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Childhood Stories
Childhood Stories

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Some stories are remembered for a lifetime. Dozens of years pass, but we remember and tell them as if they happened only yesterday. We collect such stories - funny, touching and instructive - to smile or think again:

A fairy tale about a dacha

girl working with a hoe in the country
girl working with a hoe in the country

I'm 7 years old. Hooray!!! Finally, my grandmother and I are going to the dacha! 14 years. The ancestors got them with their beds! I'm 20. It seems my grandmother has lost her mind, she tears the grass all day, it would be okay in the beds, and the grass along the fence interfered with whom? I'm 25. The dacha is only needed for barbecue. 35. Shouldn't I sow radishes? 45. The whole garden in the beds. 60. Something overgrown with grass, you need to weed. 78. I drag a heavy backpack to the dacha, the children-grandchildren do not help, they say - nothing is needed to sow, we will buy everything. And only the great-grandson makes me happy, he is 7 years old, and he is happy that it is summer again, and we are going to the dacha. Life goes on.

Greetings from the past

When I was four years old, my father bought an XBox, then it just went on sale. We played all the available games together and had a lot of fun. This went on for two years.

My father died when I was only six years old.

I have not been able to touch the console for 10 years. But when he did it, he discovered something. I launched a racing game that I loved very much as a child. And as soon as I started the race, a ghost appeared in front of me.

Remember the old games? If you drive a lap in the best time, the result is recorded, and the next time a "ghost" of the one who has passed it in the best time appears on the track. As you already understood, this ghost belonged to my father.

I played over and over, trying to get ahead of the ghost, until the day came when finally I was in front and … stopped before the finish line. I didn't want him to disappear from my life. Now my father and I sometimes play together again.

Mu Mu


At school, I really did not like to read. Once we were asked to read "Mumu" by Ivan Turgenev. And the security question: "Why was the dog named Mumu?"

I decided to cheat and asked my father. To which he replied with a serious face:

- One small dog walked in winter on a frozen lake and wanted to drink. She began lapping the ice, but her tongue was frozen to the ice. She somehow tore it off the ice, but part of her tongue remained there. From then on, she could only hum.

I got the gist and the next day I shared the “read” with the whole class. They almost burst their bellies with laughter. Especially our young teacher of literature.

Since then I have read everything myself … Thank you, Dad!

Correct hide and seek

They asked me to sit with my niece (5 years old). She says:

- Let's play hide and seek!

Hide and seek, so hide and seek. The house is big, I honestly run into the back room and honestly hide under the bed.

Time passes, but no one is looking for me. In the end, I can't stand it, I go down. And she is sitting in the kitchen, took out a cake from the refrigerator and is already eating the fifth piece …

Three rubles


I remembered a case from my childhood. I was 7-8 years old, an excellent student and a primary school activist. At that time, for breakfast at school, they handed in 1 ruble 30 kopecks a week, tariffs have not changed for years, and I still remember this figure. Usually, the parents put the required amount into the portfolio on Monday and reminded them how important it was not to forget to give the money to the teacher.

On that memorable day for me, my mother, apparently, did not find a trifle, and she gave me a whole three rubles to pay for breakfast for 2 weeks, and I could keep the change for myself (and for 10 kopecks you could buy 4 of my favorite pies). I left the house with a three-ruble note, and came to school without her, where I lost - I did not understand.

The school day for the lessons flew by unnoticed, but on the way home I realized that I would be punished for the lost money, and therefore began to cry. I walk, smearing tears on my face, 200 meters are left to the house - I meet a neighbor, she asks: "What happened?" I told her, and the neighbor said: “Can you imagine? I was going to work today, I see, 3 rubles are lying on the path, so it turns out that they were yours. " She took a three-ruble note out of her bag and gave it to me.

The mood immediately improved, at home I did not tell anyone about the loss.

And now 30 years have passed and I told this story to my childhood friend. She enlightened me that everyone goes to work in our town by 8 o'clock, and I went to school by 8:30, and the neighbor could not go after me and find my money.

And then it finally dawned on me …


Nastya got married out of great, great love, and the young family immediately thought about procreation. For several years they could not get pregnant, but the guys tried, and here it is, happiness - a daughter, Olya, was born.

The gray-eyed blonde, little angel Olga was a sickly thin baby - she rolled from allergies into a cold, from there it smoothly flowed into chickenpox and dysbiosis, the child's diathesis even began from looking at the fruit.

Nastya curled around her daughter and husband, sleepless nights became the rule, she never went to work, free minutes were really minutes.

The misfortune happened when Olya was already five - unpretentious Nastya missed the first signs of appendicitis due to her troubles and was taken away by ambulance already with peritonitis. Operation, resuscitation, for two weeks Nastya was nursed and fed through a dropper.

As soon as I could walk, I ran away from the hospital. Holding the gutted stomach along the walls. To Olga's beloved, to her beloved husband, unattended, hungry, cold, unhappy.

I saw my daughter and was stunned - rounded ruddy cheeks, an even complexion, even a belly appeared.

- Olenka, what did you eat for breakfast?

Downcasting his eyes and picking the carpet with his shoe:

- Sup …

- Bunny, what did you and dad eat for lunch?

- Syuyuyup …

- Well, and for dinner, what are we going to cook with you?

- Sup!

Dad was picky in everyday life and knew that you could eat stew without even warming it up. And the potatoes will cook sooner or later, especially if you peel and cut them. And carrots with onions must be fried in oil before adding to the dish. What kind of oil? Of course, butter, the husband did not know about the existence of other oils. If you still dilute everything that has turned out with water, it will be liquid, which means soup. And the soup is good for children. And this soup was fed to the child and dad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oddly enough, Olya passed allergies and indigestion, and ruddy cheeks spoke in favor of such a "diet" diet.

Three years have passed since that event. On weekends, if mom doesn't mind, dad prepares daughter's favorite dish - syup. And about Olechkins' allergies and diathesis are no longer remembered.

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