10 Style Lessons From Giorgio Armani

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10 Style Lessons From Giorgio Armani
10 Style Lessons From Giorgio Armani

Video: 10 Style Lessons From Giorgio Armani

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Video: Giorgio Armani - the short review of the fashion collection spring summer 2021 2023, January

These recommendations will obviously not be superfluous!

1. Being elegant does not mean conspicuous, it means engraving in memory.

2. The difference between style and fashion is quality.

3. A cheap pair of shoes is a bad economy. Do not skimp on the main thing: shoes are the basis of your wardrobe.

4. Looking sexy is a matter of self-confidence. It is a state of mind as well as a state of the body.

5. I am glad that nowadays there is a desire to be elegant again. Elegance is the key to a timeless look, something that never goes out of style, that you never go out of style with. I attribute my success to the fidelity of this philosophy. For me, style is more important than short-lived fashion trends.

6. Do not be too zealous when choosing clothes: the most stylish people look as if they do not put any effort into their own appearance. Ultimately, style comes down to self-expression, and I don't think anything can look really terrible on a person who is sincere with himself.

7. Black and dark blue are slimmer than other colors. By sticking to this color scheme, you can allow yourself to experiment with shapes and textures.

8. The importance of accessories is growing these days, so invest in shoes, belts, bags, ties and the like. Then you can update your outfit over and over again. Be mindful of the colors you wear and buy matching accessories. That being said, remember that with gray you can wear both black and brown. A watch is one of the most important things you buy, a watch says a lot about a person.

9. Choose fabrics of neutral colors, without bright patterns - they will last longer (in terms of fashion).

10. A carefully chosen scent can become your hallmark. This is the first thing people feel when you enter a room and the last thing that disappears when you leave.


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