Secrets Of Growing Geraniums

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Secrets Of Growing Geraniums
Secrets Of Growing Geraniums

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You can also grow geraniums from seeds, but I prefer cuttings, which are carried out from mid-February to early March.

At this time, it is already required to prune geraniums. After all, geranium is photophilous, and in winter there is little light, and the plant stretches out, becomes not very beautiful.

In geraniums, you need to cut the bare shoots to the height that you need (but not quite to the stump, of course), new branches will go from them.


And you can renew the geranium every year by replanting from a new cuttings, as our great-grandmothers did in the old days.

For propagation of geraniums, apical cuttings with a length of about 7 cm with 3-5 leaves are suitable.

Cut the cuttings, making an oblique cut under the bud, cut off the bottom pair of leaves, dry the cut and the place where the leaves break for 2-3 hours so that the cut is tightened with a film, and plant immediately in prepared pots with soil, lightly water.

To form a lush bush, pinch the apical bud. We put in a bright place, but not in the sun!

Many simply cut the cuttings and put them in water, I advise you to put activated carbon tablets in a jar of water so that there is no decay.


Roots form very quickly. Then they are placed in pots.

You need to take a small pot. You don't need a lot of geranium land. The faster the roots cover a clod of earth, the faster the plant will bloom, and the smaller the pot, the more abundant the flowering will be.

In large pots, the plant may not bloom at all, it does not need it - life is so good, why bother? You can even plant several cuttings in one pot.


In the process of rooting, the lower leaves may turn yellow - tear them off when a couple of new leaves appear.

To form a beautiful lush bush, pinch the top on the 8-10th leaf, the side shoots - on the 6-8th and constantly turn the pot so that the bush is even.

Geranium likes:

  • the sun (but also tolerates a light shade);
  • warm (but will survive very light autumn frosts);
  • not frequent, but plentiful watering;
  • good drainage in the pot;
  • moderately fertile, even poor soil (otherwise there will be a lot of greenery, but few flowers);
  • regular feeding;
  • removal of faded inflorescences to continue flowering.

In June-July, if necessary, cuttings can be made.

Iodine water is a very good feeding: dissolve 1 drop of iodine in 1 liter of water and pour 50 ml of this composition along the walls of the pot. Do not overdo it so the roots do not burn!

After such watering, geraniums bloom continuously and gorgeous!


If the leaves turn yellow, the reasons may be as follows:

  1. if only the edges of the leaves dry, the reason is a lack of moisture;
  2. if the leaves are lethargic or rotting, the reason is excess moisture.

In both cases, the leaves may fall off.

Exposure of the stem, the lower leaves fall off - lack of light.

In summer, geraniums are very fond of living in the fresh air - take it to the balcony or garden, plant it well in the ground.

At first, having survived the stress associated with a change of place, geranium will hurt, its leaves may turn yellow and fall off. But then she will delight you with abundant flowering.

On the street, geranium blooms amazingly, and the bush grows strongly in a way it never grows at home.


In the sun, sometimes geranium leaves turn pink - this is a normal phenomenon, like a "tan", the plant is no better, no worse.

In autumn, when the weather is cool at 10-12 degrees, geraniums "go crazy" from such a temperature!

You can keep geraniums outside until the frost begins, until the temperature drops to + 2-5. Then it will need to be cut, transplanted into pots and placed in a cool place (10-12 degrees) for hibernation, or, gradually accustoming it to a higher temperature, brought into the room where it will continue to bloom.

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