Raspberries In Buckets - How Do You Manage To Get Such A Crop?

Raspberries In Buckets - How Do You Manage To Get Such A Crop?
Raspberries In Buckets - How Do You Manage To Get Such A Crop?

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From a plot of 10x2.5 m, we collected 8 buckets of raspberries, which is much more than the neighbors collect. It took 30-40 minutes to harvest from each bush. I even had to make small stools to make it easier to sit in one place for so long.

Raspberries are planted at a distance of 70 cm from each other in a row, the row spacing is 2.5 m.It grows on a special ridge 70 cm wide.The ridge is fenced with pieces of slate, the height of the fence is 20 cm, it is also buried by 20 cm. Rollers are made along the ridge out of the ground. Raspberries grow in a hollow, it is convenient to water and feed them.


In the spring I cover the ridge with manure, straw, compost, I feed raspberries with urea and ash. Through this layer of mulch, neither weeds nor growths break through. Mulch protects raspberries from trampling, and at the same time it is like a blanket. I begin to pick raspberries growing under a warm shelter 7-10 days earlier than the neighbors. All this gives a significant increase in yield. The third pruning of raspberries is especially important, which I want to tell you about in more detail.

The first time I prune raspberries is May 25 - June 5. At this time, I remove all young (green) shoots by 5 cm. After that, the growth of shoots stops. After a few days, stepchildren appear in the leaf axils. They grow 3-5 and more side shoots more than 35 cm long. As a result of such pruning, my raspberries are undersized.

The second pruning is done at the end of the last harvest. I cut off all sprouted shoots and all less developed ones. In the bush I leave 4–5 shoots, which were subjected to the first spring pruning. As a result, nutrients are delivered to the replacement shoots left behind.

After such pruning, the bush becomes transparent. This leads to the laying of additional fruit buds. The replacement shoots receive more solar energy.

Within 7–10 days after pruning, the abandoned replacement shoots turn pink-brown.

On August 20-29, I carry out the third pruning of 3-5 shoots that have grown from the stepsons. I cut them 15–20 cm from the top. Pruning dry in the shade and making a great tea infuser.

What does the third crop do? These shoots, if they are not cut off, go into the winter unripe, and there will be no sense from them - they freeze out. The root system would supply them with food and moisture, and after their removal, nutrients can go for replacement shoots, laying fruit buds on the left branches of stepchildren.

This is how I get a great harvest of raspberries without much effort.

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