How To Properly Grow A Date Palm From A Stone

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How To Properly Grow A Date Palm From A Stone
How To Properly Grow A Date Palm From A Stone

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For successful cultivation from the stone of the date palm, there are two completely equal methods.


The first way

Dry the date stone for several days in the open air. Then fill it with hot water and let it stand for about 24 hours so that the bone swells. Pour sawdust into a small container, place a swollen bone in them and pour water generously. In this case, the sawdust must always be wet.

After 30 days, when the first sprout appears, you can transplant the sprouted seed into a pot about 70 mm high. We equip a good drainage in a pot and fill it with a mixture consisting of 4 parts of sand, 2 parts of sod land, 2 parts of humus and one part of charcoal. During this procedure, you should be especially careful about the sprouted bone, keeping it connected to the sprout - the bone provides additional nutrition.

When the sprout reaches a height of 100 mm, you should also carefully transplant the young palm tree into a pot with a large volume. Given that the palm is sensitive to replanting, the best option would be to simply move the entire plant, along with the soil ball, into a new pot and fill the remaining space with a potting soil similar to that used for planting.

The first five years, transplants are carried out annually, then every 3 years. In this case, each time you should slightly increase the volume of the earth. Upon reaching the age of 15, the frequency of transplantation decreases to once every 6 years. The pots should not be wide, but high, because the palm has a long root system. The lighting of the palm tree should be diffused, and during the growth process, the plant should be rotated a little, while orienting the palm so that the end of the youngest sprout is directed into the interior of the room.

Watering is carried out with settled water at room temperature. Watering frequency increases during hot weather. Continuously wipe the palm leaves with a damp cloth and additionally moisten them with a spray bottle. The introduction of a special nutritional supplement (ready-made in stores) is carried out every 2 weeks, during the period of increased vegetation - in summer and spring, the frequency increases to 1 time per week.

It is preferable to choose a moderate temperature regime: in winter from 8 to 15 ° С, and in summer - up to 20 ° С. The room is ventilated, but the date is not exposed to drafts. When walking palm trees in the summer on the balcony or in the garden, avoid open, blown places. Remove dried leaves immediately.

Second way

The method is similar to the first in almost everything, except for a few features. First, before planting, the hard shell of the bone is cut in the middle. This is necessary for a quicker release of the sprout from the very durable date bone shell. And secondly, after placing the incised bone in the pot, the surface is covered with a film to create a microclimate. Keep the soil moist under the film. The sprout appears in 30 - 45 days and further operations are completely identical to the first method.

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