How To Convince Someone: 10 Tips

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How To Convince Someone: 10 Tips
How To Convince Someone: 10 Tips

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Homer's Rule is associated with strong and weak arguments, and persuasiveness directly depends on their order. Only by alternating the arguments correctly will you get the expected result. Most Effective Algorithm: Strong Evidence - Medium Evidence - One of the strongest justifications.

Weak reasons are not at all recommended for persuasion purposes. The outcome is decided not by the number of arguments, but by their quality. But do not forget about an essential nuance: different persons, due to their individuality, see and assess the situation in different ways: for one person, a strong argument will not be such, for another - on the contrary.

Socrates' rule is the effect of positive and negative responses on a person, the nature of which also has deep physiological reasons. If you desperately need a positive solution to an important question, put it in third place, and in the first two - short and simple questions for the interlocutor, to which he will no doubt answer "Yes".

1. Never drive a person into a corner, be extremely polite and accurate;

2. Use the above alternation of arguments, think carefully about your speech;

3. Build trust using practical knowledge. Tell us what benefits and dividends your knowledge brings to you. Personnel persuasion rules, for example, bring this position to the fore;

4. Be sure to agree on something with your opponent. This little trick will allow the other person to feel respect for their beliefs;

5. Flatter, but not rude. Coarse flattery is repulsive. To gain confidence and relax a person, this technique needs subtlety;

6. Use the above Socratic consensus rule;

7. Take the conversation away from dangerous topics and "sharp corners" if they are not related to the subject of the conversation;

8. Consider every little thing. Facial expressions, gestures, verbal and non-verbal behavior - all this is of great importance. Advertising rules of persuasion emphasize this judgment;

9. Remember that the person is looking for benefits. Disclose to him the most profitable, advantageous sides of your position and convey that just his position remains just his position to no purpose - it does not bring (and will not bring!) The desired benefit, benefit, profit;

10. Even if the interlocutor is annoying, show respect and attentiveness to him, but in no case do not play up! An adequate person will always appreciate such a gesture, knowing that you do not agree with him. Perhaps he will thus distinguish you in the dispute. The rules of persuasion in business communication especially highlight this position and always focus on it.

Having mastered this information and using it in practice, you will see how effectively the given recommendations work. Don't be discouraged if success doesn't come immediately. The main thing is to control your emotions and practice. The rules of persuading people involve hard work on oneself, mental and spiritual stress, strict control of behavior and rhetoric. Remember that the interlocutor may be extremely unpleasant for you, but all people are different, and if a very important decision depends on such a person, you will have to try, work, convince.

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