It Happens That Children's Fairy Tales Are Filled With Much More Meaning Than It Seems

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It Happens That Children's Fairy Tales Are Filled With Much More Meaning Than It Seems
It Happens That Children's Fairy Tales Are Filled With Much More Meaning Than It Seems

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Clive Lewis wrote: "Someday you will grow up to the day when you start reading fairy tales again." And every adult will understand this when he picks up a children's book. Because it happens that children's fairy tales are filled with much more meaning than it seems. They can be re-read many times, and each time you find something new and even deeper.

I. D. Farbarzhevich "Spruce Apple"


- How good that you came, son! - the Old Fox was delighted. - I made a strawberry jam pie. Let's drink tea.

- Really, we are almost happy ?! - said the Fox.

- True, my dear! After all, happiness is when everyone is at home!

Sergey Kozlov “Small snow fell. There was a thaw "


And in the evening, when they were drinking tea, the Bear said:

“I don’t know when, but it will definitely be better someday.

- Still would! - picked up the Hare.

And the Hedgehog thought:

"It can't be that everything is bad and bad - after all, someday it should be good!"

Margery Williams "Corduroy Rabbit"


“You only become Real then,” the wise old Leather Horse instilled in the Velveteen Rabbit, “if someone loves you for a long, long time. Not just playing with you, but REALLY loving you.

- Does it hurt? - asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said Leather Horse, because she always spoke only the truth. - But if you are Real, you are ready to endure the pain.

- How does it happen? Once and ready, as if you were brought in with a key, or gradually?

“Little by little,” said the Leather Horse. - You become Real. This takes a long time. That is why this so rarely happens with those who easily quarrel, are intractable or require special treatment. It usually happens that by the time you become Real, you already have a worn coat, your eyes fall out, your limbs dangle, and in general you look very miserable. But it will not make any difference at all, because one who has become Real cannot be ugly. Is that in the eyes of those who do not understand anything.

M / f "Winter's Tale"


- What are you doing here? - asked the Bear.

- I'm waiting for you to recover, - answered the Hedgehog.

- How long?

- All winter. As I found out that you ate too much snow, I immediately dragged all my supplies to you …

- And all winter you sat next to me on a stool?

- Yes, I gave you spruce broth to drink and applied dried grass to your stomach …

“I don’t remember,” said Bear.

- Still would! - the Hedgehog sighed. - You said all winter that you are a snowflake. I was so afraid that you would melt by the spring …

I. D. Farbarzhevich "Tales of a Little Fox"


- Fox, - said the fox to the fox, - you remember, please, that if it is hard for you, bad, sad, scary, if you are tired - you just stretch out your paw. And I will give you mine, wherever you are, even if there are other stars or everyone is walking on their heads. Because the sadness of one fox, divided into two foxes, is not scary at all. And when the other paw holds you by the paw - what difference does it make what else is there in the world?

Sergey Kozlov, "Hedgehog in the Fog"


- I must, do you hear? I will, - said the Bear. The hedgehog nodded.

- I will definitely come to you, no matter what happens. I will always be near you.

The hedgehog looked at the Bear with quiet eyes and was silent.

- Well, what are you silent?

- I believe, - said the Hedgehog.

* * *

So it was every evening on this clear, cold autumn. And every evening the Hedgehog and the Teddy bear gathered at the Hedgehog, then at the Bear and talked about something. And today the Hedgehog said to the Bear Cub:

- How good it is that we have each other!

The bear nodded.

- Just imagine: I am not, you are sitting alone and there is no one to talk to.

- And where are you?

- I am not here, I am out.

“It’s not like that,” said Teddy Bear.

- I think so too, - said the Hedgehog. - But suddenly - I'm not there at all. You are alone. What are you going to do?

- I'll go to you.

- Where to?

- How - where? Home. I'll come and say: "Well, why didn't you come, Hedgehog?" And you say …

- That's stupid! What will I say if I'm not there?

- If you are not at home, then you went to me. I'll come running home. Ah, you're here! And I'll start …

- What?

- To scold!

- For what?

- How for what? For not doing as agreed.

- How did you agree?

- How do I know? But you must be either at my place or at your home.

“But I’m not at all. Do you understand?

- Then you went somewhere and haven't come back yet. I will run, search the whole forest and find you!

“You’ve already searched everything,” said the Hedgehog. - And I did not find it.

- I'll run into the neighboring forest!

- And not there.

- Turn everything upside down, and you will be found!

- I am not here. Nowhere.

- Then, then … Then I'll run out into the field, - said the Bear. - And I will shout: "Eh-eh-ee-and-and-k!", And you will hear and shout: "Bear-o-o-k!.." Here.

- No, - said the Hedgehog. “I’m not in the least bit. Do you understand?

- Why are you sticking to me? - Bear cub got angry. - If you are not, then I am not. Got it? …

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