The Professor Was Interviewed By The BBC From Home. And Then The Children Came

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The Professor Was Interviewed By The BBC From Home. And Then The Children Came
The Professor Was Interviewed By The BBC From Home. And Then The Children Came

Video: The Professor Was Interviewed By The BBC From Home. And Then The Children Came

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Video: Ellen Dissects the Kid-Interrupted BBC Interview 2023, January

A political TV interview, interrupted by a cute girl, a baby in a walker and a “speedy” mom, made many smile and became the most viral video on the internet in a week.

It is likely that Robert Kelly, a professor at Busan National University, misrepresented his appearance on BBC World.

Since then, the video has been viewed 86 million times on Facebook.

This interview was written not only by the British media, but also by the American ones - ABC, Sky News, CNN and others.

Kelly, 44, holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Miami and a PhD in Ohio. His father is a historian and his mother is an English teacher at school.

He lived in Europe for four years, and later, in 2008, moved to Korea, where he works as a professor of political science at Pusan ​​National University. In addition to his native language, Kelly studied German, French, Russian, Latin, Korean and Classical Walnut.

Photo: Facebook

The professor says that for all the time he managed to visit 40 countries. Including North Korea.

His wife Junga-a-Kim - taking the kids away on video - is a former yoga teacher who is now raising two children: Marion, four, and James, nine months old.


The hilarious footage first appeared on Twitter from BBC producer Julia McFarlane, who deleted it 20 minutes later.

She wrote, "When the kids interrupt you in the middle of an interview … A wonderful moment, masterfully handled by our guest this morning in South Korea."

A BBC spokesman told MailOnline: “We are very grateful to Professor Kelly for his professionalism. This suggests that live streaming is not always child's play.”

A highly respected expert on South Korean politics, Professor Kelly has written articles for Foreign Affairs, The European Journal of International Relations and The Economist.

Here's how users reacted to Kelly's question.

when you try to work from home
when you try to work from home

"Not now. Daddy is now Professor"


"I have no idea what Robert Kelly says about Korea, but his wife and kids are GREAT."


Kelly's mother, Ellen, told that she loved the video and that Yoongi-a-Kim's arrival for the kids was her best moment. She added that, perhaps without knowing it, she became the cause of the incident that touched the world: since the Kelly family often communicates with American relatives via video link, the children, hearing the sounds from their father's room, might think that their grandmother was calling - and ran to the voice.

Ellen Kelly's mother. Photo:

Middle East expert Zia Meral assured that there is nothing wrong with this and that it is nice.

Approximate translation:

Robert: What does it mean? Is this all thanks to the BBC or Twitter? The video has become something of a "virus", strange."

Zia meral: “Don't worry! There is nothing wrong. All of us who give interviews from home smiled and loved this video"

@Robert_E_Kelly do not worry! It is not negative even if it goes viral. All of us who give interviews from home would smile and love it

- ZiyMeral (@Ziya_Meral) March 10, 2017

Actress Lorelei King wrote that Kelly is the father of the new stars of the Internet: "You are adorable, just like your children."

@Robert_E_Kelly @David_Waddell You’re as adorable as your kids. Lovely segment; cheered me up no end.

- Lorelei King (@LoreleiKing) March 10, 2017

At the same time, actor Tom Hanks shared the video.

No Fake News here! Hanx.

- Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) March 10, 2017

And what about Robert Kelly himself?

Kelly hasn't posted a single tweet in the last 24 hours. Judging by his response to the BBC's request for a video, he foresaw everything - and just prudently left the Internet.

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