5 Reasons Why A Woman Becomes More Beautiful With Age

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5 Reasons Why A Woman Becomes More Beautiful With Age
5 Reasons Why A Woman Becomes More Beautiful With Age

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Love yourself, you are beautiful! Love yourself at every age. In each, but every year it gets stronger and stronger. Be calm and happy. And remember, age is just numbers that don't say anything at all.

- Teacher, tell me, how long can I wait for a miracle? When will it finally happen? Teacher, answer. How long to wait? When when?

- If you wait, then never.

And only now I realized that happiness comes to those who know how NOT to wait. Who does not set conditions and requirements. Who once gave a request to the Universe. And then he just relaxed and lived calmly, realizing in his soul that everything would happen exactly as he asked.

Beauty comes to those who know how to live

And only now I realized that, like happiness, beauty comes to those who know how to live. Just relax and live, not counting the days and the wrinkles they bring. You just need to relax and live. And everything will be beautiful.

Two years ago, British sociologists conducted a funny survey. They asked men and women about the components of female beauty. You will be surprised, but 70% of men said that the main quality they pay attention to in a woman is self-confidence. It is she who makes a woman desirable. Confidence in yourself, you see, comes with age. When you forget about complexes, you stop pressing acne, crying in the bathroom until your eyes are red. When you accept yourself for who you are. And you are finally comfortable with you.

Go ahead. 47% of men said that a sense of style is important for them in a woman. It is to him that they pay attention in the first place. When do we get style? When we understand that this sweater makes us bigger, these trousers are absolutely not suitable here, and it is best to put this shawl on top of a delicate color, will it accentuate our blush? That's right, we get a sense of style with age. You can argue with me now, of course. But then quietly, hiding from everyone, look at your old photos. Well, how? Stylish, right? And this funny top under this ridiculous skirt is very cute, right? Nevermind.

I love my wrinkles around my eyes - they remind me how much I laughed in my life

We become more beautiful with age. And this is not surprising. Don't hide your school photos, we will dig into them yet. Personally, I can't look at them without laughing. God, is it really me? What is it with me? I look like a wet puppy there. But not on the current one for sure. Let's analyze further, chronologically. At university, I also looked a little strange. Who said this haircut suits me? She made my head look like a saucepan. I'm laughing now. Because today I am confident in myself.


“Age is just numbers,” my friend likes to repeat, congratulating me on my next birthday. - "Do not worry. These are just numbers. " We both laugh. He - because he really needs to score. He is a man, moreover, he is several years younger than me. I - because age, and really, only numbers. Nothing meaningful numbers. Today I can tell you this with confidence.

I love my wrinkles around my eyes. They remind me how many times in my life I have laughed. These ones - from laughter for no reason at the Atlantic Ocean. These are from the joy that my work was accepted in Paris. These - from constant laughter with my husband, it is more fun to find a person, I am so happy that he is near. Yes, I will not exchange them for anything in the world! And I will never try to get rid of them with an anti-aging cream. Because they are the ones that make me beautiful. Because they are my life.

Now I know that the beauty of each of us blooms individually. And it manifests itself at different ages. But invariably after a few moments. Until you pass them all, you will not be completely beautiful.In any case, always remember that you have yet to come, every year you will be more beautiful and more beautiful, no matter what others or your cosmetologist may tell you.

1. Beauty comes after the birth of the first child

The woman begins to shine from within. It is very difficult to explain, but she seemed to know something strong, unknown, a secret known only to her. This glow makes it irresistible. Such a woman is usually looked after. And if you have not yet given birth, then everything is ahead of you. You will know that yet.

2. Beauty comes after great disappointment

Will you be surprised? But I thought about it for a long time. Women who have experienced and recovered from a serious crisis become thoughtful. After that, you can't fool them on the chaff. They won't giggle like schoolgirls. They cease to be infantile, which so often repels the men in us. Oversized teenagers look silly, you see. A woman with experience always looks mysterious. I want to know her.

3. Beauty comes when you meet your man

“Oh, Anka, you are so beautiful today! You shine straight,”a classmate shouted after me when I ran on a date to the man I was madly in love with. And he loved me. And this feeling gave me an inner glow. I became more confident in myself. I realized that I liked a man, to whom everyone pays attention. I was happy. Which means she is beautiful. The right men are helping us out of the cocoon. With a loving man, we always make ourselves an order of magnitude more beautiful.

4. Beauty comes when we begin to love ourselves

It is to love. Do not pamper, do not lisp, do not justify, do not rush around. Namely, to love. This is very difficult. Young girls cannot do this to the fullest. This skill comes with age. Perhaps this is the most important knowledge in a woman's life. He definitely needs to learn. Listen to yourself, highlight your strengths and not highlight your weaknesses. If you are sad, do not run to cry to your friend, but sit at home. If you are happy with yourself, do not brag on every corner. The power of self-love is very individual. But we need it badly. We will never be happy without her.

5. Beauty comes when a woman becomes calm

Look at the pictures of Monica Bellucci. How calm and self-sufficient she is. She wants to admire and admire. Beauty doesn't like hysterics. It is good that we experience them in our youth. It's good that as we age, we can finally control our emotions. Calm, balanced women always look better. They always attract attention.

Age is just numbers that say nothing

Ask me if I would like to go back ten years ago? Never in my life! I finally learned how to get along with myself. I learned to love myself. And it gave me confidence. I love myself today. With my past, which, perhaps, began to appear slightly on my face in the form of wrinkles. With my experience, which, perhaps, is time to paint over in my hair. But I do not refuse it in any way. Because it gave me the strength to be myself, to be who I am. Be self-sufficient.

And by the way, yes, after thirty I was suddenly offered to take pictures for a photo project. And now I'm finishing these lines and running to the set, yeah


Love yourself, you are beautiful! Love yourself at every age. In each, but every year it gets stronger and stronger. Be calm and happy. And remember, age is just numbers that don't say anything at all

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