Useful Tips For Gardeners

Useful Tips For Gardeners
Useful Tips For Gardeners

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“If you plant a sunflower on a cucumber garden, the yield of cucumbers will increase and they will bear fruit longer.

Plant the apple tree and cherry far away from one another: their roots act depressingly on each other.

If you plant tansy or wormwood under an apple tree, they will protect the tree from the moth.


Protects the garden from pests and elderberries.

If aphids attack the cucumbers, boil a glass of ash with boiling water, let it stand for a couple of hours, dilute in five liters of water and sprinkle the plants.

Most of all, those plants with small roots and large leaves require water: radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini.

Infusion of marigolds is an excellent remedy for aphids. Cut the plants during flowering, dry in the shade. Pour half a bucket of dry marigolds with a bucket of water, leave for two days, and then spray the affected plants with soap shavings. Destroys aphids, caterpillars and leaf-gnawing beetles decoction and infusion of delphinium stems and roots. For one part of the grass, take 10 parts of water, insist for two days and spray the damaged plants.

Cabbage butterflies cannot stand the smell of marigolds (calendula) and tomato tops. They do not climb the beds where these plants are planted in the aisles of cabbage. Another remedy for aphids is dandelion. Take 400 g of the leaves of this weed, pour a bucket of warm water, let it brew for a day, add a little soap shavings and spray.

Basil planted near tomatoes improves their taste.

You can save cabbage from the invasion of caterpillars like this. Collect equal parts fresh pine and spruce needles, rotate them through a meat grinder and scatter on the lower leaves of the cabbage and the soil around the plants.

To get rid of burdocks, cut the stems at ground level and sprinkle some table salt over the cuttings.

Even in dry summers, do not water the potatoes before flowering: all the power of the plants will go to the tops. But after flowering, watering will be just right: the tubers will begin to pour faster.

Infusion of fresh nettle is an excellent fertilizer, no worse than manure. Pour half a bucket of finely chopped nettle with water and leave for a week, then dilute with water (1:10) and water the beds.

Phlox flowers will be brighter if you fertilize the ground with ash. Of course, the soil should be loose, moist and moderately filled with manure.

Where the bird cherry grows, there are no flies, and if you bring elderberry branches into the house, you can drive out cockroaches - they cannot stand the smell of this plant.

To keep the garlic better, burn, say, on a candle flame, the bottoms of the heads where the roots are.

The sweetish taste of frozen potatoes will disappear if you keep them at room temperature for 5-7 days. You can also do it differently: dip the peeled tubers in cold water, and then in boiling water, where, in addition to salt, add a teaspoon of vinegar.

To prevent sauerkraut from over-acidification, put a chock of aspen in it.

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