Airy Bouquet Of Dandelions

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Airy Bouquet Of Dandelions
Airy Bouquet Of Dandelions

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Friends! I invite you to create an absolutely fantastic bouquet of dandelions that you will have until next spring. Last year, for example, I gave such a bouquet to a friend for her birthday, well, together with a vase, of course. And that's the only way. No options)

So, everything is simple.

Stocking up:

1. Sunglasses and a panama hat (it only seems that an hour in the sun is fast).

2. A rough vase of medium height. I took a cut-off plastic bottle so that it would not be a pity if something happened.

3. Hairspray with the strongest hold. I managed to buy an unusual varnish in the nearest general store, shimmering with silver sparkles. By the way, under artificial lighting, a bouquet with a wonderful varnish, presented last year, shimmered so tenderly, as if it were standing in the cold!

4 A thin but strong wire 1-1.5 mm, already cut into pieces approximately equal to the height of a dandelion. The wire must be straightened. Only slight irregularities are allowed.

5. The carrier of the rough vase is to carry a newborn bouquet after you so that it does not fall on its side until we balance it. Honestly, it's just more fun together!

We choose the hats we like - those that are larger and with dense down.

We hold the dandelion by the stem, without picking it off, and at a distance of 30 cm we pollinate it with hairspray in one CONTINUOUS sprinkle in order to less injure the cap.

It is impossible to direct too strong a stream of varnish, so we try to pshik delicately, delicately, from afar, but persistently.


Now you can carefully pluck the dandelion, under the very root, trying not to shake the flower.

We take the wire and slowly move it along the hollow stem from the bottom up, until it stops.

If there is a void left that is not filled with wire, the stem will droop and nothing can be fixed.


The remaining wire, from the bottom of the stem (it is impossible to guess in advance the height of the dandelion), bend it with a loop.

Now you can more safely spray the dandelion again - the first coat of varnish is already dry, and the cap is tight.

You do not need to spray the stem. Over time, it will dry completely and crimp the wire tightly.

The first dandelion is ready! We pass it on to the bearer of the vase without any correction.

Then we repeat the simple procedures, but before putting another masterpiece in the vase, each time we bend the stem (while it is flexible), giving it a curved shape. This is done so that the caps do not touch the dandelions. Well, in general, it's more picturesque).

It turns out here is such a rough bouquet:


At home, when the eyes stop doubling and tripleting after a sunny walk, we complete the design of the bouquet.

We try on dandelions for his ceremonial vase, give the final shape and spray our treasure with varnish goodbye. Admiring, proud of ourselves, waiting for the first "victim" that will ask you - how is it? Don't they crumble?


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