Japanese Wisdom: 35 Apt Phrases

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Japanese Wisdom: 35 Apt Phrases
Japanese Wisdom: 35 Apt Phrases

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Those who really can boast of centuries-old wisdom are the inhabitants of the East. Especially Japan. This is a distinctive country that has been isolated from others for a long time, has a truly rich and unique culture.


In addition, frequent natural disasters: earthquakes, eruptions, typhoons, endowed the Japanese people with the deepest wisdom in relation to all living things. They learned to live in harmony with the world around them, to contemplate and respect its greatness.

Read these 35 wise Japanese expressions and immerse yourself in their wisdom:

  1. Make way for fools and madmen.
  2. A husband and wife should be like a hand and eyes: when the hand hurts, the eyes cry, and when the eyes cry, their hands wipe away the tears.
  3. Do not delay the one who is leaving, do not drive away the one who has come.
  4. Fast is slow, but without interruption.
  5. It is better to be the enemy of a good person than a friend of a bad person.
  6. There are no great people without ordinary people.
  7. Whoever desires to go upstairs will come up with a ladder.
  8. A woman wants - she will pass through the rock.
  9. The sun does not know the right. The sun knows no wrong. The sun shines without a goal to warm someone. He who finds himself is like the sun.
  10. The sea is large because it does not disdain small rivers.
  11. And a long journey begins with a close one.
  12. Whoever drinks does not know about the dangers of wine; who does not drink, he does not know about its benefits.
  13. Even if you need a sword once in a lifetime, you should always wear it.
  14. Beautiful flowers do not bear good fruit.
  15. Grief, like a torn dress, must be left at home.
  16. When there is love, smallpox ulcers are as beautiful as dimples on the cheeks.
  17. No one stumbles while lying in bed.
  18. One kind word can warm up three winter months.
  19. If the problem can be solved, then there is no need to worry about it; if it cannot be solved, then it is useless to worry about it.
  20. When you draw a branch, you need to hear the breath of the wind.
  21. Check seven times before you doubt a person.
  22. Do everything you can, and for the rest, rely on fate.
  23. Excessive honesty borders on stupidity.
  24. Happiness comes to a house where people laugh.
  25. Victory goes to the one who endures half an hour more than his opponent.
  26. It happens that the leaf sinks, but the stone floats.
  27. An arrow is not fired at the smiling face.
  28. Cold tea and cold rice are tolerable, but cold eyes and cold words are unbearable.
  29. At ten years old - a miracle, at twenty - a genius, and after thirty - an ordinary person.
  30. Having thought - make up your mind, but having decided - do not think.
  31. To ask is a shame for a minute, and not to know is a shame for life.
  32. A perfect vase never went out of the hands of a bad master.
  33. Do not be afraid to bend a little, straighten up straighter.
  34. Deep rivers flow silently.
  35. If you set out on a journey of your own free will, then a thousand ri seems to be one.

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