Even 1 Date Causes An Irreversible Process In The Body

Even 1 Date Causes An Irreversible Process In The Body
Even 1 Date Causes An Irreversible Process In The Body

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Dates are an amazing fruit, which in many countries is credited with the properties of improving health and prolonging life. It is said that in China there are centenarians whose diet is exclusively based on dates. In any case, this is a very healthy product, and many nutritionists recommend using it instead of sweets. In addition, dates have been known since ancient times for their healing properties.


Doctors have found that low blood sugar often leads to the fact that a person experiences an exorbitant feeling of hunger, and after eating just a few dates, the feeling of hunger disappears. Thus, if the fasting person first eats dates when breaking the fast, then later he will be satisfied with a small amount of food, will not overeat and will not harm either his spiritual or physical health.

They contain 23 different types of amino acids that are not found in most other fruits.

Dates are also rich in the essential amino acid tryptophan, which is also essential for optimal brain function and mental health, especially in old age. Tryptophan prevents aging: a sufficient amount of it in food allows you to stop the aging process of cells. In addition, thanks to tryptophan, dates have a mild sedative and hypnotic effect.

In addition to tryptophan, dates also contain another amino acid, glutamic acid, which prevents heartburn by neutralizing excess stomach acid. Selenium, which reduces the risk of cancer, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Due to the combination of a huge amount of sugars (glucose and fructose (26-55%), which are quickly absorbed by the body) with vitamin B5, the fruits of the date palm have a valuable property not only to quickly satisfy hunger, but also to restore physical strength, energy and freshness of the brain and nerves.

Like most plant foods, dates are cholesterol free.

The energy value of 100 g of the edible part of the fruit is 142-274 calories, dried or dried - 340 calories. The fruits contain from 40.0 to 77.5% of dry matter. The date is low in calories, so feel free to use it instead of sweets, and your weight will be correct.

By buying at least 200 g of dates on the market, you are buying an incredible amount of minerals, salts and vitamins. Scientists believe that 10 dates a day is enough to meet the daily human need for magnesium, copper, sulfur, half of the need for iron, a quarter of the need for calcium. So, eating only dates and water, you can live for several years.

Modern medicine has also paid quite close attention to dates as a subject of many years of study, academic research, during which numerous beneficial properties of this product were discovered.

Among them:

• dates are not transmitters of any bacteria, microbes and parasites dangerous to human health;

• dates are an excellent remedy in the fight against harmful amoeba;

• dates contain substances that kill pathogenic bacteria in the human body;

• dates are an irreplaceable food and medicine for astronauts, and they are also much healthier than caviar;

• dates contain substances that contribute to increased contraction of the muscles of the uterus, which greatly facilitates the process of childbirth in a woman, making it quick and not so painful;

• dates contain vitamin A, which supports and improves vision at night;

• due to the presence of vitamin B, dates are very useful for the normal functioning and development of the muscular system;

• dates improve appetite;

• eating dates on an empty stomach kills parasites;

• dates are fruit, food, medicine, drink and sweetness.

Of course, it is clear that a person can live peacefully without dates, but they are extremely beneficial to health.

The use of dates is recommended in the following cases:

• with mental stress

It is believed that dried dates have a beneficial effect on the brain, increasing its productivity by 20% or more;

• with physical fatigue and exhaustion

In just half an hour after consuming dates, even a very tired person regains strength and energy;

• for diseases of the respiratory tract;

• with cardiovascular diseases

Due to its high potassium content. In case of heart failure, dates stimulate the activity of the heart, serve as a tonic and strengthening agent, and restore strength after a long illness;

• with anemia, anemia;

• to prevent the development of ulcers and cancer of the stomach, intestines

Pectin and dietary fiber enhance intestinal motility, thereby preventing the development of cancer;

• to increase the amount of male semen;

• with impotence;

• with disorders of the nervous system;

• for successful labor

It is very useful to use dates for women in order to restore the body after childbirth. Scientific experiments have shown that dates contain special stimulating substances that strengthen the muscles of the uterus during the last months of pregnancy. And this, in turn, not only facilitates the process of childbirth, but also reduces the period of postpartum hemorrhage;

• with motion sickness and motion sickness;

• for colds;

• to prevent miscarriages;

• to strengthen the walls of the capillaries;

• to improve digestion, eliminate gastrointestinal disorders

Dates are very beneficial for digestion, they have a cleansing effect on the digestive system. And the Russian scientist II Mechnikov recommended the consumption of dates in case of intestinal disorders;

• to improve vision, reduce eye fatigue;

• to enhance blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure;

• to reduce the side effects of many antibiotics;

• to prevent aging, dates prolong life;

• for enrichment of breast milk with vitamins

The use of dates by nursing mothers contributes to the enrichment of breast milk with many vitamins essential for the full development of the child, increasing the resistance of the baby's body to many diseases. Therefore, it is these fruits that modern nutritionists recommend to pregnant and lactating women;

• for the healing of bleeding gums

The minerals in dates are very important for teeth. They are one of the building blocks and substances that strengthen dental tissues. This is the reason for the benefits of dates for the teeth;

• to strengthen the immune system;

• to prevent the formation of carcinogens;

• to reduce the likelihood of blood clots, to increase resistance to infections;

• for children who are unbalanced and suffering from nervous disorders;

• to prevent heart disease and diseases associated with blood pressure;

• for the treatment of edema and dizziness caused by diseases of the inner ear;

• with premenstrual syndrome in women;

• to regulate blood sugar;

• to remove heavy metal ions from the body;

• to eliminate depressive conditions in pregnant women;

• to prevent arthritis;

• to suppress pain (contain substances similar in structure to aspirin);

• to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer

Sometimes patients do not have enough money for expensive medicines. But this is not such an irreparable problem. Dates are very beneficial in cancer treatment. The patient can eat dates, and this must necessarily have a positive effect. Dates can always be found in most stores throughout the year at a relatively low price;

• to improve metabolism in the body and lower blood cholesterol levels;

• in the treatment of helminthic invasions of the liver and jaundice, due to the presence of vitamin B, dates are an excellent addition;

• as date sugar poultices. They are effective for muscle pain.

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