How To Get Rid Of Insects At Home

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How To Get Rid Of Insects At Home
How To Get Rid Of Insects At Home

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This folk remedy for insects is effective against flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, prussians and ants.


Did you know there are over 1 million insect species in the world? We can say that we live on the planet of insects. And this whole buzzing, flying, crawling and jumping army is a threat to our health. We're not even talking about bites. The point is that insects are dangerous carriers of diseases, no worse than rats. Despite their small size, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes and ants can carry dysentery, cholera, diarrhea and typhoid fever. The worst part is that they don't even need to touch you to infect anything. It is enough to run over the dishes or touch food.

How to get rid of insects in a house or apartment

1. You can use special poisons sold in stores. However, their effectiveness is not long-term urgent. In addition, these chemicals put your health and the health of your loved ones at risk. You just poison yourself with insects, without dying instantly just because you are much larger than them, and the dose you receive is not enough to kill you.

2. It is necessary to regularly do a thorough cleaning of the room, not forgetting about pantries, shelves, cabinets, balconies and other places where a lot of items are usually stored. Insects love these nooks because they can easily hide and lay their eggs. The best option is to remove all unnecessary things from the apartment without accumulating things that you will never use.

3. Store food in tightly closed jars and vessels that even the smallest insect cannot get into.

4. You can repel insects with a vinegar-based recipe that the Tips and Tricks editorial team wants to share with you. You only need 3 ingredients. They are very cheap and easy to find. We're pretty sure you already have them in your home.


- Vegetable oil: 1/2 cup

- Mild Shampoo: 1/2 cup

- Vinegar: 1/2 cup


1. Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle.

2. Spray this mixture all the nooks and crannies where insects usually hide.

Watch the video and find out more ways to get rid of those annoying insects in your home.

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