Find 6 Differences: Balenciaga And IKEA Bag

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Find 6 Differences: Balenciaga And IKEA Bag
Find 6 Differences: Balenciaga And IKEA Bag

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For those of you who do not follow expensive fashion brands with awe, we announce that the French fashion house Balenciag recently released a bag that costs $ 2145. But this is not the funniest part of the article. The funny thing is that the bag bears a striking resemblance to another bag, namely the FRAKTA bag from IKEA. You've probably seen such a large blue bag that costs 49 rubles. in Russia or 99 cents in Europe.


Needless to say, the Internet community could not help but notice this and make a lot of jokes. But now IKE has also joined in the fun by mocking the Balenciag bag in a unique way. With the assistance of advertising agency Acne, they launched an advertising campaign "How to distinguish an original bag IKEA ".

And here's how:

Luxury fashion brand Balenciag recently launched a $ 2,145 bag

2000 Balenciag bag
2000 Balenciag bag

The only problem was that it looks like an IKEA bag.

bag from ikea

You know, such a big blue one that costs 49 rubles. in Russia ($ 0.99 abroad).

Ikea bag
Image credits: Ikea

The internet laughed at this, but now IKE has joined in the fun. They have prepared instructions to help people distinguish their bag from the expensive impostor.

real IKE bag
Image credits: acnecollective

And as you can see, it turned out pretty funny.

how to distinguish an ikea bag
Image credits: acnecollective


  1. Shake - the original will crunch.
  2. Multifunctional use - you can carry hockey equipment, bricks and even water in the original bag.
  3. Throw in the dirt - A real Ike bag can be rinsed with a garden hose and will be as good as new.
  4. Roll up - can you roll your copy down to the size of a small handbag? Congratulations, you are the owner of the original.
  5. Look inside - the original will have an Ikea tag.
  6. Look at the price - the original only costs $ 0.99.

The idea was implemented by the advertising agency Acne. “We wanted to act quickly,” said Johan Holmgren, creative director of Acne studio, about the project. - On the day the bag was released, Balenciag asked fashion photographer Andres Kilberg to take an identical shot with the Ikea bag. All the work was done in two hours - and on the same day we posted our comic leaflets in all stores."

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