How To Turn One Orchid Into A Hundred?

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How To Turn One Orchid Into A Hundred?
How To Turn One Orchid Into A Hundred?

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How to stimulate root growth?

More than a hundred flowers can be grown from just one orchid! For this you will need sphagnum moss (100-150 g). It is dry, so it needs to be soaked in water. From the sodden moss, use a thread to form 2 balls. Using the same thread, tightly, but carefully, so as not to damage the plant, tie the moss to the base of the sprout - the so-called "baby".

Next, you need to create Greenhouse effect. To do this, wrap the moss in plastic wrap. It is important to take it off every day for at least half an hour to ventilate the moss and prevent it from becoming moldy. When the film is removed, you need to spray the moss. After 10 days, the first roots will appear. And it will be possible to plant a sprout when at least 3 roots appear on it.

Multicolored orchids
Multicolored orchids


Take a faded orchid and cut off the stem ordinary scissors. Step back about 1 centimeter from the roots and then cut off the cuttings 10-15 centimeters long. Plant the cuttings in a small, oblong pot with holes at the bottom. Pour some sand into it and spread the remaining moss. And it is important - before planting, it is imperative to moisten the soil. Plant the cuttings neatly 3 centimeters apart. Cover them with cling film to create a greenhouse effect. And after 3-4 months, the cuttings will take root, and the plants can be planted in separate pots. You also need to air the planted cuttings in the morning and evening for 15 minutes and moisten the soil. It is very important to make the room temperature drop by 4 ° C.

When the soil and the places where the sprouts are cut dry - after about 3-7 days - you need fertilize orchids… But in order not to burn the tender young roots, be sure to water the plant before that. And then place the pot in a bowl of water in which the fertilizer is diluted. It is enough to leave the cuttings there for half an hour.

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