15 Funny Anecdotes About Numbers In Our World

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15 Funny Anecdotes About Numbers In Our World
15 Funny Anecdotes About Numbers In Our World

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Without mathematics, nowhere! Numbers and the most complex mathematical operations with them, which really come in handy in life, today are within the reach of everyone who graduated from elementary school.

In everyday life, family, at work and even on vacation, the numbers are around us, we do not part with them. And although an ordinary calculator on a smartphone is always ready to help out in difficult times, curiosities with mathematics continue to occur.

* * *

- You love mathematics more than me!

- Expensive! How could you think!

- Well then, prove it!

- Okay. Let R be the set of all favorite objects …

* * *

Please tell us what is the name of the sign that expresses the absence of the value of this digit in the positional number system. Otherwise I am a complete zero in mathematics.

* * *


* * *

- Give at least one example of how learning mathematics will help me in real life!

- You just showed two fingers.

* * *

The psycho runs through the hospital, runs up to the patients and shouts: “I will

I will differentiate !!! " Sick screams, shy away to the sides, under the bed


The psycho likes it and he runs to the next victim. Runs up

shouts: "I will differentiate you !!!" And he sits further, zero


Crazy again: "I will differentiate you !!!" Again, no


The psycho starts up, yells: “Don't you hear? I am you now

I will differentiate !!!"

And he gets the answer: "I don't care, I'm an exhibitor!"

* * *

For over 20 years now, I have been waiting for Sinus, Cosine, Tangent and Cotangent, which should have been great for me in life, and because of which my child's psyche was so upset …

* * *


* * *

In a math lesson:

- Sidorov, name a two-digit number.

- Thirty-one.

- Why not thirteen? Sit down two.

- Petrov, name a two-digit number.

- forty five.

- Why not fifty-four? Sit down. Two.

- Rabinovich, name a two-digit number.

- Twenty two.

- Why not … Again you with your Jewish jokes!

* * *

- How to measure the heroic strength?

- We need to multiply the mass on the accelerator!

* * *

The teacher asks Goga in math lesson:

- Gogi, is the chemu equal to the sum of the squares of the kateta?

- To the square of hypotenuse!

- Will you prove it?

- I swear by my mother !!!

* * *

Einstein died, comes to God and says:

- God, I have been thinking and searching all my life, so now show me the formula of the universe.

- No problem.

Claps his hands, a large black board appears. God writes his formula on it with chalk. Long, complicated …


- Well, well … I knew it, figured it out, then I guessed it. Listen, here you have some nonsense written!

God, waving his hand:

- Yes, I already understood..

* * *


* * *

Question on the exam:

- What will happen if you combine cybernetics and mathematics?


- Cybenematics!

* * *

In 3/9 kingdom, in 3/10 kingdom, everyone was obsessed with fractions.

* * *

A mathematician enters the photo studio:

- Please take me photos from this film.

- 9x13?

- Nuuu … 117, why?

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