17 Best Poems By Eduard Asadov

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17 Best Poems By Eduard Asadov
17 Best Poems By Eduard Asadov

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Eduard Asadov is a famous Soviet poet with a very difficult fate. Born into an intelligent family of teachers and graduating from school, a 17-year-old young man was thinking about the choice between theatrical and literary universities. But a week later, World War II began and he volunteered for the front.

At the age of 21, in one of the battles near Sevastopol, he lost his sight forever. But even then, losing consciousness and overcoming pain, Asadov completed his combat mission. He spent the rest of his life in complete darkness, wearing a black bandage over his eyes.


Despite the huge number of troubles and hardships in his difficult life, Eduard Asadov managed to retain the kindness, faith and love with which all his poems are saturated:

How easy it is to offend a person

He took and threw a phrase angrier than pepper

And then sometimes a century will not be enough

To return the offended heart

When bad things happen to me in people, For a long time I try to believe

That this is most likely feigned, That this is an accident. And I am wrong.

A bird is born good or bad

She is destined to fly anyway

This will not happen to a person

It's not enough to be born as a man

They still need to become

In any business, with a maximum of difficulties, The approach to the problem is still the same:

Desire is a multitude of possibilities

And unwillingness - a thousand reasons!

Don't let your feelings run out

Never get used to happiness

Who knows how to be happy in everyday life, He really is a happy man!

Try it in human consciousness

Define a logical point:

We laugh, as a rule, in the company

But we suffer more often alone

And you humbled strict pride, Trying to overcome your paths?

And you loved so much that even the name

Was it painful for you to say it out loud?

Don't hug anyone you have to

Not everything is good that comes easily

Accidents do not exist: people are given to us either as an example of a correct life, or as a warning.

How little a man needs

One letter. Just one thing

And there is no longer rain over the wet garden

And it is no longer dark outside the window …

Be kind, do not be angry, have patience.

Remember: from your bright smiles

Depends not only on your mood, But a thousand times the mood of others.

And even if asked a hundred times

I will stubbornly say one hundred times:

That the woman is not abandoned

There is simply not found yet

Words … Aren't we in a hurry with them somewhere?

How easy it is to say “I love!”, For example.

It only takes a second

Ho a lifetime to justify it.

Never get used to happiness

On the contrary, illuminating with a bright flame

See your love always

With lively and constant surprise

And may any difficulties meet

And sometimes storms beat again and again, Literally all problems are solved

When hearts have the main thing: love!

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