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Cheese Cakes On Kefir: 15 Minutes - And A Delicious Dish Is Ready

Cheese cakes on kefir is an incredibly tasty dish that cooks very quickly. If you don't want to spend all the holidays cooking by the stove, this recipe will help you out. To prepare them, you need a little food that you probably have at home

With This Baked Cauliflower Recipe, You'll Be The King Of The Kitchen

The recipe below is a real find for girls and women who closely monitor their figure. Moreover, cauliflower Is a vegetable that contains a lot of vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals. It has a fine cellular structure. In short, one benefit, fewer calories, and affordable foods

This Is The Fastest Cherry Pie In The World. And On Top Of That, Incredibly Tasty

Many of us are very fond of cherry desserts. It gives dishes a unique taste with sourness. But there is not always enough time to bake a cake. Therefore, we have prepared for you a simple recipe for summer cherry clafoutis. This dish is an invention of the French, which they are very proud of

Making The Perfect Coffee: 10 Valuable Tips From An Experienced Person

Truly aromatic coffee will not only help you wake up, but will also raise your mood literally to an unattainable height. How to make the right drink yourself that will make any morning good? Everything will work out if you listen to the recommendations of experienced comrades

30 Pancake Fillings

If you're in the mood for delicious pancakes and crepes, this article is a godsend for you. We have collected 30 delicious pancake fillings: meat, fish, vegetable and sweet. Try it and don't be afraid to experiment! There are dozens of variations of pancake dough

500 G Of Cheese, Eggs And Flour Why Didn't I Know Before What A Miracle Would Come From These Products

Home cheese donuts - not the healthiest food. Although very rare, I spoil myself and my family with such dishes! After all, it is so delicious that you want to tell all close people about this recipe. My friends thanked and asked me to share the secrets of such successful baking more often

Top 5 Original Salads For The Holiday. Decorate Your Holiday Table With One Of These Masterpieces

Each hostess wants to surprise and delight her loved ones by preparing something unusual, bright and truly festive for the holiday. "With your own hands" collected for you 5 of the most original and delicious holiday salads. Any of these salads will become the highlight of your holiday table

Onion And Meat Balls: A Dish That Will Strike All Your Guests On The Spot

The recipe that "With your own hands" prepared for you today, you probably haven’t met yet. The editors of our site offer to cook a dish that is ideal for gatherings with friends and it will win your heart! Onion and meat balls filled with mushrooms, onions, parsley and minced meat are ideal for BBQ sauce … Just try to cook this dish for your friends and they will beg you to share this cool recipe with them

11 Surprising Reasons That Will Convince You That Coffee Is Worth Drinking Every Day. Wonderful Drink

For sure, there is no adult in the world who has not tried coffee even once in his life. According to some reports, 760 billion are drunk every year in the world. cups of coffee . This drink can be very beneficial for your brain, skin and body, and it also protects you from serious illnesses

This Recipe Is A Real Treasure For Every Gourmet! Best Breakfast I've Had

Pancakes have always been and will be one of the fastest and at the same time delicious options for breakfast … They can be made both sweet and savory and combined with a variety of fillings. Today "With your own hands" offers you the best recipe for incredibly satisfying pancakes that can become your signature dish. P

10 Cool Toppings For Tartlets

Tartlets are the best cold appetizer, they are easy to prepare and serve as a real decoration of the table. Recipes for tartlets and filling for them amaze the imagination with a variety. You can bake dough baskets yourself in the oven or buy ready-made baskets and simply fill them with an appetizing filling

How To Creatively Decorate Pastries And Impress Guests With Your Culinary Masterpieces

This post contains the most interesting ideas for decorating baked goods (and even some design tips). Choose what you cook this weekend! 1. Openwork cookies with apples Roll out the dough and cut it as shown below. Add grated apples and wrap

This Cinnabon Bun Recipe Will Win Over Any Sweet Tooth

Do you like cinnamon rolls? Can't find a suitable recipe? The answer is simple! See for yourself: Ingredients: For the test: 100 gr butter 200 ml milk 1 sachet dry yeast 500 gr flour 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 eggs a pinch of salt For filling: 150 g butter 125 g sugar 2 tablespoons of cinnamon For the cream: 200 gr cream cheese / mascarpone (can be replaced with condensed milk) 100 g butter sugar to taste Preparation: First, mi

9 Delicious Salads For Every Day

Selection: 1. Delicious salad with croutons. 2. Smoked cheese salad. 3. Crunchy salad with pineapple and chicken. 4. Peking cabbage salad with chicken. 5. Italian salad with ham, cheese and vegetables. 6. Salad with egg and ham

12 Awesome Cheese Recipes

Melted and stringy, toasted and crispy - cheese is equally good in any condition. Old Man Roquefort would be completely mad at such recipes … Cheese wontons Wontons are Chinese dumplings. To make them, you need puff pastry. Make dough envelopes, put a piece of cheese inside each. N

8 Recipes For The Most Delicious Dough. A Bakery Lover's Paradise

What could be better homemade baked goods ? Even those who try not to eat flour will not give up home-baked products. Here are 8 easy recipes to help you bake the most delicious culinary delights with ease. Take these recipes into service and boldly cook

Scrambled Eggs In A Tomato: Breakfast That No One Will Refuse

At first glance, scrambled eggs may seem like a pretty commonplace dish. But in reality, this is not at all the case. There are many recipes that you can use to make everyone amazed. It is not for nothing that French chefs appreciate it so much

Not Every Chef Knows These Culinary Tricks 17 Tricks For The Best Dishes

Some people regard the kitchen as a sacred place. The sacrament of cooking is a kind of ritual. The dish will turn out to be successful only if certain conditions are met. An experienced hostess is like a clergyman who knows exactly what needs to be done and in what sequence so that each bite is divinely delicious

Gourmet Beetroot Salad. This Dressing Makes Vegetables A Royal Dish

The season of fresh ground tomatoes and cucumbers is over. The body seems to demand diversify the diet autumn salads with boiled vegetables. And the first violin among them belongs, of course, to beets. Simple grated beet salad with onions or garlic we will leave for a weekday dinner

5 Fish Recipes For A Healthy Dinner

5 fish recipes for a healthy dinner. Everyone knows that fish is very healthy and great for a diet dinner, and we also know how to make it delicious! Take the collection to yourself so as not to lose! 1. Fish in foil: the best supper Per 100 gr

Fresh Idea - "Lazy Fur Coat". I Serve This Dish To Anyone, Everyone Is Delighted

Herring under a fur coat is one of the central dishes at festive feasts, especially on New Year's. As they say, without her, nowhere. But if it's far from the holidays, but you want to feast on, you can cook a simpler one, but no less original version of the "fur coat"

24 Delicious Sauces You'll Want To Add To Every Dish

Sauces give any dish a unique taste and aroma. Serve a side dish with sauce and it will become an independent dish, use sauces in preparing salads and you will be surprised every time with different flavors. Cuisines all over the world hide the secrets of making a large number of different sauces

Lazy Cherry And Nut Strudel - No Need To Stand By The Stove For Hours

Ingredients: puff yeast-free dough (purchased) - 500 gr. pitted cherries (can be frozen) - 500 gr. walnuts - 80 gr. bread crumbs - 80 gr. butter -1 tbsp granulated sugar - 100 gr. egg - 1 pc. corn starch - 1 tablespoon Preparation: Remove the dough from the freezer and while you cook the rest of the ingredients, it will defrost at room temperature

Egyptian Cake - This Recipe Will Be Begging For All Guests

This recipe will be begging for all guests !!! Ingredients: Dough: For each cake: 3 squirrels 2.5 tbsp Sahara 1/2 tablespoon flour 50 gr. ground nuts (walnuts or hazelnuts). There are three such cakes in total, i.e. We take the indicated ingredients 3 times and bake each cake in a separate form

An Elementary Recipe For A Traditional Turkish Delicacy: Strawberry Turkish Delight

Turkish delight is a delicious traditional turkish sweet which was actually invented in Cyprus. These are sweet candy cubes, similar to marmalade. They are adored by both adults and children. If you also love this delicacy, try making strawberry Turkish delight yourself according to the recipe, which "With your own hands" prepared for you today

Now This Is The Only Way I Make Cupcakes! Unparalleled 3 Ingredient Recipe

Simple and delicious cupcake without flour and sugar - my favorite dessert, because it is completely harmless to the figure! The recipe uses raspberries, but you can add any berries to taste: blueberries, currants, cherries, strawberries. Muffins with dried fruits are no less tasty: dates, prunes and dried apricots go well with the branded banana dough … The dish will turn out to be very tasty if you add a drop of vanilla essence or vanillin to the dough. E

10 Of The Most Delicious Cream Soups From Around The World. Add Variety To Your Menu

Cream soup is a traditional European dish that has recently begun to gain popularity in our country. This first course option perfect for lunch or light dinner, because it is well absorbed by the body and does not contain many calories. Moreover, cream soup is an exquisite and delicious dish worthy of the highest cuisine

For True Meat Lovers: The 5 Best Marinade Recipes. The Meat Just Melts In Your Mouth

The right marinade will help to fully reveal taste of meat … We offer you 5 of the best recipes that will make you a real pro in cooking this dish. Marinade "Hello from the Balkans!" (for 2 kg of meat) Cooking time: 3 hours

Fly Away From The Table In An Instant! My Grandmother Used To Cook These Cakes In The Oven. Without Flour, It Turns Out, They Just Melt In Your Mouth

It would seem that you will not surprise anyone with cottage cheese patches. But it was not there. If you cook them not according to the traditional recipe, you can tempt the most pampered gourmet or even losing weight with this dish. It's unrealistic to stay here

Banana Cheesecakes And 2 More Transformations With Banana

Stir-fried bananas with honey and cinnamon Simplest and delicious breakfast / dessert. Banana slices are like tiny cheesecakes. Cut 1-2 bananas into large slices and quickly sauté in coconut / olive oil for 1-2 minutes on each side. Turn off heat and pour 1 tablespoon mixture into skillet

The Most Delicious Orange Cookie Recipe

If you want something special for tea, and you don't have much time to cook, this orange cookie recipe will come to the rescue. The enchanting scent of oranges and soft dough that melts in your mouth … You can't resist such a dessert. Ingredients for the dough 2 tbsp. f

Charlotte: 5 Of The Best Recipes This Fall. You Haven't Tasted The Cake Like That

Charlotte is one of the most budgetary and simple pies , which pleases housewives with ease of preparation, special taste and warmth. It is this cake that can perfectly complement a pleasant family conversation over a cup of fragrant tea on a warm autumn evening

Rolls Of Baked Pepper And Feta Cheese

I propose to prepare a wonderful seasonal appetizer - very tasty, healthy, colorful and bright - baked bell pepper rolls with feta cheese and basil! Main Ingredients: - 2 pcs. large red pepper - 100 g medium-salted feta cheese - 1 sprig of basil - 1 tsp olive oil - salt and provencal herbs - to taste Cooking method: Wash the pepper, put on a baking sheet, sprinkle with olive oil and bake in a well-preheated oven until tender

Divine Taste! 7 Recipes For Which The Pastry Chef Is Ready To Sell His Soul. The Best Cake Creams

Cake is more than just sweetness. This is a symbol of the holiday, the crown of confectionery art, the embodiment of pleasure! A lot depends on how correctly and appropriately the cakes are combined with the cream. Only the perfect pair guarantees the success of the sweets … We offer you 7 winning recipes for various creams for all occasions. T

7 Tricks For Frying The Perfect Potato

Well, how can you resist delicious fried potatoes with a golden brown crust ?! Everyone loves it, even those who consider this dish harmful and fatty) You can sometimes pamper yourself with such an appetizing, dear, favorite dish from childhood … But not everyone succeeds in frying potatoes perfectly - it either falls apart, turns into porridge, then it is overcooked, sticks to the pan, burns, it turns out dry … Today we are going to tell you a few rules on how to make d

Gingerbread Gingerbread Men - Creating A New Year's Atmosphere

What better gift for Christmas than homemade sweets? Bake these gingerbread gingerbread men, so beautiful, so delicious and fragrant !!! Recipe Ingredients: Butter - 100 g Honey - 250 g Granulated sugar - 125 g Ground coriander - 1 tsp Ground cloves - 1 tsp Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp Fresh ginger - 3 cm Chicken egg - 1 pc

How To Cook Chicken Breast Deliciously? 6 Best Recipes

Chicken breast is an excellent dietary product and contains a large amount of protein, which makes it very popular among bodybuilders, fitness models and all those who lead a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, not everyone can cook delicious chicken breast - it can turn out to be dryish, tasteless or not chewed at all

Oatmeal In A New Way! An Unbeatable Dish That Will Brighten Up The Saddest Morning

It turns out oat flakes - a very versatile product: you can cook from them not only the usual porridge, but also mouth-watering bars for a quick bite and even a casserole. I would like to pay special attention to the last dish. Fluffy casserole oatmeal to diversify your breakfast, you will find that healthy and nutritious meals can be delicious

Refreshing Kiwi Cheesecake (No Bake)

Ingredients: 200 gr. - cookies 100 g - butter White cream: 400 gr. - cream cheese (or cottage cheese grated at least twice) 350 ml - heavy cream 33% 150 g - powdered sugar 1 - large bag of vanilla sugar juice - 1 lemon 10 gr. - gelatin Kiwi layer: 1 kg

How To Surprise Guests: 11 Original Dishes For The New Year

New Year is a special holiday shrouded in miracles, magic and symbols. One of these symbols is the New Year's table. But in order for the holiday to pass on a grand scale, you need to take care of what will be on your festive table in advance