How To Wear High Heels WITHOUT Pain All Day?

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How To Wear High Heels WITHOUT Pain All Day?
How To Wear High Heels WITHOUT Pain All Day?

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High-heeled shoes instantly turn an ordinary woman into a beauty from the catwalk. The figure appears slimmer, the chest is lifted, the buttocks are tightened, and the gait becomes elegant and seductive.

And this is not magic at all - simply by putting on a high heel, the center of gravity shifts, and in order to maintain balance, we instinctively straighten our chest, shoulders, and take more accurate steps.

But beauty is not without sacrifice … If you like to wear high heels and know firsthand how painful it can be, use one tricky trick.

Take a regular medical adhesive plaster, rewind the third and fourth toes together, counting from the big one (middle and ring), and then put on your shoes. The pain will no longer bother you!

Sounds incredible? But there is a reasonable explanation for this method: there is a nerve between the third and fourth toes that causes a sensation of pain if pressure is applied to it.

This is exactly what happens when you put on high heels and shift your center of gravity. Adhesive plaster relieves pressure on the nerve, and you can wear your favorite shoes even all day and all night long.

This method was invented by Marie Helvin, the top model of the 1970s, muse and ex-wife of British photographer David Bailey, who spent countless evenings on the catwalks and red carpet in tall stiletto heels.

If you are worried about how it will look, then, believe me, your fears are in vain. Adhesive plasters are usually made flesh-colored or even transparent; they are almost invisible on the skin. Try it yourself and see for yourself. Wearing high heels doesn't hurt!

Some say that such a daily ritual is utter folly; that no shoe is worth so much effort and suffering. But how are heels different from other everyday rituals like putting on makeup?

I don't mind wasting an extra 30 seconds; but I feel great walking down the street in high heels!

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