15 Tricks To Quickly Refresh And Tidy Up Spring Clothes And Shoes

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15 Tricks To Quickly Refresh And Tidy Up Spring Clothes And Shoes
15 Tricks To Quickly Refresh And Tidy Up Spring Clothes And Shoes

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So spring has come, and with it mud, puddles and something worse. All this can have a negative impact on the shoes and clothes of each of us. In no case should you run dirt in your wardrobe. Fortunately, there is a lot of practical advice on how you can quickly and effectively put things in order and cleanliness. We watch and remember.

1. Tarnished fur vest

Restore shine to tarnished fur.

Walnuts will help freshen up and restore shine to the tarnished fur. Their kernels must be crushed into powder and wrapped in a bag of three-fold gauze. With this bag, you need to carefully wipe the product in the direction of the growth of the villi. Soon the peanut butter will be absorbed into the fur, and it will shine again as before.

2. Cleaning the leather bag

Cleaning bags made of genuine leather
Cleaning bags made of genuine leather.

You can clean a long-worn leather bag from dust and dirt using warm soapy water with the addition of a small amount of ammonia. Thoroughly wipe the surface of the bag with the prepared solution, let it dry naturally, and then treat the leather surface with a soft cloth moistened with castor oil.

3. Unpleasant smell of shoes

Get rid of unpleasant shoe odor
Get rid of unpleasant shoe odor.

Hydrogen peroxide will help eliminate any unpleasant odors from your shoes. To do this, the inner surface of boots and shoes must be carefully treated with a cotton swab dipped in peroxide. This technique will get rid of not only unpleasant odors, but also of the harmful bacteria that cause it.

4. Cleaning suede products

Cleaning suede shoes
Cleaning suede shoes.

Steam will help you easily clean your suede shoes. Just hold the product over a saucepan with boiling water, and then brush it with a special brush.

5. Cleaning a leather jacket

Clean the leather jacket
Clean your leather jacket.

You can wash a dirty leather jacket with warm, unboiled milk. The fat in milk is absorbed and moisturizes the skin. After this procedure, the surface of the jacket can be wiped with a flannel cloth dipped in glycerin or petroleum jelly.

6. Cleaning the collar of the coat

Cleaning the greasy coat collar
Cleaning the greasy coat collar.

The collar is one of the most quickly soiled spots on the coat. A 1: 4 mixture of salt and ammonia will help to clean the greasy collar. Apply the prepared solution to a cotton swab and carefully treat the contaminated areas.

7. The freshness of the dark coat

Freshen up a dark wool coat
Freshen up a dark wool coat.

Strong tea leaves can help freshen up a dark wool coat without dry cleaning. Simply wipe the surface with a cotton cloth dipped in tea leaves and leave to dry.

8. Refresh your jeans

Refresh jeans without washing
Refresh jeans without washing.

If jeans that have not been worn for a long time have acquired a stale, musty smell, place them in a bag with a lock and put them in the freezer for several hours. This trick will allow you to quickly refresh the item without washing it.

9. Pills on sweaters and shirts

Get rid of pellets on clothes
Get rid of pellets on clothes.

In order for seasonal clothes to always be like new, before sending them to the closet, things need to be wet, carefully folded into a bag, put in the freezer for several hours, and then immersed in warm water. This trick will make the fabric of your garment softer and prevent pilling. And if there are any, remove them with very sticky tape.

10. Quickly eliminate odors

Eliminate odors from clothes
Eliminate odors from clothing.

Ordinary vodka will help you quickly get rid of the smell of stale or musty clothes. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray the desired item. Alcohol neutralizes bacteria and, when dry, the garment will be fresh and wearable.

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11. Soften leather shoes

Stretch and soften leather shoes
Stretch and soften leather shoes.

If your leather shoes are too rough or too tight, add some cologne, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol.This procedure will significantly soften the skin, and it will easily take the shape of the leg.

12. Fasten the button

Fasten the tear-off button
Fasten the tear-off button.

Clear varnish will help you quickly fix a button that looks about to come off. Simply lubricate the loose thread with it to temporarily secure it.

13. The whiteness of gray things

Bleach gray clothes
Bleach gray clothes.

White clothes look very festive and attractive. However, over time, such things can turn gray or yellow and completely lose their appearance. All-purpose bleach from the ingredients that everyone has in the house will help to restore whiteness to your favorite things. Just pour about 12 liters of hot water into the bathtub, add 50 grams of any washing powder, 8 tablespoons of salt, 20 milliliters of ammonia and 3 tablespoons of peroxide. Soak white things in the resulting liquid for 4-5 hours, rub them thoroughly with your hands and rinse with cool water.

14. Cleaning the sheepskin coat

Cleaning a spring sheepskin coat
Cleaning a spring sheepskin coat.

To clean the sheepskin coat, the same soap solution with the addition of ammonia is suitable. After that, the product must be treated with another solution of 20 grams of glycerin, 20 grams of ammonia and 5 grams of borax. All ingredients must be mixed in 500 milliliters of water. Such cleaning will eliminate unpleasant odors, remove existing dirt and restore freshness and shine to the product.

15. Get rid of sweat stains

Clean sweat stains from clothes
Remove sweat stains from clothing.

Lemon or baking soda can help get rid of disgusting sweat marks. Just wet the stained area and rub it well with lemon or a little baking soda, then wash as usual.

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