Advice 2023, March

An Experienced Pediatrician Demonstrates A Miraculous Way To Calm Down A Crying Baby In 30 Seconds

His mesmerizing trick really helps to calm the little ones . Dr. Robert Hamilton has been working as a pediatrician in Santa Monica, California, USA for over 26 years. Over the years, working with children, he managed to develop a special technique that allows you to calm crying babies

How To Find Out Who Is Eavesdropping On You

Useful gsm codes. 1) * # 06 #. Allows you to find out the unique IMEI number of any smartphone, including the iPhone. 2) * # 21 #. Allows you to get information about the enabled call forwarding - calls, messages and other data. Very handy when you want to check if someone is spying on you

7 Ways To Understand What A Person Really Is

Can you imagine a world without cheating? Me not. I do not have enough imagination to understand how much we will lose or how much we will gain by stopping lying to each other. We lie every day, and the ability to bring a person to clean water will be useful to everyone

12 Simple Yet Effective Tricks To Get Things Done Faster In Excel

Do you often have to deal with MS Excel? Then do not miss a portion of tips for optimizing work in this program. Quickly add new data to a chart If for your already built chart on the sheet there is new data that needs to be added, then you can simply select a range with new information, copy it (Ctrl + C) and then paste it directly into the chart (Ctrl + V)

13 Unusual Ways To Use The WD-40

The secret composition of WD-40 is still unknown to anyone, but this does not prevent enthusiasts from finding new uses for it. How often have you come across a household cleaning product that has its own Facebook page and numerous fan sites?

He Covered The Ironing Board With Foil, And Then Couldn't Believe His Eyes

Food aluminium foil - an irreplaceable assistant in the household. Why not use it: cooking in the oven, packaging food, cleaning pots, sharpening scissors, removing plaque on silver items … Today "With your own hands" share a trick thanks to which you can iron clothes 3 times faster

How To Wash Down Jackets In A Washing Machine: 7 Easy Steps

With the onset of cold weather, people take out their outerwear from the closets. Many of us wear down jackets in autumn and winter, as they are warm, comfortable and practical clothes. Before wearing, the down jacket must be freshened and washed

How To Deal With Dust

Dust in the house is the worst enemy of any owner. While it is nearly impossible to get rid of it completely, there are several ways to stop its spread and reduce the amount. What is dust and how is it dangerous? House dust, according to microbiologist Karen Hall, is a collection of various materials: fibers, dust mites and bacteria, mold and fungus spores, pollen, dead skin particles of dogs and cats, other animals and other small microbes

14 Shoe Life Hacks That Even Cinderella Didn't Know About

Shoes are a thing that cannot be saved on. Naturally, having spent a decent amount on shoes, you want them to last longer. There is nothing wrong with that, and it is better to wear one good pair of shoes for several years than to change every season, buying cheaper, but lower quality shoes or boots

How To Iron Things Without An Iron? Helpful Advice

Very often, when we are late somewhere, there is no time left to iron our clothes. But this must be done, because you do not go to work or study in rumpled things. And so that this process takes you less time, we suggest you make this magic spray

Convenient Kitchen: 20 Ingenious Ideas You Should Have Known About Yesterday

The kitchen is a sacred temple for every housewife. But often, after long preparation of delicious dishes, this room becomes unrecognizable. And all because of the wrong organization of space ! Today our editorial staff will share with you secrets that will help not only to put things in order in the kitchen, but also save some useful space

She Put Ice Cubes In The Orchid Pot. A Week Later, A Miracle Happened

Phalaenopsis orchid - one of the most beautiful indoor plants. As a rule, we buy it in bloom. But the moment comes when the flowers fall off and orchid owners begin to wonder what they are doing wrong. In this article "With your own hands" will tell you why the orchid is not blooming and how you can fix it

What To Do With The Leftover Yarn - Dizzying Ideas

Do you know what to make from the leftover yarn ?! Do not rush to throw them away !!!! We have collected a sea of dizzying ideas for you! See for yourself! Creative successes

How To Clean Jewelry

Jewelry is primarily jewelry. They must be handled carefully, mechanical damage must be avoided and stored carefully. They should be removed during sports, physical activity, baths and saunas. It is also necessary to part with the jewelry while doing housework

Light A Bay Leaf In Your Home. What For? You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised

Each house has its own scent. For some, it smells of perfume or coffee, for others, homemade food or warm milk. But there are dwellings in which there is a smell of incredible freshness and cleanliness. At the same time, you feel very comfortable there, since it is not an artificial smell of air freshener

20 Tricks That Can Save You Tons Of Cleaning Time

You can easily and quickly clean your home with a minimum of time and effort, using the simplest home remedies. It is enough to remember a few tricks that I have collected today Good to Know! To keep the taps clean To keep chrome surfaces clean for as long as possible, wipe them down with wax paper (baking paper)

These 16 Incomparable Tricks Will Make Your Life Much Easier. Use It To Your Health

Everyone strives to make life easier and as comfortable as possible for themselves. But if you constantly buy special for this devices and fixtures then it can take a lot of money. We often do not even think about the fact that ordinary things can be used for other purposes

10 Tricky Stain Removal Methods Every Housewife Should Take Note Of

As the saying goes, "there are spots in the sun too." And what can we say about clothes or carpets! Here you can arrange whole competitions: the more people do not manage to get things dirty, and children - even more so. If you doubt that washing powder will rid your favorite thing from a stain or your family budget does not allow you to contact dry cleaning services - check out the little tricks suggested in this article

These 33 Magic Tips Will Help You Clean Up Your House Once And For All

Well, who of us has not encountered this? In a hurry, we throw things anywhere, the house is a constant mess … It makes our mood worse. But fixing this unpleasant moment is as easy as shelling pears. Get acquainted with these useful tips, memorize them and try to translate them into practice. T

Cleaning Is A Joy: 10 Useful Kitchen Tips You Shouldn't Pass By

Keep the kitchen in cleanliness and order - real art. Many housewives know how to get rid of carbon deposits in the oven or how to wash off fat from the microwave without spending the whole day on it. However, even the most experienced women in the household are always happy to learn new useful tricks

16 Ingenious Inventions That Every Person Should Have

Many brilliant ideas and discoveries belong to mankind. They vary in scale, but most of them are useful and important to us. This collection is dedicated to household items that are designed to facilitate our daily life and become indispensable helpers for every day

9 Tricks For Lightning Fast Home Cleaning! You Can't Do Without Them

Every housewife dreams of her house to shine with cleanliness. However, sometimes it is very difficult to keep track of the brilliance and order, and cleaning products not cheap in stores. In addition, synthetic products can cause allergies and skin diseases

Ice And Salt: What Such A Mixture Is Capable Of

Under the influence of salt, ice melts, but at the same time its temperature drops Ice freezes at 0 °. When salt is added, the ice melts and its temperature decreases. Melted ice has a much lower temperature than water without salt, turned into ice

101 Keyboard Combinations That Can Make Your Life Easier

If you work with a computer a lot, then you know that for fast and productive work you need to try to do without a mouse. In this issue, Science and Technology will tell you how to use it more conveniently: Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, Mac, MS Excel, MS Word

12 Airport Tricks You Didn't Know About

I enjoy traveling. This is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes the airport can be the worst experience and cloud the whole trip. But I can help you! Today you will discover tricks that even the most avid travelers had no idea about

How To Replace Home Chemistry?

Industrial products are fine, but their chemical compounds can damage many surfaces and corrode paint and enamel. But the main problem with miracle mixtures is that their composition and pungent odor are harmful to the health of housewives. Yes, you can save the skin of your hands if you wear gloves

DIY Aromatic Wax Sachets

Scented sachets are dry pouch or purse fragrances that are used to make bed linen smell good when stored. Now you will learn how to make an original waxy scent that can be hung in a closet, placed in a bathroom, or placed under a pillow to inhale the natural and beautiful classic scent of roses, the soothing scent of lavender, which reduces stress and repels moths, or the woody scent of sandalwood, which improves mood and reduces anxiety

Did You Know What This Part Of The Chinese Chopsticks Is For? All Ingenious Is Simple

In the modern world, almost everyone picks up Chinese sticks from time to time. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of Chinese food or prefer to indulge in sushi, you are trying to "conquer" these wooden sticks. How do we act when we take this device in our hands?

How To Stretch Tight Shoes: 6 Practical Tips From A Shoemaker

Probably every woman has a pair of shoes that are comfortable only to sit in. When you try them on in a store, it seems that there is no more convenient and more beautiful model. But when you come home, you understand that you have never been so wrong … If you have purchased just such a shoe, rubbing, pressing and causing discomfort, use our advice. &

6 Coolest Inventions Of That Can Help People

Half a century ago, for the phrase: "My hand is already frozen to talk to you …" one could thunder into a psychiatric hospital. What is there to go far? If I had been told 20 years ago that we would take pictures with our phone, I would have turned my finger to my temple. L

27 Reasons To Check Reflections BEFORE Uploading Photos To The Internet

Photos are a great way to capture a moment in your life, for future memories, or just to have fun. But in order to get a good photo, there are a few things to consider. You should watch out for: Lighting Reflection Back plan Reflection in particular can take all the attention away from the main subject in a photo, turning the whole photo into something completely different from what you expected

10 Original Ideas For Decorating Home Plants

Flowers by themselves are capable of decorating any room. And if you additionally decorate pots, vases or other container in which the plants are planted, they can become the main accent spot of the interior. You can decorate them yourself. We bring to your attention 10 original ideas for decorating home plants

How Cleaning Your Home Can Change Your Life

Marie Kondo's bestseller, Life-Changing Tidying Magic: The Japanese Art of Getting Rid of Things and Organizing Space, has truly changed the life of Emily Clay, the mistress of the Oregon home. According to her, after reading the book, she got rid of "a ton" of clothes and books, and although she loves to go shopping, Marie Kondo's advice kept her from filling up all the shelves and wardrobes again

How To Make Herbal Soap At Home?

Think about it, have you ever wondered how to make a soap at home that will only provide your skin with cleanliness, radiance and smoothness? We can buy such vital hygiene products in supermarkets, but what could be better than something made with our own hands without any unnecessary substances?

5 Indoor Plants That Are Great For Cleaning The Air In Your Home

Today we will tell you about 5 houseplants that perfectly clean the air in your home. 1. Chlorophytum An unpretentious plant that very effectively copes with the absorption of harmful toxins and substances from the air, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and toluene

Wait To Throw Away The Coffee Grounds: 20 Unexpected Uses Of The Miracle Cure

Are you going to throw away the coffee grounds? Do not rush to do it! After reading these useful tips, you can make your life easier - because coffee helps in the most unpredictable cases. The value of this drink does not disappear when you take your last fragrant sips, coffee grounds - a real treasure

12 Unexpected Hair Spray Ideas

We are already accustomed to the fact that very often certain things can be used completely outside the box. For example, let's take an ordinary hairspray … All that is known about it is that it is used to fix hair for a while. But it turns out that we know little about all the possibilities of this tool

17 Automotive Life Hacks Every Motorist Should Know

Most adults have a car, so why not make the journey from point A to point B as comfortable as possible? These simple and tricky tips will take car ownership to a new level of comfort and make your life much easier. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights Just apply toothpaste to a soft cloth and buff your headlights, they will look like new in just a few minutes If you do not have a holder, then simply secure your phone with a rubber band Buy a small trash c

Morning Habits That Ruin Your Day

Have you noticed that very often your day is not set in the morning? You will learn how to "get on that foot" and not let anything or anyone ruin your day, you will learn from this article. Setting yourself up to the right pace at the start of your day is very important

Just Add Vinegar To The Washing Machine! Here It Is - A Secret For Which You Can Give A Lot

It is amazing how many beneficial qualities ordinary table vinegar ! It gives shine to tiles, mirrors and glasses, cleans taps and mixers from limescale, in tandem with soda, effectively whitens the sink … But what happens if you add vinegar while washing things? &