Clothing 2023, December

9 Ways To Tie A Knot Tie

For a true gentleman, a tie is almost a must-have accessory. Without it and the appropriate costume, some simply do not leave the house. You can tell a lot about such people just by looking at what color tie adorns their neck today and how it is tied

5 Signs Your Bra Is Out Of Date

Author: Alina Gizatullina The laundry drawer is full, but there is nothing to wear? Constantly postponing the revision of a pile of bras "for later"? Below is a simple guide to action that will allow you to make a firm decision what you need to part with, and what else can serve you

Fashion And Nature: 25 Incredible Dresses From The Most Talented Designers Around The World

Many of us are interested in fashion. How many different images and styles we have already seen, how many unusual dresses and costumes have been demonstrated at fashion shows, that it seems that nothing can be surprising. Designers are also worried about this and look for inspiration every day

5 Tips For Storing Clothes

Based on our own experience, we have put together five basic tips to help you store things beautifully and functionally. Take out some of your items on the counter The items you wear most often should be taken out on a free-standing hanger rack

Rectangular Transformable Sleeveless Jacket: Wear It However You Like

"With your own hands!" in a hurry to share a great idea for needlework. Rectangular convertible vest - a functional and undoubtedly useful thing for your wardrobe. It will successfully complement an ensemble in a classic or casual style, and by decorating it with an elegant brooch, you will add elegance to your look

Decoding Symbols On Clothing Labels

We are all used to seeing strange little symbols on our clothes. Many people do not understand these conventional icons and pictograms on labels and tags. Meanwhile, these symbols are your assistant, they will quickly and easily tell you how to properly clean clothes, wash, dry and iron

15 Ideas For The Craziest Swimsuit For The New Beach Season

At the crossroads between winter and summer, many are faced with the problem of choosing a swimsuit - the favorite option taken out of the closet suddenly lost its charm. And he became too small, what a sin to conceal. And you need not just to bare your body for water procedures, but also to make an impression on others, and in such a case all means are good

The World Has Gone Crazy: Socks Are Now Worn Over Stiletto Pumps

A new stunning trend is spreading around the world with the speed of a viral epidemic! Now every fashionista who has a pair of stiletto heels can get a new pair of boots with seductive heels without spending money and running around shoe stores … All you need is scissors … and socks

Embroidery On Shirts By Hiroko Kubata - For All Cat Lovers

Lately, not only has the internet been obsessed with cute kittens, but the fashion world has also! Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota makes custom-made embroidery of cats on shirts, and it should be noted that she does it masterfully. In her last interview, Hiroko said that her son inspired her to create a new trend

How To Sew Skirts With Pleats And Half Sun And What To Wear Them With?

The skirt-sun and half-sun with pleats comes from Scotland. It was there that kilts first appeared - loose-fitting skirts with pleats. True, they were not intended for women, but were part of men's clothing. However, fashion does not stand still and soon wide pleated skirts firmly took their place in the wardrobe of beautiful ladies

How To Sew Fashionable Dresses For The Summer Season - 6 Options With Photos

Trips to the sea, family vacations in the country, evening walks in the park and cocktail parties require new clothes in your summer wardrobe. But if your budget does not plan for the costs of a radical change of wardrobe or expensive outfits, we propose to sew simple but beautiful summer models for different occasions ourselves

T-shirt With Openwork Back

The last time I was able to buy beautiful multicolored and white knitted napkins was at the local market. And one thought came to my mind: buy T-shirts and sew a napkin in the form of an applique on the back. I went through several shops for youth brands and found white, soft green, orange, yellow over light brown T-shirts

15 Insanely Cool Ideas On How To Make A Stylish Thing Out Of A Regular T-shirt

We've prepared 15 inspirational t-shirt remodeling ideas for you. Great ideas for the summer! Take it into service. 1. The T-shirt turns into an elegant top! 2 an unusual way to transform a long jersey Detailed instructions for rework are here

How To Sew An Open Back Evening Dress: Photo And Pattern

Today we will learn how to make a pattern for an evening narrowed dress with an open back. This is not an easy task, but the end result is worth our time and effort! Here's a model that we'll base all of our work on: For such a dress, it is better to choose a fabric with a bright print to make the darts invisible

10 Ways To Transform A Plain White T-shirt

A simple white T-shirt can be a bright and stylish piece of your wardrobe. To do this, you need sewing supplies, a little bit of effort, and, of course, any idea from a dozen great ways to transform a white T-shirt, which we have collected especially for you

How Can You Increase The Volume Of Jeans At The Waist

Author: Nadezhda I want to share my know-how with you. There are times when jeans at the waist are a little tight, literally 2 cm is not enough, and then I do the following. At the back, I rip off the top edge of the belt loops along the middle seam of the jeans, rip off the patch, if there is one, and rip off the belt between the side loops at the back

Old Torn Tights Are A Treasure! Here's What You Can Do With Them

Almost every female representative has a whole bunch of nylon tights with arrows for the autumn-spring season. They break easily, so you have to buy new ones all the time. But do not rush to get rid of old tights, they will still come in handy

Handbags - Cosmetic Bags For All Occasions. Master Class, Ideas And Patterns

Every woman and girl knows: there are never too many cosmetics bags and handbags! Making a make-up bag with your own hands is a great opportunity to please yourself. And most importantly, it is easier to sew a cosmetic bag than a bag! How to sew a cosmetic bag?

In Such An Apron You Will Feel Like A Magician In The Kitchen

A real hostess should have at least one hand-sewn apron. By the way, all experienced seamstresses claim that it is the apron that will help you master all the basics of work. And if you do not know how to sew, but want to learn, then it is better to start by sewing an apron

How To Clean Up And Maintain Order In Your Bag?

Today there will be not really an article to read, but a practical lesson - I propose to jointly put things in order in the bag, and the plan for its decluttering is below. So how do you clean up your bag once and for all? To do this, you must first organize the system, and then all that remains is to adhere to it

About The Mistake 85% Of Women Make

Author: Alina Gizatullina Namely, the wrong choice of bra size. Let's think about why this happens and how not to be mistaken when choosing a bra size. As you probably know, any bra consists of a cup (in size it is a letter, for example, D) and a belt (in size it is a number, for example, 70)

Darning With A Thermal Patch: Fast, Reliable And Easy

Author: TULIP Thermal Transfers & Felt This little lesson was born spontaneously when some of my household practiced so hard that they tore their pants? We are talking about kimono pants, therefore, although I tried to do everything as carefully as possible, the priority was still the strength and durability of the repair

How To Sew Lace And Silk Snood

Recently, snood has become more and more popular in the fashion world, because it brings a note of relaxation and even slight hooliganism to the image. For cool weather, such an original scarf is perfect. It will not only keep warm, but also decorate your image, make it unique, as it looks very delicate and feminine

9 Rework Ideas From Old T-shirts And It's All From Simple Things

Surely, every person at home has a lot of "old" T-shirts, which are then used for cleaning rags. But if the T-shirt looks decent, there are no holes on it, then why not update an old wardrobe item and give it originality? So I, looking at my favorite T-shirt, decided to remake it and looked for ideas on the World Wide Web

We Sew The Simplest T-shirt. Master Class

Author: Ama It occurred to me to sew a simple T-shirt. I noticed this nice and inexpensive fabric a few months ago and bought some to create the perfect summer outfit. The simpler the better, which is why I created this simple tee. To repeat after me, you will need 1 meter of fabric, some craftsmanship, and one of your T-shirts as a stencil

Not A Speck: How To Clean A Sheepskin Coat, Fur Coat, Down Jacket. Favorite Things Will Last Longer

We always try to wear outerwear with care, especially if it is made of expensive materials: natural fur, sheepskin or wool. But no one is immune from accidents. From constant wear, clothes get dirty, greasy, stains are formed on it … How to remove stains from clothes: Before starting the process, you need to choose a cleaning composition suitable for the material of the sheepskin coat. Y

Amazing Transformations: Felting A Sundress Made Of Wool And Silk

The natural beauty and wonders of nature are at all times a source of inspiration for craftsmen. Take, for example, the amazing process of transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly - the body of the caterpillar literally dissolves while in the cocoon, and the body of the butterfly is formed anew

Details Decide Everything, Or We Turn Ordinary Clothes Into An Art Object

Author: Marina Murashkina Still, a lot in our life is decided by the details, sometimes it is they who put the final point in the formation of our views, opinions, attitudes. And sometimes we drive them away from ourselves, saying: "Well, these are details

Simple But Effective Cape - Poncho

This year, the always original and very elegant women's poncho is back. Designers do not hide the fact that these models are intended for fashionistas with a refined taste and ability to create a very personal and stylish image. If you love a poncho, then you probably already know how comfortable and warm it is to wear in various everyday looks

DIY T-shirt And T-shirt: 9 Simple Master Classes In The Photo

Every person has things in the closet that they no longer want to wear, but it is a pity to throw them away. And what to do in this case? We offer you 9 master classes on how to extend the life of T-shirts and change them beyond recognition

20+ New Creative Ideas For Remodeling Old Jeans

Each of us has a pair of old, worn jeans in our closets that leave a lot to be desired. However, do not rush to throw them away, because this is a solid fabric suitable for long-term use. Old jeans can be used to make many useful and beautiful things for the home

Making A Hat Using The 3D Patchwork Technique

Author: Tatiana Sapelnikova Today I want to share with you a small master class on felting a hat. The template for work will be elementary simple, but we will roam with the decor! So, to create a header, we need: merino wool, 40 grams fabrics for decor bulky yarn We draw the template of the cap directly on the substrate under the laminate and immediately cut it out

Warm And Cozy Turtleneck With Sewing Patterns For Sizes 38-50

A women's turtleneck is an indispensable piece of women's wardrobe, which organically fits both a strict office style and clothing sets with jeans or long skirts. It can be worn under a strict jacket, with a sundress-hoodie, with a cardigan

An Amazing Way To Wash Your White Laundry! Now My Things Are Shining With Purity

Almost every person has at least 2-3 white things. Unfortunately, white fabric is not very practical, and by the end of the working day, spots from sweat, foundation and traces of a pen appear on the once-white shirt. Therefore, today we want to tell you about an amazing way of washing white linen, with which you can return the previous snow-white shade to your clothes

Master Class: Winter Brooch Made Of Leather And Fur

Author: Svetlana A hand-made brooch with a small bunch of roses made of leather and fur will bring an elegant winter touch to your usual wardrobe, give a sense of celebration and attract the looks of others! Due to its laconic size and small volume, it can be worn under outerwear - both on an elegant dress and on a warm knitted sweater

Beauty Kills: 25 Totally Useless Shoe Masterpieces

The world of modern fashion has no boundaries, which eminent designers have not come up with. Even the most unusual, and sometimes strange, design solution will find its lover and admirer. However, some designers are producing completely outrageous models

Because You Have Paws: We Sew Cute Mittens From Fleece

Winter is already approaching, in some places it even snowed, so it's time to warm up! Today's master class will be devoted to the process of sewing cozy cat-mittens that will help everyone to get their own paws? We will sew from fleece. The mittens will be double, due to which they perfectly retain heat even in frost, and due to the characteristic properties of the material, they are very soft and pleasant to the body

15 Men's Shirts That Turn Into Original Dresses For Girls

It's great when a new thing turns out from an old thing. An old shirt that has become small or frayed from frequent wear is unlikely to be suitable for making a thing out of it for an adult. But the dress for a little girl will come out just wonderful, and there are at least 15 examples of this

20 Ways To Give Old Sleeves New Life

What to do if the clothes have lost their gloss, and the hand does not rise to part with them? The easiest way to give your favorite wardrobe a new lease of life is to work on the worn sleeves. Frayed boho sleeve Boho style is a flight of imagination for needlewomen and the most fertile ground for original decor, which will add lightness and romance to the image

Create A Fairy Tale: A Light Jacket-cape Made Of Wool And Yarn

Author: Crow's Nest Piercing peace and quiet, sparks of snowflakes and light frost, bizarre patterns on the windows and fluffy hats on tree branches - all these winter delights inspire the creation of new unusual felt outfits. In order to achieve an effective result, in some cases, you should not complicate, but on the contrary, simplify the whole process as much as possible from building a pattern to decorating and shrinking