5 Best Tomato Dishes You've Never Cooked

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5 Best Tomato Dishes You've Never Cooked
5 Best Tomato Dishes You've Never Cooked

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Summer is a joy for Lokavor: for those who decide that they will only eat local vegetables, it is not easy to wait for seasonal tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and other summer vegetables, which in no case should be eaten in winter. Yes, and tasteless.

But now it's delicious! Let's go to the market as soon as possible, buy fresh tomatoes and treat them as in the southern countries. You don't have to make a salad. Although, forgive me, it is obligatory - what could be better than a salad of fresh sweet tomatoes. But there are other options as well. In Spain, for example, or rather, in Catalonia, dried bread is rubbed with tomatoes and garlic, and then eaten sprinkled with olive oil - just like that or with a slice of cheese or ham. This is for a snack.

And for a full lunch and dinner, we have collected other recipes for traditional dishes from tomatoes, which are prepared in warm countries, where everything is completely different from ours.

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