Beauty and health 2023, April

4 Morning Treatments To Start Your Day With. Make It A Habit

In order to maintain your health, you need to monitor it regularly. There are many different procedures , but the most effective are those performed in the morning after waking up. They will take you no more than five minutes and will bring many health benefits

20 Amazing Ideas For French Manicure: For Every Day And For Publication

Classical French manicure will never go out of fashion, because it suits any outfit. And making such nails at home is easy. But you can't go around with the same nail design all the time! If you love French manicure, we have made for you a selection of 20 French design ideas for every taste and color

What Happens To The Body When You Eat Lard: Don't Fall

With the onset of cold weather, doctors reminded people of the existence of effective and inexpensive means to protect the body from infections. The most important vitamins for strengthening the immune system are vitamins C and B12, found in citrus fruits

Eight Exercises For Cervical Osteochondrosis

Simple exercises will help you overcome osteochondrosis and preserve your health. The first manifestations of cervical osteochondrosis are back pain, headaches, dizziness, “flies” in the eyes, hearing impairment or noises, as well as swaying when walking as a result of poor coordination

Magic Dots On A Man's Hand

Use these points to improve your well-being. Force activation point. If you bring the tips of all your fingers together, it will be in the fossa in the center of the palm. If you feel lethargic, fatigue, apathy, drowsiness, massage this point

How To Get Cool Styling With A Regular T-shirt: Sounds Absurd, But It Works

We all dream of waking up with a beautiful hairstyle already ready. But usually, it takes at least 10-15 minutes of exercise in the morning with curling irons, irons and a hairdryer. Do you want to get perfect curls in a couple of minutes and without harm to your hair?

All Well-groomed Girls Have Known About This For A Long Time! 23 Rules Anyone Can Be Beautiful With

To look well-groomed, a girl must work on herself all the time. beauty - a relative concept, but a person's attitude to himself is immediately noticeable: a lot can be said by the way he looks! Self-confident and calm internally women attract men because they love themselves

A Trick That Thousands Of Girls Around The World Are Already Using: PVA Glue For Manicure

Until recently PVA glue used mainly for gluing paper. But resourceful women are always looking for unusual uses for ordinary things. This time, the new beauty trend was the usual PVA glue, which overseas and our beauties use for … manicure! W

17 Minimalist Home Manicure Ideas Stylish And Quite Simple

What girl or woman doesn't dream of going to beauty salons every week to always look great? But it can be quite expensive. Then why don't you learn how to do it yourself cute manicure … This activity can be very exciting and pacifying, because covering your nails with varnish, you throw all thoughts out of your head and focus only on making everything turn out beautifully

DIY Rustic Playground

The village boys also love to play sports, however, they do not always have access to sports equipment and therefore make sports fields themselves. One of these sites, made from improvised means, is waiting for you further. We stopped at a scrap metal collection point, explained what our idea was, and got what we needed

How To Learn To Fall Asleep Within One Minute

Many people cannot fall asleep for a long time at night, contemplating on the eternal for hours. Or a fly on the ceiling. I also suffered from insomnia until I learned a special breathing technique that helps me fall asleep within a minute. Don't get me wrong, this technique is not an anesthesia that knocks out on the spot

Stop Wasting Money On A Pedicure: These 2 Simple Products Will Make Your Feet Look Perfect

Agree rough and rough heels their appearance can spoil the impression even of the prettiest woman. Heel remedy To achieve perfect softness and smoothness, you no longer need to spend money on a pedicure procedure in the salon

How To Grow Nails That Will Never Break Fast: A Simple 4 Ingredient Tool Will Help

Expensive salons have already managed to cash in on the simple desire of many girls to have strong and long nails … Today our editorial staff will share with you the secret of how to grow nails of any length! Using our proven tool, you are not only strengthen the nail plate , but you will also forget about problems such as peeling nails and fungus

This Secret Recipe Will Smoothen Your Hands In No Time

The skin of the hands requires special care, because they are always in sight. No wonder they say that by the hands of a woman you can determine her age. It is not so difficult to return youth to your hands, and we will teach you! The skin of the hands has a very small layer of fat and, therefore, collagen and elastin fibers begin to break down, the aging effect becomes more noticeable

Top 10 Awesome Manicure Ideas

Until now, some people believe that getting a manicure means cutting your nails. In fact, it is a very painstaking job to create the perfect look for your nails. Just as there are trendy things in the world of haute couture, the world of manicure has its own "trends"

Very Informative

In many countries, it is customary to start the day with an egg. For most people, it is an indispensable battery with low cost and quick preparation. Chicken eggs are considered one of the most valuable foods. They have a huge number of useful properties and can prevent many diseases

Why Do We Need Laundry Soap? 31 Ways To Use

Despite the abundance of various household chemicals, you can still find nondescript brown bars of laundry soap on store shelves. Under the USSR, this soap was in every home and replaced dozens of household chemicals and personal hygiene products

She Poured Salt Into The Shampoo Before Washing Her Hair. I Was Pleased With The Result

Salt is already well known for its health benefits. Many people use it as a foot bath, but there are many other great uses. Try some of them for yourself: 1. Hair care If your hair turns greasy quickly, you can try this trick: Add a handful of salt to your regular shampoo

Manicure On Short Nails: 45 Stylish Ideas

Not all women of fashion love growing their nails. It takes a long time, and is also inconvenient at work and when dealing with a small child. There is another reason - many suffer from the fact that the nails are not strong and grow slowly

French Farmers Starred For A Spicy Calendar

Following a hot calendar with firefighters, photographer Fred Goodon released a 2017 calendar featuring French farmers. Photo: According to Houdon himself, the calendar with French farmers is a tribute to a profession that often lacks gratitude

12 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day With A Glass Of Lemon Water

Warm water with lemon is a truly magical drink. It is especially useful to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Read why you should start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon and why it is so good. Surely many have heard more than once about this miraculous and at the same time extremely simple drink to prepare, but not everyone knows why it is so useful for the human body

12 Unexpected Uses For Baby Oil

Have you heard this joke about baby oil? Something like: "If corn oil is made from corn, and peanut butter is made from peanuts, then what is baby butter made from?" Answer: Baby little is produced from mineral and aromatic oils by industrial specialists; children have insufficient fine motor skills or lack knowledge of chemistry to make baby oil

10 Easy Homemade Shampoo Recipes For All Occasions

Your Complete Guide to Home Shampoos! Here are ten simple recipes you can use to find the perfect formula for your hair. The advantage of homemade shampoos is that you can only use natural ingredients, without sulfates and parabens, which are often used by commercial manufacturers

How To Weave A Fishtail Pigtail

I love this braid because it seems more interesting to me than a regular braid, but it is not much more difficult to weave. I will show you the traditional method of braiding fishtail braids. Stage 1: Getting Started Of course, a pigtail looks better if you have long hair, but it doesn't have to be

How To Braid A Waterfall

I will teach you how to weave a pigtail Waterfall. This is an uncomplicated braid that can be woven in different directions and at different angles and resembles a curved French braid. Stage 1: Hair preparation My hair is quite long, but it's not really a prerequisite for braiding the waterfall braids

The Best African Hairstyles Of The Year From A European Stylist: An Insane Riot Of Forms

Before you - a collection of hairstyles for black girls from the famous British stylist Lisa Farrall, who won first place in the prestigious annual British competition "Hairstyles of the Year". Lisa called this collection "Armor", and she, according to the stylist, became a tribute to African culture, that grace and at the same time the strength that she carries in herself

20 Simple Health Tricks For Every Day

We all try to look our best, live longer and radiate health. But many of us find it difficult to overpower ourselves and radically change our usual way of life. However, there are simple tricks that require a minimum of effort, time and expense, and are easy to make a habit

9 Popular Foods From Which We Gain Weight Unnoticed

So that the sides do not hang over the jeans, and the stomach does not fall on your knees, I suggest you take a closer look at these 9 products, which are most often the culprit of extra pounds. 1. Packaged juices We have known since childhood that juices are not only delicious drinks, but also sources of many vitamins

These Helpful Cheat Sheets Will Come In Handy For Every Woman And Girl

How many beauty secrets do we women know? There are a lot of them, and each of us has our own. But there are things that any woman should know. They are about beauty. For example, we just have to know everything about lingerie, bras and swimwear

How To Look Fascinating Even When You Have Not Slept: 23 Perfect Beauty Ideas

Nobody is perfect, they are. But female nature is insidious - they always want everything to be perfect. No little thing should ruin your day. If this feeling is familiar to you, then these beauty tips will come in handy. Any hairpin will stick better in your hair if, before doing your hair, you sprinkle it with varnish

Even 1 Date Causes An Irreversible Process In The Body

Dates are an amazing fruit, which in many countries is credited with the properties of improving health and prolonging life. It is said that in China there are centenarians whose diet is exclusively based on dates. In any case, this is a very healthy product, and many nutritionists recommend using it instead of sweets

TOP 10 Unusual Spa Treatments

Below is a list of the most unusual and amazing spa treatments we have ever encountered. We thought this list was important because you never know what mood you’ll be in or what you’ll want the next time you’re looking for a fun way to relax. This

12 Spa Treatments You Can Do At Home

Everyone deserves at least one day a week to pamper themselves. To save time and money, why not try a few at-home spa treatments? There are many relaxing and rejuvenating techniques that can be done using foods that everyone has at home. From massages to scrubs and facials, these treatments will leave you well-groomed from head to toe

Apply This On Your Hands, Wait 15 Minutes And The Wrinkles Will Disappear Completely

We use our hands to complete every daily task. This is surprising since many women spend huge sums of money on skin care products for their face and to treat their hair without even thinking about taking care of their hands. Our hands are one of the first things that time has a devastating effect on

Why, Why Are They Doing This To Themselves?

The cosmetic market is oversaturated with all kinds of products, the lion's share of which guarantees "excellent results" literally "a couple of minutes" after application. Someone believes and tries, others firmly adhere to the idea that beauty cannot be brought up so quickly, and still others … prefer risky novelties. A

8 Great Exercises To Prevent Cervical Osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis is a very dangerous disease, which is characterized by pain in the neck, systematic migraines, flashing "flies" before the eyes, hearing loss. This ailment can even lead to impaired coordination of movements

6 Simple And Beautiful Makeup Options For Brown-eyed

Black, hazel eyes are expressive and no makeup, which the girls are definitely in luck with! But for a spectacular appearance at work and in the theater, at a party and at a party, easy ways to make an excellent make-up in several movements will definitely come in handy

Evening Hairstyles Step By Step: Top 10 Options

When you need to look perfect, but do not have time to visit the hairdresser, you can use step-by-step ideas for creating evening hairstyles. To your attention - TOP-10 options. There are hairstyles, the creation of which practically does not require additional accessories, but there are also more complex options in which you will need hairpins, invisible hairpins, decorative hairpins

"I Will Lose Weight By The Summer!", Or How To Choose The Right "slimming" Wardrobe

I will lose weight by the summer! This phrase is familiar to every woman. And she does not depend on the size of this woman, even thin and simply thin women make such promises to themselves. They are not related to weight, they are related to self-confidence and what a woman sees when she walks up to the mirror

10 Ways To Curl Your Hair

Smooth hair, no matter how gorgeous they are, sooner or later get bored. And there is a desire to become curly. But this is not as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, you need to choose from a variety of options the one that will give the hair in the most favorable light and give the image as a whole a special charm