work abroad. Many different salons, studios and even online resources are ready to tell older people how to look stylish and attractive

9 New Ideas For Wearing Dresses And Skirts In

Dresses and skirts - the most feminine and seductive clothing. Jeans, of course, are more comfortable, but without dresses and skirts it is impossible to imagine a wardrobe of a real beauty. Many people think that a dress is impractical as it cannot be used to make many sets

East Wind: Georges Hobeika Spring-summer Collection

The works of the Lebanese fashion designer Georges Hobeik make you believe in love at first sight: the harmony of colors and fabrics, feminine silhouettes and luxurious embroidery - all this amazes the imagination with the skill of execution and reverent attitude to the female image

The Simplicity, Convenience And Splendor Of The Boho Style

Summer is coming - summer is coming! You need to sew something for yourself. And I have already found ideas in the BOHO style. Jacket-blouse-vest - a lovely linen thing for the whole summer

Fashionable Summer 2017: 20+ Pairs Of Nude Sandals

Perhaps there is no shoe more versatile than beige shoes . They can only compete with their black counterparts, which also fit almost any set. Powder-colored shoes are decisively winning the title of the most popular shoe, and for several reasons

63-year-old Lyn Slater: How A Professor From New York Became An Internet Star

Over the past few years, the market has been considering old age as a reason to go beyond the perception of fashion: age will never be a hindrance to interest in the fashion industry, which is proved by elderly women who are able to give odds to any fashion blogger