Why, Why Are They Doing This To Themselves?

Why, Why Are They Doing This To Themselves?
Why, Why Are They Doing This To Themselves?

Video: Why, Why Are They Doing This To Themselves?

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Video: WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO THEMSELVES?! [Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc] [#08] 2023, January

The cosmetic market is oversaturated with all kinds of products, the lion's share of which guarantees "excellent results" literally "a couple of minutes" after application. Someone believes and tries, others firmly adhere to the idea that beauty cannot be brought up so quickly, and still others … prefer risky novelties. And they have enough courage or other qualities to lay out the intermediate result for everyone to see. No matter how controversial it may be.


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This is called the "bubble mask" and is considered a type of face scrub. Yes, yes, not a Halloween mask, not a toy from a joke store, but a popular medical and cosmetic product. What does it do? Um … but what difference does it make if it looks anything prettier and more interesting than the notorious cucumber or zucchini in sour cream, which is placed over the eyes to accidentally scare the household? It brings beauty!

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For those who still want to know the secret of Bubble masks, this is the so-called oxygen mask. A thick and voluminous layer of foam traps oxygen and ensures its intense contact with the skin. Well, the appearance is an unexpected side effect, not so scary, is it? On the contrary, it's even funny and there is a reason for new selfies.

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Laughter is laughter, but the mask is not as useless as it might seem. It contains clay and various extracts, which act until small bubbles inflate and burst. When the process is complete, the mask hardens and easily peels off the face along with the dirt that was on the skin. At least that's what advertising promises.


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