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19 Wonderful Beds And Bedrooms For Large Families And Tiny Spaces

A bunk bed is not only a roughly cobbled structure, which, if necessary, is placed in small children, it is a huge field for creativity, imagination and just a delightful thing that saves and organizes precious space. Moreover, this decision is good not only for children, but also for adults who like to receive guests, or just to be “at their best”

11 Ways To Visually Increase The Height Of Ceilings

Living in a low-ceilinged space can be quite frustrating. And if the room is not yet properly decorated, it may look darker and smaller than it actually is . Here are 11 different ways in which you can make your low ceilings look taller and increase a small space

A Very Bold Design Solution For 36 Sq.m. In An Apartment In The Center Of Stockholm

Big city life can be quite expensive and Stockholm, Sweden is by no means an exception. Therefore, sometimes you have to creatively rethink the interior of the home in order to achieve the desired results. This 36 square meter apartment was used as a storage room for furniture for 30 years, then was partially renovated in the 1980s, but due to unforeseen circumstances has remained untouched since then

17 Stylish And Affordable Storage And Organization Ideas For A Small Bathroom

The bathroom must be in complete order. It's always good when things are in their place. This is what will be discussed in the new review. The photographs presented show the most curious ways of storing things in special spaces. 1. Shelf Pallet shelf

The House Has An Area Of only 14.5 Sq. Enough Space For 4 People

Into this compact container house with an area of only 14.5 sq. meters can fit a family of four. The building is perfect as an option for spending the night on the weekends or as a country house on a small plot. House project from Cubica

15 Incredible Wooden Sculptures That Look Like Real People

From childhood, we remember very well the adventures of Pinocchio or our Pinocchio. Papa Carlo was able to breathe life into a simple log and a wooden man appeared in front of us, whom we loved very much. But it turns out that today there is such a dad, Carlo, an Italian sculptor and artist Peter Demets

Photos That Broke The Stereotype About The Uselessness Of Corners

So many bumps are crammed into corners in an attempt to make something worthwhile out of them that many have already despaired. But in vain. Beautiful and practical ideas for corners that work just as well as in normal conditions do exist

This Young Guy Dreamed Of His Own Home. And That's What He Did

A colleague of mine has finally moved into his own private home. How long had he dreamed about it! Talking about his new home, he shone like dawn. I supported my story with photographs of incredibly beautiful pieces … Not to share them with dear readers is a crime, I think

How To Divide A Room Into Zones: 5 Ways

How to divide a room into zones without building additional walls? We know several ways that successfully cope with this task, without depriving the fenced off space of natural light, which is so important. The issue of zoning a room is relevant both for small apartments and for large rooms that serve simultaneously as a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom, depending on the layout and wishes of the owners

The Modern Caveman: A Man Turned A 250 Million Year Old Cave Into A Cozy Dwelling With Sewerage, Underfloor Heating And Internet Access

Each of us at least once dreamed at least for a while to escape from civilization and modern life. "The Caveman" Angelo Mastropietro made this dream a reality! He settled in a 250 million-year-old cave in Worcestershire - and now, in terms of the amenities available, it is indistinguishable from a city apartment

How To Store Shoes: 7 Ways

The issue of storing shoes is always relevant: for shopaholics - "centipedes" and for ascetics who become attached to one favorite pair. Since we live in Russia, we need somewhere to keep the shoes that we wear daily, and somewhere to store “footwear” for another season, which we have to take out every six months. Fro

Nursery For Two Children: 15 Examples

A child is a small person with his own needs and interests. He needs his own space where he can play and dream. For one child, this issue is easier to solve. And what to do when there are two children, and the room is one? Let's see! The design of the nursery must be created harmonious and functional, and most importantly, so that the children like it

Compositional Technique

After the summer, our archive with photographs is very much replenished, we have to clean the memory in the phone, free up space on computers and laptops, scatter everything on hard drives and flash drives. Many, however, are not content with digital photographs and willingly print out particularly successful photographs to attach to a cork board, glue in a diary, frame and hang on the wall, or put on a desk in the office

Portable Loft

German designers have proven that roof space can also be used for living - the compact LoftCube portable home is well suited for this purpose. LoftCube is a small prefab house designed by the designers from the German agency Studio Aisslinger

25 Chic Ideas To Turn A Boring Balcony Into A Favorite Spot In Your Home

Most people who live in an apartment have a balcony, and those who live in their house often also have a terrace. But the average Russian person usually needs a balcony in order to store unnecessary trash and … skis, of course, skis, which will definitely come in handy next year! W

12 Useful Inventions Every City Should Have

In modern conditions, everything that surrounds us should be as convenient, comfortable, ergonomic and useful as possible. Therefore, designers, architects, engineers and other smart inventors do not get tired of delighting us with such useful things that not only fit perfectly into the cityscape, but also bring maximum benefit to people

The Student Has Developed A New Faucet Design That Saves Water By Transforming The Jet Into A Beautiful Pattern

Siming Qiu, a design student at the Royal College of Art in London, has created a revolutionary new faucet that not only looks luxurious, but also saves water by transforming the jet of water into an elegantly swirling spiral. The secret of the construction is that the water flow, passing between the double turbine, splits into jets, which then twist into graceful spirals, creating a complex and beautiful water grate at the exit

These Lanterns In The Form Of Flowers Unfold When People Stand Under Them

Architects and designers never cease to amaze. Jerusalem pedestrians have a tremendous opportunity to become part of an almost show: 9-meter street lamps, made in the form of giant flowers, unfold as soon as someone approaches them, be it a person or even a passing tram

A Stunning Idea From A Kazakh Architect: A Glass House Built Right Around A Tree

Someone likes the spirit of a dynamic metropolis, while others are tired of the fast pace of life among skyscrapers. And so Kazakh architect Aibek Almasov presented a creative concept that is unique in its kind. The man wanted to build an original glass house around a tree … Almasov said that he worked out every detail of this house. W

Designer Tips: 25 Essential Home Decorating Secrets

It seems like there is no end to the renovation, but a nice cozy home is worth it. Anyone who wants to make a cozy home with an individual character out of housing will have to be patient, since the decor takes a lot of time and requires a lot of money

17 Inspiring Ideas For Organizing Space And Storing Things In A Small Bedroom

Keeping things is an urgent issue and its competent solution often frees you from many everyday problems, and therefore it is so important to plan everything correctly and then certainly maintain order. And even if you don't have room for dedicated storage systems, we have 17 simple ideas that will do a great job with what you have

This House Has Not Changed Inside For 72 Years

This house in Toronto (Canada) is 72 years old. Its 96-year-old mistress - an ordinary woman, a seamstress and knitter by profession - decided to sell it. When the real estate agents came to inspect the house, they gasped in surprise. The design was made in the style of the 50-60s of the last century

38 Great Small Room Design Ideas Create Comfort In Your Home With Ease

Design makes our life more comfortable. How wonderful that with the right design of the room, you can solve many problems related to the size of the room and its functionality. You are offered options for the best design of small rooms. It is not only flawless selection of colors , but also a harmonious connection of lines and correct combination of details

A Comfortable And Beautiful Kitchen Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Vital Necessity

A comfortable and beautiful kitchen is not a luxury, it is a vital necessity. After all, it was not for nothing that it was noticed that a person who cooks with pleasure turns out to be tastier too. Choosing interior design, lately they often give preference to artsy modern, delicate provence in the kitchen, stylish loft, always up-to-date classics or super-modern high-tech

How To Get Comfortable In A Small Kitchen: Expert Advice

If you have a small kitchen, this does not mean that you will necessarily bump into the corners of the table, suffer while preparing food and rearrange the jars for half an hour in order to get the right jar of spice. Heed the advice of experts and your kitchen will become much more convenient

This Room Only Held A Table And A Chair. What This Guy Has Done Must Be Seen

If the room only fits a table and a chair, this is no reason to lose heart! Here is clear evidence: the guy was able to transform tiny room beyond recognition. Thanks to his ingenuity, he combined an office and a bedroom in a small room. You don't need to be a builder at all for this, it will not take a lot of money and time

The Revolutionary CoeLux Daylight Lamp Simulates A Window Through Which You Can See The Present

Sunlight penetrating through the "window in the ceiling" in the form of an LED panel seems absolutely real and is capable of deceiving not only a person, but also a professional technician. Now the "sun" can shine 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in any room

How To Place Everything In A Studio Apartment: 9 Valuable Tips

The main difficulty in a one-room apartment is the organization of space. It must be divided in such a way that each of the parts is independent and looks complete. Of course, in different families the needs may differ, but without making major repairs, everyone needs to allocate a place in a small apartment for receiving guests, sleeping and working

28 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

With the Christmas tree, the holiday will enter your home. Give free rein to your imagination, decorate the tree to your liking, using the tips of our website. Here are a variety of Christmas tree decorating ideas - find yours! Silver blue christmas tree A Christmas tree with blue and silver decorations, decorated in a winter style, is perfect for an apartment with a modern design

Small But Very Cozy Apartment With An Area Of only 30 Sq.m

Design studio RoomDesignBuro designed the interior of a small but very cozy apartment with an area of only 30 sq.m. The designers were faced with the task of quickly, inexpensively and stylishly decorating an apartment to be rented. This means that the interior should be versatile and as comfortable as possible (which is especially important, since the apartment is very small)

The Area Of this Hut Is Only 18 M², But Just Look What's Inside

American architect Chris Heininge is known for designing small country houses, making the most of all available space in them. Since he spent his childhood and adolescence in Japan, India and China (Hong Kong and Macau), he learned to appreciate the space in the house from an early age

Small Size With Smart Design: 30 Square Meters Of Functional Interior

The interior of a tiny apartment should be as laconic, stylish and practical as possible. How to correctly divide the space into functional zones, but at the same time avoid feeling crowded? To answer these questions, we decided to consider a real example - apartments, the area of which does not exceed 30 square meters

Smart Systems: 17 Great Inventions To Save Space And Forget About Clutter Forever

One of the most pressing problems of a modern person is saving space in an apartment. This problem is solved in different ways - someone minimizes the amount of furniture, someone gives preference to transformer items. But there is another way out - the use of "smart" systems that will allow you to forget about such a problem as lack of space

Preparing For The New Year: How To Make Your Home Festive In 6 Steps

You can decorate the whole house for the New Year in just 6 steps. We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting, in our opinion, decorative techniques that will help prepare the interior for the holidays. When we think about how to decorate our house for the New Year, the first thing that comes to mind is the images of a decorated Christmas tree and luminous garlands … Boring! T

New Year Is Just Around The Corner! 20 Original Christmas Tree Ideas Will Make This Holiday Unforgettable

New Year is just around the corner. We all expect a miracle from this magical holiday. New Year's euphoria will come very soon and everyone will run to the shops for New Year's purchases. But what is New Year without a tree? Question: buy a live or artificial Christmas tree?

17 Examples Of Unusual Fences With Which You Can Decorate Your Own Plot

All these fences were "invented" and implemented by some very creative people, or residents who enjoy standing out from the crowd. And now these works of art delight not only their owners, but also the surrounding onlookers. There are excellent role models among them

What To Do With A Windowsill: 89 Unusual And Simple Ideas

There is such a thing as a window sill in every home. You can just put a couple of flower pots on it, or you can build a cozy place for reading, relaxing, working, or for contemplation and reflection - it's up to a little! Happy owners of city apartments often complain that they lack two important things: space and natural light

25 Houses To Dream About On An Autumn Evening

If you're looking to buy or build a home, why not shop for something out of the ordinary? Today we will go on a fascinating journey and see amazing houses. We have selected for you 25 beautiful options that are nice to dream about Each person presents his dream house in his own way: someone loves small, original buildings, while someone likes real castles

17 Ingenious Hidden Systems To Hide All The Unnecessary And Save Space In Your Home

In the new review, entertaining things were collected that will allow you to modernize your home in the most unusual way. The tips collected here will help you save a lot of occupied space. 1. Pull-out ironing board A retractable folding ironing board hidden under the work surface of a kitchen cabinet will be a real boon for owners of small apartments, where it is quite difficult to find a place to store the board unfolded

Mobile Cottage - "clamshell": Ideal For Recreation And Fishing

This regular camping van easily converts into a real folding home. It can be used for hiking, picnics, or even fishing. In addition, the idea of the "accordion" is so simple and functional that almost everyone can use such a design