"Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears" - 30 Best Quotes

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"Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears" - 30 Best Quotes
"Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears" - 30 Best Quotes

Video: "Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears" - 30 Best Quotes

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Video: Moscow does not believe in tears 1 episode (drama, dir. Vladimir Menshov, 1979) 2023, January

Premiere of the film by Vladimir Menshov "Moscow does not believe in tears" on television took place back in 1980. The story of three friends who came to conquer the capital immediately became the leader of the year in the USSR - about 90 million viewers.


And a year after its release, the picture was awarded the most important world film award - "Oscar" as the best film in a foreign language. Menshov, however, received the statuette almost 10 years later, but this is already history.

In 1985, before his first meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev, US President Ronald Reagan watched this film 8 times, trying to comprehend the "mysterious Russian soul."


The film has long become a classic, but its plot is relevant to this day as never before. And quotes from it, mental and life, many of us know by heart:

  1. Everyone climbs to Moscow as if it is made of rubber.
  2. The evening ceases to be languid …
  3. - Alexandra, what does your mother call you?

    - Marusya.

  4. And we are not worse than theirs!
  5. I propose to be friends at home!
  6. To become a general, you have to marry a lieutenant.
  7. Loneliness is the birth rate is falling, and alcoholism is growing!
  8. Some kind of drunk champagne.
  9. Moscow is a big lottery. Here you can win everything at once.
  10. Don't teach me how to live, better help me financially!
  11. The owners sent a telegram - they are coming the day after tomorrow. This is what intelligent people mean - they warn in advance - they are afraid to be caught unawares.
  12. - I can even say that you, for example, are not married.

    “If I don’t wear a wedding ring, that doesn’t mean anything.

    - Yes, even if you wore three wedding rings, you are still not married. You have the look of an unmarried woman.

    - And what, unmarried women look somehow in a special way?

    - Sure. They look appraisingly. This is how policemen, senior officials and unmarried women look.

  13. - And you have changed, Katerina.

    - The teachers were good.

  14. - So you are a bad person?

    - I?! Yes, I have practically no flaws!

  15. Everything seemed … I do not live, but now … I am writing a draft, I still have time to get it clean.
  16. - Well done, Katya! We always set you up as an example for our guys. I achieved everything I wanted in life.

    - It's right. Just don't tell the guys yet that just when you have achieved everything in life, most of all you want to howl like a wolf …

  17. What people - and without protection!
  18. - And how many people do you have under your command?

    - Almost 3 thousand.

    - Fathers! How do you deal with them? Difficult, I suppose?

    - It's difficult with three, and when you learn to organize three, then the number doesn't matter anymore.

  19. Shish kebab does not tolerate female hands.
  20. Getting married after two days of dating is just the height of frivolity. We must think it over carefully. Five days.
  21. Georgy Ivanovich, he is Goga, he is Gosha, he is Yuri, he is Hora, he is Zhora, does he live here?
  22. - I’m very kind of perfect.

    - Nothing, life will fix it.

  23. - How long have I been looking for you …

    - 8 days.

    - How long have I been looking for you …

  24. If a man likes a woman, is her profession, nationality, party affiliation important? This is all for questionnaires, not for life.
  25. My machine is broken, which prints money.
  26. I prefer to do what I love in my life. And not what is fashionable, prestigious or appropriate.
  27. You have to make a good peasant yourself, and not be ready to receive.
  28. - Now is not the time.

    - The times are always the same! Before you get something, you need to earn, earn!

  29. - And you, apparently, Lyudmila? A psychiatric specialist who temporarily works at a bakery?
  30. - And if they ask me something? I'll blurt out.

    - And blurt out. But blurt out confidently. This is called a point of view.

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