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Time To Collect Stones, Or What Can Be Made From Pebbles

Pebbles are one of the simplest and most beautiful natural materials. Pebbles have been used in construction and decoration since ancient times. The color palette of pebbles is very diverse and allows you to lay out complex multi-colored mosaics

Bohemian Style In The Works Of Christine Kilger

Christine Kilger uses a variety of textures and colors from antique fabrics and combines them with vintage beads, beads, ribbons, lace, fringes, fittings to create one-of-a-kind fixtures that bring bohemian elegance and romance to any room. In search of rare antique fabrics and jewelry, she spares no effort to travel around the world

20 Great And Practical Ideas For Decorating Your Garden And Home With Natural Stones

Have you wanted to decorate your site for a long time, but did not know how? A new article from our resource "Kruzhedelye" will help you! Today we'll talk about how decorating your garden and home with stones can transform your site beyond recognition

Fun Flower Pots For The Whole Family

Kazakh design studio Good has created a series of extraordinary flower pots FacePot connecting a ceramic mold and a photograph of a human face with different emotions. The idea is interesting to implement for a large family or in the office, then everyone will have a personalized flower pot and everyone will personally take care of their hair

Making A Hammock For Summer Vacations: 5 Master Classes

Although the weather has been naughty lately, it's time to make a list of pleasant summer things to do and see if you have everything you need to implement your plans at hand. For example, if your list contains the item “lying in a hammock with a book,” this very hammock must first be bought somewhere. Bet

30 Super Ideas To Make Your Bedding Creative

Gone are the days when bedding was treated primarily as a hygiene item, now the design of bed linen has become a determining factor in choice. Classic white linens look elegant and blend harmoniously into the interior. But it is worth noting that in our time the white bed seems boring and too conservative or is associated with hospital wards

Decorating The Wall With Threads: 14 Interesting Ideas

The idea for this wall decoration belongs to the artist and designer Kathryn Anderson. The technique has its own name - it is string art from English "string", which means "string, thread, lace". How to make a tree on the wall using threads To work you will need: Small nails A hammer Yarn Sketch chalk So let's get started: You need to start by choosing a sketch

Sewing A Sofa Cover Is Easy And Simple

Sewing a replacement sofa cover is a great alternative to replacing old upholstery. In addition, the covers are removable, which means they can be washed. Sew a few covers and change them from season to season or occasionally. Your furniture will be reliably protected from dust and grease

Want A Backlit Panel Like This? We'll Show You How - It's Very Simple

This is the kind of beauty in the Art Deco style that you can make for your interior. You will need a stretched canvas frame. You can do it yourself, put together slats or strips of the size you need and cover with fabric. For lighting, you need fluorescent bulbs, you can use a Christmas tree garland

Original Wall Decor With Your Own Hands - 25 Ideas With Photos

Some young ladies confuse the decor of the walls in the interior with her husband, believing that he should be chosen once and for all. Not at all: there are a thousand legal ways to change the picture in front of your eyes without getting involved in repairs

Jeans Are An Endless Source Of Creativity. Part 2

When buying jeans, it is not always possible to find the perfect model that will satisfy all the girl's needs. If you want to add brightness and originality to jeans, then you should pay attention to decorative elements. You can use them to create stunning and trendy jeans yourself

Fancy Flower Stands: 22 Great Ideas

Today we want to tell you about an unusual way to decorate your home and plot - creative flower stands. With such stands, you will definitely surprise your friends and acquaintances. They perfectly decorate the interior and the space around

Marbles Glass Balls As An Indispensable Element In Decoration

Perhaps now it is difficult to find such an area of creativity where multicolored marbles are not used. Jute filigree, polymer clay modeling, glass painting decor, mosaic - you can't list everything! Meanwhile, few people know that Marbles (this is their original name), according to many scientists, first appeared during the Indian civilization on the territory of modern Pakistan near the Indus River. Als

Wind Chimes Or Wind Chimes (windmills)

When decorating a stylized landscape design or interior of a room, they try to fill the space with thematic decor elements, some of which can be made by hand. Today I would like to talk about the "music of the wind" or about wind chimes (mills)

How To Equip A Beautiful Balcony With Your Own Hands: 35 Photos

Not everyone can afford to go out of town for the whole summer, so a beautiful balcony is the only place where we can be alone with nature every day. What is the best way to decorate a balcony so that it is a place of rest for us and can serve as a place to store some of our things

How To Use Leftover Tiles For Your Home

Probably, after any repair there are stocks of whole and broken ceramic tiles that you want to throw away. There is no need to rush - these, at first glance, unnecessary materials can be used quite well. Pieces of broken tiles or old tiles can be used to create unique and creative ideas for decorating a house or apartment

9 Crafts For A Cozy Home

Someone will certainly take a look at this selection of ideas and say it's easier to buy new furniture or decor. But this article is not for them, but only for true connoisseurs of unique style and handicrafts. Here you will find 9 of the most beautiful interior items that you can do for your home with your own hands without spending extra money

Zephyranthes: Reproduction And Care

Zephyranthes - the plant, originating from Central and South America, has an average height, loves light, is not afraid of direct sunlight and blooms every year. The optimum temperature during active growth is 18-250C, and during rest, a low temperature is more favorable - 10-120C

Do You Want A Luxurious Flower Garden In Your Apartment? Then Remember The Secrets

The secret of a luxurious indoor flower garden is simple: the plants need to be well fed, otherwise you will not wait for lush foliage or good flowering. A rigid "diet", when a plant experiences a lack of nutrients for a long time, usually leads to a disease - after all, the plant does not have the strength to resist

Harmonious Home: 6 Interior Lessons Borrowed From The Dutch Style

Do you like the style of Northern Europe? Agree, there is a special charm in its seeming simplicity and at the same time thoughtfulness inherent in such interiors. We have already talked a lot about Swedish apartments, and today we propose to consider the style of another European country, similar in spirit - Dutch

Learning To Combine Colors In The Interior Correctly

Author: Irina Tsyganok The ability to unmistakably combine different shades into beautiful combinations is not possessed by many people, but only those who are naturally gifted with talent and a special sense of color. It should be noted, however, that not every artist or designer can confidently rank himself as such

5 Very Successful Studio Apartments

Author: Irina Tsyganok For the layman, it often becomes difficult to arrange his small studio apartment so that there is enough space in it for all the essentials, and the atmosphere, at the same time, remains light and comfortable. Homester today has prepared for you, our dear readers, a selection of studio apartment interiors from different European countries, to show that everyone has difficulties in design, you just need to carefully think over and plan your home

Boring Beds

Such a seemingly simple dacha "structure" like a garden bed needs our close attention. Indeed, not only the yield of garden crops depends on their location, height, content and shape, but also the appearance of the site where we (to be honest) not only work "like Papa Carlo", but also have a rest

We Are Restoring A Soviet Writing Desk Using Staining And "Provence Decor"

There is a category of citizens who do not tolerate old things in the house and immediately get rid of them as soon as they find a replacement for them. This primarily applies to furniture that requires space. But there are not so many of them, as a rule, a completely serviceable table or chairs are taken out to the dacha - maybe they will come in handy

21 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Bathroom Cozy

The bathroom is, first of all, the place where you can relax and pamper yourself with hygiene and beauty treatments. Therefore, its beautiful and comfortable arrangement is of paramount importance! We have collected for you 21 bathroom ideas that will not cost you a pretty penny and will delight the eye for years to come

Seeing These 20 Ideas Will Make You Stop Throwing Away Wine Corks Once And For All

When we uncork a bottle of wine, we throw away the cork first. But today "With taste" will convince you to stop doing it! The thing is that wine corks is a great material from which you can make anything. The main thing is to stock up on inspiration and, in fact, the traffic jams themselves

Colors Of Comfort And Coziness. Unusual And Easy Ways To Paint Walls Creatively

Sometimes you don't want to bother with wallpaper, they can also get bored. I would like to return to the plastered and painted walls. At first glance, this is simpler and cheaper. And it is not at all necessary to live in the middle of one boring color, you can paint the walls in a more original way

15 Ways To Stylishly Place Kitchen Utensils Right On The Wall

Whatever the size of the kitchen, you always want it to be larger. And already in modern small-sized apartments and in fact in the kitchen it is difficult to accommodate with all the necessary equipment. And you also need to move somehow, you need a workspace for the work of a housewife to be productive

Do It Yourself: 10 Ideas To Transform Your Clay Pots This Summer

Summer has finally come, the best time to relax outside the city. I think many would like to make their site even more beautiful. After wandering around the Internet a little, I found 10 interesting ideas for you on how to decorate clay pots with your own hands

When There Is No Money, But You Want New Furniture

Author: Lyudmila Pletneva I recently renovated an apartment. The money ran out, but I also wanted to update the furniture at least a little. I present my creations for your discussion. Don't judge harshly if possible. I can't imagine the master class, it was done on a whim

Do Not Rush To Throw Away Your Old Soviet Furniture

It often happens: we can no longer see this antediluvian old thing, but we have no money for new things! All in your hands! Decide on a design and let things show themselves in a new role. As a rule, they serve for many years, unlike some modern furniture

Liquid Wallpaper: 9 Pros And 2 Cons

Repair implies a very huge selection of materials and solutions for various issues. When it comes to walls, wallpaper is the most popular choice. But for some reason, few people remember this type of wallpaper as liquid. Perhaps they were little advertised, but this does not affect their quality in any way, on the contrary

10 Tips On How To Decorate Your Home In Style Without The Help Of A Designer

Do you like decorating your home? Searching for the perfect project, choosing paint samples, choosing vintage decor items … We get excited just thinking about it. But beyond the initial excitement, designing our space can be a long and daunting process. B

Mirror Decor - 7 Grandiose Techniques

How to make a mirror decor, so that it is the most beautiful, the most creative, your very own mirror. Only with your own hands, using design ideas. There is hardly a house that does not have a mirror. It is it that reflects us loved ones, expands the space, creates the illusion of large and bright rooms, visibly and stylishly decorates the walls of our house

Simple And Original Table Decor - 2 Master Classes

Are you tired of your old desk? Don't worry, we will teach you how to make your own table decor using available materials. You need a desire, a craving for creativity, and free time. If your table is very old, wooden, with a cracked polish, or cracked, this is just what you need

5 Ways To Create A Dining Area In A Small Kitchen

For many of us, having a separate dining room is a space we can only dream of. And until these dreams come true, we can create a small dining area in our, albeit small, kitchen. Here are five smart and creative ways to create a complete eating space without cluttering your kitchen

My Kitchen: A Modern Coffee-au-lait Classic

Author: Sofia My daughter and I moved to a new apartment in 2015. It was a new building without finishing and not the largest size - about 55 "squares". Initially, the kitchen area was 10 sq. m. Since the renovation was done from scratch, we decided to slightly change the layout

Seafood In Interior Decor: Awesome Ideas

Whoever has been to the sea at least once tries to take with them as a souvenir some shells, pebbles and sea glass, smoothly turned by the sea wave. Brought goodness, donated by the sea, can migrate to the aquarium, settle in cardboard boxes or serve as material for creativity

This House Is 300 Years Old, But Just Look How Cozy It Is Inside

Each of us dreams of living at least a little bit in a small and cozy house somewhere on the very edge of the world. Perhaps the owners of this property are the happiest people in the world, because they managed to make a real fairy tale out of a house with 300 years of history

How To Decorate An Apartment And A House With Indoor Plants In An Original Way: 8 Modern Ideas

A flower garden is not only a beautiful, but also a very useful thing. Plants in the house add coziness, fill the air with freshness, take away negative energy and simply delight the eye. If you are tired of plant pots placed on the windowsills, you can go for a different scenario