22 Awesome Examples Of How To Stack Things In A Wardrobe

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22 Awesome Examples Of How To Stack Things In A Wardrobe
22 Awesome Examples Of How To Stack Things In A Wardrobe

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How to properly organize storage of things in the closet.


It seems simple enough, but sometimes, due to improper storage, there is not enough space even in a large closet. So that all things are in perfect order, and the space is not overloaded, it is worth knowing a few simple but effective secrets.

Get rid of all the unnecessary


Order in the closet

First of all, you need to conduct a global audit and sort out absolutely all things. It will take some time, but the result will be pleasantly pleasing. So, looking through things, you need to carefully look at them for defects, try on wardrobe items that have been idle for a long time.

If things have not been used for a long time, but only take up space, it makes sense to get rid of them. It is not necessary to throw them away, because you can make a lot of interesting decor items from old things. For example, to sew a chair cover or a blanket from scraps of fabric. But there is definitely no place for them in the closet.


Everything on the shelves

Seasonal storage

Seasonal items can be hidden in baskets and stowed away on the closet

At the turn of the seasons, it is also necessary to sort out things, and remove those that will not be used in the near future. You can hide them under the bed or put them in baskets and put them on top of the wardrobe.

Sometimes seasonal items are stored in a pantry or in suitcases, which can perform several functions at once - decorate the interior, act as a coffee table or bedside table, and also be a spacious storage system.

Keep seasonal items on the top shelf

Competent sorting

Sorting things by color

Competent sorting will help you quickly navigate what and where is. There are several types of distribution of things:

• By color. So, you don't have to look for a yellow sweater or a pink blouse for a long time among all the variety of things, and harmonious color transitions will only raise your spirits.

• By type of material. It's nice when silk blouses hang in one part of the closet, and cotton shirts have another separate corner.

• Top bottom.This sorting allows you to divide things into "top" and "bottom", that is, it is appropriate to place T-shirts, blouses, shirts and sweaters on the upper shelves, and to hang skirts and trousers on the bottom of the bar.

Little Helpers

Storing scarves

Putting things in order in the closet, you should not ignore all kinds of organizers, hangers with clothespins, transparent containers, wicker baskets, tie boxes. They are great space savers and help to organize storage properly.

For convenience, containers and cells can be signed or hung with cute labels with the words "socks", "tights" and others.

Convenient clothespins on hangers

Storage baskets for socks

Storing things in baskets

Stylish storage of things

Organizer for storing things

Convenient bars for storing scarves

Storage of shoes and bags

Shoes and bags should have their place in the closet. At the same time, for shoes and boots, it is better to highlight the lower shelves, or build a small barbell for them. It is convenient to store high boots on it, having previously hung them on hangers with clothespins.

Thanks to this, they will not lose their shape. For bags, you can select the top shelves. To prevent the accessories from wrinkling, it is worth filling them with paper. Then they will keep their shape.

Shoe storage

Storage of women's bags

Storing wallets and clutches

Storing things in drawers

The hardest part is keeping the drawers in perfect order. To do this, and to accommodate as many things as possible, you need to carefully twist them and fold them upright. As dividers, you can use cardboard partitions and tubes, which sometimes remain after shopping.

This is a convenient way to store underwear, T-shirts, T-shirts, socks and scarves. The main thing is to fold things neatly so that they do not wrinkle and can be used at any time.

Storage of scarves and shawls

Storing things in a drawer

Bra storage

Storing laundry in a drawer

Proper storage of laundry

Order in a drawer

Several important recommendations:

• Before storing knitted woolen items in the closet, ventilate them. It is desirable in the fresh air.

• When sending knitwear for seasonal storage, they need to be washed, ventilated and folded into plastic bags.

• From time to time, the cabinet and all things must be ventilated so that they do not linger on smells from perfume or sweat.

• Trousers and long dresses are recommended to be thrown over the hanger bar and only then placed in the closet. This will prevent things from getting wrinkled and not getting dirty in the dust, which often settles on the bottom of the cabinet.

• Once a month, the cabinet should be dust and ventilated.

Perfect order in the closet

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