Craftswoman 2023, December

Elena Misnyk: How A Craftswoman Sold Bookmarks For Almost 400 Thousand Dollars

Once the designer Elena Misnyk saw the legs of a doll that had fallen into it sticking out of a children's book. She thought that this is the perfect bookmark, and today she has her own online store myBOOKmark and a workshop in Kiev, which employs 20 people

Master Class: How To Make Roman Blinds With Your Own Hands

Roman blinds are a popular trend that is gaining more and more fans every day. Why are they so attractive? Those that look stylish, are compact and do not clutter up the interior, and they are also easy to care for. So, if you dream of Roman blinds, then it's time to pick up a roulette wheel and fulfill your desires, and today we will tell you how to do it right

Forgotten Hemstitch Just Beauty

Many types of decorative stitches in hand-made embroidery enable needlewomen to realize, at times, even impossible projects. For example, here is a hemstitch, which includes many seams. They are used on a thinned canvas, and also, do not forget about tightening

DIY Soap Bubbles

I bet almost everyone has thought about how to make soap bubbles with their own hands. It's summer outside and this question is especially relevant. With this simple instruction, you will make any number of bubbles for your child (or yourself?

Jeans Clutch With Your Own Hands

I'm sure every girl has at least one pair of jeans that is out of fashion or just ripped. Surprisingly, they can still serve you by making you stylish! In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a denim clutch in a few simple steps. If you have experience in cutting and sewing, as well as a sewing machine, then you can make a clutch with your own hands in 10-15 minutes

How To Remove Soap Deposits

I think this is familiar to most of us. Hard water and soap make the surface of ceramic tiles or glass dull and unsightly. Of course, there are tons of products that promise to get rid of this plaque that has plagued your bathroom, but most of them contain some pretty harsh chemicals

How To Draw A Minion In Stages

Minions are very similar to each other, but there are subtle differences between them, hair height, hairstyle, number of eyes, etc. In this tutorial, we'll show you step by step how to draw a standard minion like Mark or Dave. You can make the changes yourself to draw your favorite character

How To Make New Cute Mittens From An Old Sweater

Do you have an old sweater that you cannot wear anymore, but also feel sorry to part with it? We have a great idea for you to reuse it. Turn your old sweater into mittens! This is a very simple instruction that will get you to cut all your sweaters into mittens soon

With This Trick, You Can Make A Scarf Yourself In 30 Minutes. No Needles, Just Hands

Cold, inhospitable weather encourages warmth. And what will warm you better than a thing made with your own hands? This short video will teach you how to do it yourself knit a scarf without using knitting needles. How to knit a scarf without needles An alternative to knitting is weaving

How To Sew Jeans Between Your Legs

I love and hate stretch jeans. I like them for the fact that they fit well on my figure, do not hang like regular jeans and fit everything nicely, but they have a significant drawback. Stretch jeans are not as durable and tend to wear out quickly

Doll With Removable Felt Clothes

Paper dolls are a thing of the past. We played with them, cutting out more and more new outfits with "ears" to bend them over the shoulders and waist of the doll and admire the beautiful princess. Now girls have much more toys and dolls, so paper women of fashion are no longer relevant

Graceful Embroidery By The Italian Craftswoman Elisabetta Ricami

Recently I saw the work of another wonderful needlewoman - the Italian embroiderer ElisabettRicami, or rather her real name ElisabettSforza. She almost never gives information about herself, writes only about her works and the history of their creation

We Create A Textile Bracelet With Embroidery Based On The Khokhloma Painting Motif

Author: Ural Tales (Julia) In this master class, I want to share with you the process of creating a textile bracelet with embroidery based on the Khokhloma painting. This is my first master class, and therefore it is very exciting for me, so if at some stage I suddenly miss something or it is not clear to you, I promise to tell and supplement everything in the comments, as well as answer all your questions

Sewing Secrets: How To Remove Creases In The Armhole Area

Experienced and even more novice dressmakers know (or will definitely learn) that when cutting and sewing, defects periodically appear in certain parts of the figure. But not everyone knows how to deal with it. Some of the defects can be corrected in the product with varying degrees of success during sewing, and some can no longer be corrected without interfering with the base structure

We Paint Fabric With Natural Dyes At Home

Author: Lilia Volkova While working on the image of a new doll, I was faced with the fact that it is very difficult to choose a single-color fabric of the desired color. Having rummaged in different stores, strolling through the Internet, it suddenly dawned on me - why not dye the fabric myself ?

Decorative Stitches On The Skin: Cross Stitch

Author: Kozhechka Recently I was asked to decorate the product with some unusual seam. A bit confused, I started digging around the internet looking for ideas. In the end I found what I was looking for and even a little more? With a few of the stitches I like the most, I want to introduce you in my master classes

Incredibly Beautiful Little Things That Can Be Done On A Sewing Machine

For those who love to sew, but do not find time for large-scale long-term projects, there is an opportunity to do what they love. Take a sewing machine and create some nice little things in a short amount of time. What do you like more, original accessories or home furnishings?

Felting Experience: Incredibly Beautiful And Cozy Eco-style Mandala Carpet

Author: Natasha Gurina Today I want to share with you a story about how I created my mandala carpet "The Sea Inside". This is not 100% a master class, but I tried to capture the process in as much detail as possible. Perhaps this will also inspire you to create such an accessory for your home

The Magical Transformation Of Old Shoes Into Holiday Shoes

The absence of a new outfit does not mean at all that you need to skip the upcoming event. Original jewelry, stylish accessories and self-made shiny shoes - that's what will be a spectacular addition to the basic things. Making party shoes is easy

Felt Jewelry: Always Stylish, Creative And Self-sufficient

Felt is a self-sufficient material for creativity and the creation of stylish jewelry. Different in color and density, it lends itself well to processing, looks spectacular in products and does not lose its shape. That is why not only professional designers can work with it, but even young craftswomen who are barely familiar with the technique of creating jewelry

The Craftswoman Decorates Things With Simple Threads And Yarns. See What A Miracle Comes Out In The End

There is practically no information about the talented author of these delightful works. Little is known: this is a craftswoman from Latvia who introduces herself as Indras Ideas. She decorates almost everything with threads and yarn: from books and caskets to pillows and simple burlap

When The Needle Becomes Magic: Making Lace Using The Oya Technique

It turns out that with a needle in hand, you can not only sew, but also weave lace. The history of needle lace weaving goes back centuries. Today it is widely used in three-dimensional embroidery. Oya, oya, oyyalari - these are just some of the names of wicker jewelry, which are still a feature of the decoration of scarves, stoles and shawls, so beloved by Turkish women

Practical Rugs - Self-sufficient Interior Decoration

Hand-made rugs are a special decoration. In addition to the aesthetic component and thoughtful functionality, a piece of the soul of the craftswomen remains in such products. Large and small, dense and delicate, thought out to the smallest detail, they perfectly fit into the interior

Sewing On A Typewriter: A Few Secrets Of Perfectly Straight Stitching

Crooked seams have been considered a sign of a poorly made item for many years. In order not to become the object of inappropriate jokes, master a few secrets of making perfectly straight machine stitches. Special feet for sewing machines will act as assistants in this difficult task

The Opposite Is True: Cut-out Applique For Decorating Things

If you still have a favorite pair of jeans from last season, and you don't want to leave it on the mezzanine of the closet, you should turn to one of the fashionable options for darning. The latter can be a slit applique, which is also called the reverse

Unique Opportunity To Update Your Wardrobe: Just Cut And Model

Even with a limited budget, there is an opportunity to look stylish and always be in trend. The main thing is to be creative and be critical of the "cleaning" of the wardrobe. Knitted items that have gone out of fashion or become small are excellent materials for rework

Harvest In Bins - Straw And Talash In Hands: "rustling" Creativity Of Kuban Craftswomen

Just look at what the Kuban craftswomen are capable of, who to this day honor the traditions of their ancestors and know how to turn straw and leaves from corn cobs into real works of art. Taking as a basis from time immemorial the technique of weaving from talash that existed in the south of Russia and supplementing it with jute filigree, the artisans create voluminous paintings and large-scale compositions, decorate kitchen utensils, and make various souvenirs

Tatting - A Unique Technique Of Weaving Lace, Time-tested

Where and when tatting lace first appeared is not known for certain. But the fact that it was in demand among the nobility and aristocrats throughout Europe is undeniable. The time-tested weaving technique is still popular today. Tatting is used to create clothes and accessories

Lined Fabric Scarf: Warm, Comfortable And Tasteful

It is a mistake to believe that with the arrival of cold weather for accessories made of fabric, there will only be space on the shelf. An excellent alternative to warm knitted scarves will be fabric, the main thing is to choose a suitable lining for them that can warm, and find time for sewing

Bedspread-transformer: An Original Owl That Gives Warmth And Comfort

A blanket, a bedspread, a shawl with a hood, a decorative pillow - all these are characteristics of the same crocheted owl. The work is simple, but the result is beyond praise. The constantly repeating ornament, which outwardly resembles an owl's plumage, complemented by a hood-head and fringe on the sides, looks original

Clutch-book Is An Original Accessory For A Stylish Look

A thick book or diary with a suitable cover can be easily turned into an original clutch. When choosing, an important criterion is the thickness of the "source of knowledge", because a mobile phone, a mirror, lipstick and other women's things should be placed inside a stylish accessory

We Transform Ordinary Jeans Into Designer Ones. No Needles And Scissors Needed

Stylish touches make the look irresistible. Denim lovers always have the opportunity to show their individuality. With just a little effort, an ordinary model turns into a designer one. You can complement jeans with an original pattern of a lighter tone or apply an ornament on them with an ordinary brush in your hands

Leather Plus Knit. Stylish Women's Bags With Your Own Hands

Women's handbags look original and stylish, in which leather and elements of knitting or weaving are used at the same time. Cotton cord, various types of yarn and even ordinary jute combined with leather fragments add individuality and originality to the image

Stylish Dumplings: You Don't Have To Boil And Bleach Anything

Having extra or simply out of fashion stretch jeans in your wardrobe, you can always turn them into trendy stylish dumplings. The secret ingredient that will help achieve the desired effect will be paint, the main thing is to choose it correctly

More Than Just Covers. Universal Patterns For A Thousand Little Things

There are such organizers, the purpose of which changes with the size. Stylish and thoughtful to the smallest detail, they can be anything. With a modest size, the original little thing will become a phone case or pencil case, having increased slightly, it will already accommodate a tablet, and with its huge size it will transform into a decorative pillow, inside which you can easily hide not only pajamas, but also a blanket

In The World Of Round Bags: When Shape Sets Style

Original, stylish and roomy - this is how round handbags can be characterized. Knitted and braided, with or without leather inserts, they always look spectacular. This is partly why the eyes of craftswomen are increasingly falling on rounded models

6 Practical Tips To Restore The Shine Of Your Jewelry

Jewelry requires minimal but regular maintenance in order for the jewelry to shine and shine as it did when it was purchased. To do this, they should be periodically cleaned and stored properly. The 6 simple yet valuable tips below will help bring your jewelry back to its shine and shine

Fashionable Turban Made From A Small Piece Of Fabric: Easy Assembly - Stylish Result

The turban or turban, which came to us from the East, do not lose their popularity for a long time. The fashion for luxurious fabric headwear is returning with enviable consistency. In the classic version, the turban is wrapped around the head using fairly large cuts of fabric

Old Sweater + 10 Minutes = Socks

Do you often feel cold feet or want to make a fashion accessory yourself? How about sweater socks? Yes, you read that correctly. If you have a favorite sweater that needs to be thrown away, reuse it by making socks out of it. Both completely woolen and blended are suitable

Surprise Everyone With A Seamless Pillowcase. A Way That Will Interest You

We use pillowcases every day. In the classic design, this is a cushion cover with visible seams. However, a mother from the small American town of Canton showed what can be done with a little imagination. What is required 2 types of fabric (3 if you want to add additional accents); pins; scissors; threads; sewing machine