Cast Iron Pan Without Carbon Deposits! A Choice Of 8 Ways To Solve The Problem

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Cast Iron Pan Without Carbon Deposits! A Choice Of 8 Ways To Solve The Problem
Cast Iron Pan Without Carbon Deposits! A Choice Of 8 Ways To Solve The Problem

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I find a cast iron pan the most convenient for frying. Heat is evenly distributed in it, food does not burn, and it is not afraid of scratches (unlike, for example, Teflon). Once upon a time, our mothers and grandmothers used mainly cast iron cookware - heavy, requiring some knowledge of the details when caring for it, but extremely reliable and durable.


Of course, modern women have long been accustomed to using pans and pans made of aluminum or stainless steel. However, those who accidentally find an old cast-iron frying pan at home should not throw it away! (Even if it has a terrible soot). Which, by the way, is considered a rather harmful substance. It tends to vaporize substances that increase the risk of developing cancer.

I bring to your attention the cleaning options:

  • Washing powder, soda ash, a tube of regular office glue;
  • The fire;
  • Acetic acid;
  • Strong brush for metal;
  • Coca-Cola;
  • Sand;
  • Blowtorch;
  • Laundry soap;

OPTION # 1. Pour water into a container that will hold your cast iron skillet. To this should be added half a glass of washing powder and about the same amount of soda ash. Also, one tube of stationery glue must be squeezed into this solution. All this, together with a frying pan, is put on the fire and boiled for two hours. During this time, carbon deposits will gradually begin to fall off the dishes. You must help him completely fall off. To do this, take a brush and clean the pan. If after the first time carbon deposits do not fall off, then you can repeat the procedure several times in a row.

OPTION # 2. An old frying pan can be cleaned without spending a lot of money, or rather, without spending anything at all. But those who decide to use this option at home can call themselves true lovers of extreme sports. The main condition for washing a frying pan is the presence of an open fire. The dishes must be put on the fire for a long period of time. Of course, this option is absolutely not suitable for residents of apartments who do not have the opportunity to start a fire in their yard. Therefore, they should choose another method - wash or clean, dissolve or scrape off, but observe fire safety rules.

OPTION # 3. In order to wash off the carbon deposits, which consist of fat, you should use acetic acid instead of water. A large amount of it will be required, but the cleaning results will delight the eye of any housewife. Do not forget that after the cleaning process the dishes should be thoroughly washed with detergents and rinsed in warm water.

OPTION №4. This is a lazy way to remove long-term deposits. It is suitable for housewives who do not like to wash anything. Using this method may scratch the pan, but it will also remove the black soot from the dishes. Moreover, to achieve the result, you will not strain too much. It will be enough to purchase a special metal brush in the store, which is designed specifically to remove carbon deposits. You should gently run it over the sides of the pan, and the black layer will disappear before your eyes.

OPTION # 5. Pour coca-cola into a large container, put a frying pan there and leave for a day. Anything extra from the pan will just fall off.

OPTION # 6. This is the easiest way. In order to wash off the black layer, it is necessary to pour ordinary sand into a cast-iron dish. Then put it on a slow fire for as much as three hours. You do not have to rub anything afterwards, you just need to knock on the pan. The disadvantage of this method is the unpleasant smell of heating the sand.

OPTION №7. This option provides for the help of the male half of humanity.You need to take a lamp and direct its fire directly into the pan. The carbon deposits will come off in 7 minutes. Do not forget about the fire safety rules and hold the event outdoors.

OPTION №8. To clean a cast-iron pan from carbon deposits, crumble half of a bar of soap into the pan and pour hot water over it. You need to boil such a mixture for half an hour. After the manipulations, your favorite piece of equipment will simply shine.

Prevention of carbon deposits in a cast iron pan:

So that you do not have to wash your favorite pan very often, you just need to prepare it for use. This can be done by calcining the dishes. This method will ensure that you do not worry about the appearance of black carbon deposits on it. The pan is ignited as follows: a layer of salt should be poured onto the bottom of the new kitchen utensil. Together with the salt, the dishes must be placed to heat. When the salt turns brown, the pan can be removed from the heat. After the salt has cooled down a little, you need to clean the utensils with it, then grease the pan with sunflower oil and put it in the oven for a short time. These simple manipulations will prevent food from sticking to the bottom, thereby providing a "folk" non-stick coating. Any of these steps are easy to do at home. To prevent a thick layer of black soot, greasy soot and food in your pan, you should always take care of it. If you can take proper care of your old cast iron skillet, it will be easy to clean to remove carbon deposits. I wish everyone clean dishes, without making maximum efforts.

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