3 Colors That Will Add Value To Your Look

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3 Colors That Will Add Value To Your Look
3 Colors That Will Add Value To Your Look

Video: 3 Colors That Will Add Value To Your Look

Video: 3 Colors That Will Add Value To Your Look
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Modern fashion is capricious and changeable, but there are trends that are always relevant. Regardless of what time of year is outside or what is fashionable in a given season, these 3 colors will always be at the height of fashion and, moreover, will make your image more expensive and luxurious.


Traditionally, summer color burst into the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection. It is not for nothing that he is so loved by Ralph Laurent, who creates collections, focusing on wealthy clients from the Upper East Side of New York. This color seems to say:

“I’m doing so well that I don’t use public transport and the streets in my area are washed with soap and water.”


White this season is the new black and you can and should dress in it from head to toe, adding accessories in contrasting black or neutral beige colors.

White can be combined well with delicate blue and gray colors.

A white coat will make you stand out from the crowd. In it, you will look like a superstar, especially if you wear sunglasses even on the sunniest winter day.

White trousers or a skirt go well with both the classic camel color and any brighter colors.

Surprisingly, white shoes or a bag can turn any everyday look into a very stylish set, as if thought out by a professional stylist.


Red is for brave women. He attracts attention, makes men turn around in your trail. Wearing red, you must be sure that your skin, hair, makeup looks flawless!


Forget the combination of red and black - it's too dramatic. You're not going to dance flamenco, are you? Instead of black, there can be any color that you like.

Even the most frivolous red bag can add status to its owner.

If you decide on a coat, it is better if it has a laconic cut without unnecessary details.

Red patent leather shoes? Why not? Muffle them with soft light gray cashmere.

The red mono bow is very elegant. Even red lipstick is not overkill. But it would be more modern to add just one detail of white or light pink.

Dark blue

Undeservedly forgotten for a long time, dark blue, or "navy" triumphantly returned to us this winter. The calmest of the colors that are relevant this season, we love it for its quiet elegance and for its ability to combine with two others - red and white.


We do not know of a single person to whom the uniform does not seem "damn attractive". And it doesn't matter who is in it - a man or a woman. Heavy woolen marine jackets are good in combination with light trousers, jeans and midi-length pencil skirts.

In addition to red and white, navy can be combined with a camel coat or jacket, which you probably already have in your wardrobe.

Wear a coat with colored fur collars - this winter's hit. Colored fur and dark blue is a much more interesting combination than the one with black.

An unexpected and fresh move - add an accessory with an "animal print" to a strict set

Dark blue mono bow slims no worse than black. For variety, you can add two different accessories in red and white.

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