5 Tips For Storing Clothes

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5 Tips For Storing Clothes
5 Tips For Storing Clothes

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Based on our own experience, we have put together five basic tips to help you store things beautifully and functionally.


Take out some of your items on the counter

The items you wear most often should be taken out on a free-standing hanger rack. So you don't have to take them out of the shelves every other day, creating a mess there. Keep basic wardrobe items close at hand.

Use boxes and organizers

The shelves in the closets are rarely the right size. Usually they are too high and are barely one third full of things. Special dividers and organizers in this matter are our assistants. Underwear and socks are most comfortable in the dresser among the dividers or in transparent boxes. Believe me, when every summer scarf and every pair of home socks has its own cell, there will be much less clutter. And the search for the second blue sock, which, honestly, “should have been around here,” will cease.

Hang up wisely

It's no secret that a lot depends on hangers: whether there is enough space left in your closet, what hangers the knitted items will have, how aesthetically pleasing the closet will be inside in the end. Firstly, throw away the old, different-sized hangers that have come up out of nowhere and buy one or two sets of new ones at once. Secondly, remember to use different hangers for different purposes. For trousers, multi-level hangers were invented, for delicate knitwear - soft, and summer T-shirts and light shirts will feel good on thin hangers that do not take up space. Do not confuse female and male hangers - this can lead to deformation of your blouses.

And also let each thing hang on its own hanger. Pants feel best on a hanger with clothespins, but make sure that the clothespins are rubberized or sheathed with some kind of protector and do not injure your belongings.

Make the most of your space

If the issue of storage is rather acute, then it is worth taking a critical look at your closet (or dressing room) and see if you are missing some potentially suitable place for storage. Many of us have a lot of unused space under the bar with hangers. It can be occupied with special organizers for things and shoes, boxes and suitcases with something you need, or, conversely, with seasonal things hidden for better times. The real salvation in organizing the wardrobe section with hangers is the pantograph. It allows you to hang suits, dresses and shirts even in two rows on top of each other.

Equip cabinet doors

The swing door can also be used: in old Soviet wardrobes, a thin metal cornice was usually attached to them, on which belts and ties were hung. If you feel an acute shortage of the same in your modern closet, attach a similar bracket yourself. Of course, we do not recommend drilling or nailing thin doors. But you can glue reliable hooks to them.

Bonus tips from DIY:

  • When hanging shirts and blouses on hangers, fasten the top button - this way things will not slip, get confused and wrinkled.
  • For special perfectionists, you should pay attention to the knitted coat hangers. If they don't quite line up with the hanger, they can be pinned to prevent the shoulders from warping.
  • In order for clothes and underwear to smell good, you do not have to buy expensive sachets. You can buy aromatic soap (or take a donated one - probably accumulated after birthdays and March 8) and put it in the necessary boxes: the effect will be like a sachet.
  • Use the space on the door in the closet: store hats, bags or necklaces, belts on the hooks.
  • It is best to store bras without folding them in half. If you put them one to another in cups in cups, they will not take up more space, but they will remain better.
  • Summer trousers are conveniently stored on special multi-tiered hangers.
  • You can organize the space with the help of available tools: put underwear and socks in bags from under shoes or bags.

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