Caring Parents Will Never Let Their Child Go To Bed Late! It Is Very Dangerous For Him

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Caring Parents Will Never Let Their Child Go To Bed Late! It Is Very Dangerous For Him
Caring Parents Will Never Let Their Child Go To Bed Late! It Is Very Dangerous For Him

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Sleep is a physiological need for any person. What can we say about a child for whom sleep is extremely beneficial. But often from poor baby sleep the whole family suffers.


What time do children go to bed

The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to get the baby to bed at the right time. Children almost never part with smartphones, tablets and computers, fascinated by the endless world of entertainment. The flickering of these devices sends a signal to the brain that it is not time to sleep, and the baby continues to be awake, instead of falling asleep and gaining strength for the next day.

Scientific research clearly shows that children who fall asleep late become irritable and restless, find it difficult to concentrate on something, they have difficulties in the learning process and appear nervous instability.


This is not the only reason why it is so important for a child to go to bed on time. In childhood, the body grows by leaps and bounds. This applies not only to physical, but also to psychological growth. In the first years of life, the baby assimilates a huge amount of information and acquires new skills at a speed unattainable for adults. And this happens thanks to growth hormone, which is produced in the body 2-3 hours after falling asleep and acts mainly at night.


The best time to release this hormone is midnight. Thus, if a child goes to bed later than 9 pm, the production of the hormone is disrupted in his body and the amount of time during which the hormone simply does not have time to perform its function decreases.

This can lead to a decrease in the child's physical activity or, conversely, to hyperactivity, because psychological stability is impaired. Also, falling asleep late negatively affects the development of the child's intelligence. Therefore, at night growing organism should rest, but together with the child it should be done by the whole family!


  1. Prioritize

    The child should not sleep at the cost of mom and dad's insomnia. "Golden Dream for Children" is a healthy and sweet dream for all family members!

  2. Decide on your sleep schedule

    Sleep in the family is formed depending on when it is convenient to sleep not only for the child, but for the whole family. After all, most of all a child needs a good sleep, healthy parents. Determine, together with your soul mate, when the lights out in your family, and strictly follow the decision you made!

  3. Decide where to sleep and with whom

    Of course, the question "Should the child sleep with his parents or separately?" highly individual. But best of all, if the child will sleep in his crib and preferably in his room. And mom and dad will sleep under the same blanket. When mom and dad sleep under the same blanket, this is a guarantee of happiness and long-term well-being of all family members!

  4. Don't be afraid to wake up sleepyhead

    If your baby sleeps for a long time during the day, and then cannot fall asleep at night, do not let him sleep during the day - wake up the dormouse!

  5. Optimize your feeding

    If the baby is drawn to sleep after eating, make sure that the last night feed is the most satisfying and dense.

  6. Busy day

    Let your child's every day be intense both physically and emotionally, but without excesses, but harmoniously.

  7. Think about the air in the bedroom

    The optimum temperature in the room should be 18-21 ° C, and the humidity between 50-70%. The solution to this question is the task of the Pope.

  8. Take advantage of the bathing opportunities

    Cool bath before bed - what could be better!

  9. Preparing the bed

    Smooth, dense and firm mattress, natural bedding, and if your baby is less than three years old, you can do without a pillow.

  10. Take care of a quality diaper

    For the smallest, a quality diaper is very important, you shouldn't save on it!


Find out even more useful information about healthy sleep for the whole family from the recommendations Dr. Komarovsky.

You can cope with any problem, you just want to. Healthy sleep of a child is a guarantee of happiness and a good microclimate in the family!

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