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Novice travelers may think that the bus is the ideal transport. You move to the right place, admire the views from the window, and if you want, you can even take a nap - well, just a fairy tale! But in reality, a long bus journey can be more difficult and tiring than climbing a mountain peak. We will tell you how to prepare for the trip so that only pleasant memories remain from it.

Long bus journeys, and we mean them in this article, have some nuances, neglect of which leads to very negative consequences. Unhappy travelers arrive tired, sleepy, with stiff legs and twisted necks. They remember the night on the bus as their worst dream and vow never to use this mode of transport again. And completely in vain, because it is not at all difficult to ensure your comfort and safety on a trip.



1. Evaluate the route

Try in any way to find out about the route that you have to go. If during its length with constant frequency buses fly into the abyss, robberies or other accidents occur, then maybe you should change the route to a safer one, or at least choose a day trip.

2. Choose first class

In many countries, several transport companies operate on the same route, the prices of which may differ significantly. How are the savings achieved? Maybe due to bald tires, lack of air conditioning and the presence of only one driver who will drive you all night without changing? Or maybe your bus will stop in every village and pick up everyone, so that some people will constantly push around? In any case, you need to consider whether saving a few dollars is worth your peace of mind and safety.

3. Luggage

Before boarding the bus, put all your valuables in a small bag or backpack and do not part with it for a minute. Take it with you at the stops. While moving, it is better to keep it on your lap or, if it gets in the way, put it on the floor and step on the belt with your foot. In this case, even during your sleep, nothing will happen to her.

4. At the bus stop

If you want to get out and warm up, be sure to check with the driver for the duration of the stop. Remember the bus number and the place where it stands. It is better not to stray too far from the bus station or stop, if you do not seek to get acquainted with the criminal life of this settlement, which in such places, as a rule, is especially busy.


1. Choosing a place

Not all seats on the bus are the same. From a safety point of view, it is always better to choose the seats in the middle section, since according to statistics from insurance companies, most of the troubles occur in a frontal collision or rear impact.

In terms of comfort, there are many more factors to consider.

  • Near a window or aisle? Many people choose a place near the window for the beautiful scenery. In addition, the surface of the window gives you the opportunity to lean your head on it and sleep. However, at night, all the same, no beauty is visible, and the curved neck begins to swell in half an hour, so all the advantages of a seat by the window may turn out to be insignificant. But near the aisle, you will have more space and can even stretch your legs.
  • Front or back? Remember that in the rear seats you cannot recline the backrest and it shakes more there. If you sit in front, then you have to squint all the way from the headlights of oncoming cars and contemplate all the bends of the roadway. Also a pleasure for an amateur.
  • Near a man or a woman? If there is no seat numbering on the bus and you yourself can choose where you sit, then first of all assess the overall adequacy of the fellow traveler, and then its size. Only the enemy can wish to sit all night next to the body that has sprawled over one and a half seats. And the floor is already a matter of taste.

2. Light and sound insulation

The first time you go by bus, you look at all these people who took earplugs and a sleep mask with them with surprise: "Here's another, sissies!" But then you quickly begin to envy them and reproach yourself for hindsight. Don't make this mistake again. It is difficult to sleep on the bus at night, and without these penny devices it is almost impossible at all.

3. Blanket and pillow

Yes, of course, we are not talking about those familiar items that we use at home. As a pillow, it is better to take a special inflatable bagel that supports the head and neck in an optimal position. This is a genius invention of humanity that your crumpled jacket or bag will never compare to.

As for the blanket, you should take a light blanket or a long jacket on the bus that you can throw on yourself. Sometimes the temperature difference along the route can reach several tens of degrees (especially if the bus passes through mountainous regions), so if you do not want to shake midnight from the cold, then this circumstance should be taken into account.

4. Drinking and toilet

What kind of travel comfort can we talk about if you are thirsty? Even more painful moments come when you realize that you want to go to the toilet and go and go to the nearest stop. Dealing with these two types of discomfort is very simple.

  • First, always take a bottle of water with you on the bus. Even if it should be there, take it anyway.
  • And second, at each stop, think about going to the toilet. Do not pay attention to your laziness and all these "I do not want to" and "so far bearable." Warm up at the same time.

What to take with you

Traveling on a bus is not a space flight, but you need to prepare for it just as carefully. While driving, you will be sealed in a rather small space of your seat, so it is worth taking care in advance that everything you need is at your fingertips. Here is a small list to guide you.

  1. A small purse or wallet with your most valuable items. Documents, money, tickets, cards, smartphone and so on.
  2. A backpack or bag with things you might need.
  3. Sleep items: earplugs, light-protective mask, blanket or jacket, inflatable pillow.
  4. Entertainment: smartphone, book, player, tablet.
  5. Medicines that may come in handy for motion sickness, poisoning, or that are prescribed by your doctor.
  6. Water and, if necessary, a small snack: nuts, energy bars, sweets.
  7. Toilet paper!

If you can add to this list or share your experience of survival during long bus journeys, then you can do it in the comments. Hope they are helpful to everyone!

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