25 Best Quotes By Dale Carnegie

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25 Best Quotes By Dale Carnegie
25 Best Quotes By Dale Carnegie

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A renowned speaker, psychologist and educator, propagandist of friendliness, Dale Carnegie, despite his extensive knowledge, died alone, committing suicide.

How to relate to his work is everyone's choice. Someone finds Carnegie's advice useful and is very successful in building relationships with people, while others consider his ideas naive and stupid.

In any case, even if in practice Dale Carnegie did not correspond to his own theory, he owns quite a lot of wise sayings with which one cannot disagree:

  1. Every person is a fool for at least five minutes a day. The real wisdom is not to exceed this time limit.
  2. If you want to collect honey, don't ruin the hive.
  3. The burden of the future, added to the burden of the past, which you load upon yourself in the present, makes even the strongest stumble in the path.
  4. A smile is worthless, but dearly appreciated …
  5. If fate brings you a lemon, make lemonade out of it.
  6. When a person starts a war with himself, he is already worth something.
  7. Of course, your husband has his drawbacks! If he was a saint, he would never marry you.
  8. Keep busy. It is the cheapest medicine on earth - and one of the most effective.
  9. The expression you wear on your face is more important than the clothes you put on yourself.
  10. If you want to remake people, start with yourself. This is both healthier and safer.
  11. Imagine the worst consequences that your act can entail, put up with them in advance and act!
  12. Remember that a person's name is the sweetest and most important sound for him in any language.
  13. The secret of our unhappiness is that we have too much leisure to reflect on whether we are happy or not.
  14. For a wise person, a new life begins every day.
  15. Many call a doctor when they only need an audience.
  16. Always remember that children love to listen to the conversations of adults - and be on the lookout.
  17. People are not interested in me or you. In the morning, at noon and in the afternoon, they are busy only with themselves.
  18. No tomorrow. The day of man's salvation is today.
  19. Do not be afraid of the enemies who attack you, be afraid of the friends who flatter you.
  20. Before you is human nature in action: the guilty person will blame anyone, but not himself.
  21. Fear does not exist anywhere else except in your mind.
  22. Know how to take the position of another person and understand what he needs, not you. The whole world will be with those who can do this.
  23. A strong desire to learn something is already 50% of success.
  24. Act as if you are already happy and you will truly become happier.
  25. There is only one way in this world to earn love - stop demanding her and start giving lovewithout hoping for gratitude.

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